Middle Eastern Dance:
About Workshops, Festivals and Contests


The workshop, festival and contest categories list events that occur on a regular (yearly or more frequent) basis; the differences between the categories can sometimes be a little blurry but major distinctions are discussed below.
Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and Camps
In general, the emphasis is on instruction, with the occasional party/show or two. Most associated shows feature invited dancers only, thus most workshop participants won't perform though there may be a party or section of a party/show with an open dance floor.

In general, the emphasis is on live performances, usually with some workshops. Participants sign up and pay to perform group or solo routines; there may be invited dancers (workshop instructors, for instance) performing as well.

The empahsis is on live performances in a competitive atmosphere. Participants sign up and pay to perform group or solo routines in various specified categories, performances are ranked by a judge or panel, there may be more than one round of competition (e.g. an elimination and a finalist round, 2 rounds are common), and awards (usually monetary) and titles are given to the top finalists.

Pros and Cons of Contests

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