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to my Middle Eastern Dance (also known as belly dance, danse orientale, danse du ventre, raqs al-sharqi, beledi) site. My intention is to provide a general international resource guide which includes: dancer and musician directories; lists of vendors (including mail-order and online companies); information about and reviews of relevant magazines, books, music and videos; cultural links and many FAQ's (answers to Frequently Asked Questions); a Middle Eastern name guide; and a calendar of upcoming events. Though I am based in the US and many of the listings are also US-based, the intention is to be as international in scope as possible. There is a good bit of international networking and international travel by dancers; it is often useful to be able to locate vendors, teachers and upcoming performances in countries, let alone states or provinces, outside one's own.

FAQ icon This icon, scattered throughout these pages, indicates a link to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question list) or an informative article.

Caveats and disclaimers: listings are as complete and accurate as the sources I got them from and don't imply an endorsement, though if I know anything about the listing I will add my opinion. Corrections and additions are most welcome, and they or any other inquiries or comments should be directed to (under transition)
Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

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