Tips for Attending the Mendocino Camp

"I've attended the camp for the past two years. When you send in your final payment, they should send you a recommended list of items [to bring]. But from my experience..."


"Don't expect a lot of emphasis on wild and crazy drumming and rocking out by the fire day and night. There has been a trend lately for that kind of thing late at night, but the classes on drumming are rigorous, disciplined and traditional. And also fun!" --Robyn Friend


"Bring a warm coat. The days are usually warm, a scarf thrown over the shoulders will do, but the nights can get COLD. Most people bring a sleeping bag; I have had more success with bringing lots of bed clothes so that I can layer the covers depending upon the cold." --Izora

"It can be cold at night, and even wet. Bring some very warm clothes and be prepared to peel or add as the situation requires. There is dancing to live music in the dance hall every night, and that hots up quite a bit, but the minute you stop, you are frozen meat! You can bring glitzy diaphanous frou-frou to wear at the evening parties, if you like, but you will probably end up doing what we all do: drape it over your sweatpants and down jacket! ...The drive in and the drive out, once you get away from the coast, is blisteringly hot, so be sure to bring that sort of clothing, as well." --Robyn Friend


"There's alot of poison oak (which you can get even from the branches) & you make it worse by scratching, so: bring Caladryl & don't walk bare-legged thru high growth... Lyme disease is a real danger in any wooded area: I suggest a battery-operated flea/tick collar (you can attach it to your belt)- it isnon-toxic to all concerned, just chases 'em away. Better petshops have them. I am a total City child: I enjoy "Nature" through a large picture window, with my heated shower, PC, VCR, TV, CDs & all the other technical initials. Someday, I hope to learn how to grow a flower....." --Morocco

Class Attire

"During the dance workshops, most people wear a leotard or choli-type top, a skirt, and a beaded or coined hip scarf. Very casual. The musicians dress like they are camping - casual and comfortable." --Izora

Other Things to Bring

"And if you are like me, bring lots of chocolate for yourself and to share with the other campers. (The bartenders at the cabaret LOVE pistachio nuts!)" --Izora

"You have to bring your own bedding, towels, etc., as one camper from South America discovred to her horror on arriving! The cabins (unless there has been a major change from last year [1996]) are primitive: no insulation, no electricity, no water. Bring a flashlight, as the trails are not lit at night. There are communal bathrooms, and they can be quite a hike from where your cabin is." --Robyn Friend


"I am a vegetarian so I only can comment on that type of food - very good. I cannot eat dairy so I had to request no feta cheese which they tend to use with abandon. Sometimes the food gets a little skimpy near the end of the week. Last year [1996] they had a lot of participants and they may have underestimated the supplies. But generally the food was really good - oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, soup, salad, and a small entree for lunch, soup, salad, entree and dessert for dinner - mostly mediterreanean/middle eastern cuisine." --Izora

"The food is decent, and both vegetarian and non-v are on offer." --Robyn Friend


"If you have a bad back, be aware that the seats can be very uncomfortable. Mostly benches or folding chairs. If you have a back support, bring it." --Izora


"Leave your ego, your need for attention, your need to have the best spot in the bathroom, etc., at home, and be prepared for an unforgettable communal living experience. For me, a week a year is about all I can take of it, but it is a glorious fun-filled soul-searching week! I get to meet myself and confront many of the hidden aspects of my inner-being, and return to the "real" world refreshed. I have told you alot of the gritty truths about Camp, but believe me, all this will pale besides the great and glorious time you will have with some great teachers and musicians. You will dance yourself into a frenzy with live music every night. Every night will be a concert performed by the teachers and guests, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, etc. There are unusual vendors with stuff you don't see everywhere. And the setting is serene and gorgeous in an indescribable and unforgettable way." --Robyn Friend

"...I'd walk barefoot through a burning forest for the musicians & dancers & wonderful people/vibes of Mendocino Dance Camp. If I'm not mistaken, it's also where I *met* Robyn & a few other folks I absolutely love!!! All disclaimers apply: I'm not going to be teaching there this summer [1997], but Coskun swore I'd be there *next* summer (If he finks out, he's dead meat!!!). However, by the time I pay somebody to cover my classes/studios/building & take my messages/answer my calls, I'm in serious deficit for the real thrill of "working" there, so I don't get any monetary profit out of it, but my soul sure does........." --Morocco

Last Modified: 29 August 1997
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