Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 08:57:44 -0600
From: (Tedi Thomas)
Subject: Hans Bos

I posted Hans Bos' quote, "While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I
cannot separate myself from life.  I can only be joyful and whole.  That is
why I dance.", to the list on Monday, September 25, 1995.  In was used by
Landra French as the heading quote for the Sept-Oct 1995 issue of The
Crescent Moon (Vol 2, Issue 5).

I talked with Mr. Bos last night about posting information about him to the
list.  He is alive, well, and living in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I will post
the contact information directly to Jenny so that he is not inundated with
calls (unfortunately he is not on the Net anywhere).

I do not know him personally, but shall endeavor to get across the main
impressions I received.  He was quite surprised at my inquiry.  Hans is not
a dancer.  Never has been.  His only connection to the dance is through his
friend Phyllis (sp? sorry if incorrect) in Paducah, Kentucky (her friend
Landra, and I assume, the other lovely ladies in Paducah).

He tells me that he is not a writer (professionally is my assumption -
again), but that he likes to write.  Landra had requested that if he had
any thoughts, she'd like to use them.  Can you believe that this quote came
out of a person that hadn't experienced the dance first hand, just found
this within himself at watching the joy in another?!?!?!  I'm impressed
(and I told him so) at his ability to articulate.

We didn't chat for long, but those are the main impressions I received from
our conversation.  (The Crescent Moon info would be the correct source for
quotation credit.)  I don't know that I have any further information from
our conversation, but if you have questions, or need clarification on what
I've said here, please don't hesitate to post to me.

Tedi, Carbondale, Illinois

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