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Tours to various Middle Eastern Dance-related countries, such as Egypt and Turkey, where the sightseeing and entertainment will include dance related activites and shops, nightclubs, etc. For one person's experiences while on such a tour, see Travel Tales.
Delightful Turkish Tours and Dreaming About Egypt Tours
Produced by Eva Cernik
419 South Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80209-1701 USA
Twelve years experience in the field. Next scheduled dates are: Turkey July 20 - August 3 1996, and Egypt September - October 1996 (18 days). Other dates to be announced or customized for your group (about 8 people). Extensions for special excursions also available. Tours are $2,500 from New York City. Tours include: international airfare, all transportation and transfers at destination country; 3 star and better hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinners all included; English-speaking guides and all entry fees to tourist sights as well as night clubs and special events; at least one class with a famous dancer; they make special arrangements at the clubs to schedule choice dancers as well as visits to a quality costume seamstress. Please make all inquiries to Eva Cernik by postal mail or phone.

Muhammed Ali's Annual Trip to Egypt
University of New Mexico
PO Box 4802
Albuquerque, NM 87196 USA
phone: 505-293-0945
fax: 505-277-0730
email: mohamed@flash.net
Website: http://www.flash.net/~mohamed/home.htm
Local references available
3 week long trip beginning last week in December (1995). 1995's price about $2900. including round trip airfare from Albuquerque, NM to Cairo, Egypt; double occupancy in a furnished apartment in Cairo; entrance fees to tourist attractions; 2 major shows at 5-star hotels (plus dinner); 4 nights, 5-star Nile Cruise; transportation to attractions. Excludes: Visa, meals, tips, laundry, personal items. Places visited 1995: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Edfu, Kon Ombo, Aswan, and Abu Simbel.

Tours to Egypt and Turkey
320 W. 15th St.
New York, NY 10011 USA
phone: 212-727-8326
Email: morocco@tiac.net
Well known instructor, performer, workshop teacher. She also runs tours to Turkey/Egypt, the last one occuring July 8-12 1995 for $2495. "Morocco's tours are another set friends of mine have raved about..." --Shakira

Salome's Secret
Esther Gengler
PO Box 2827
Tempe, AZ 85280-2827 USA
phone: 602-921-3592
Salome's Secret produces workshops in the Phoenix area with nationally-known instructors. They have also begun to sponsor tours to Egypt. To join the mailing list contact Esther Gengler at the address or phone number above.

Turquoise International
Cookie and Ali Hamidzadeh
22830 Califa ST.
Woodland Hills CA 91367 USA
In CA: 818-999-5542
Website: http://www1.linkonline.net/turquoise/
In addition to selling finger cymbals, Egyptian beaded fringe, beaded scarves, skirt and veil sets, costumes, bras and belts; they also run tours to Egypt.

"I strongly recommend [them]." --JJ

"I second JJ's recommendation; some of my friends ahve gone on Ali and Cookie's tours and have come back delighted. What's more, at one point Ali was trying to put together a tour *for academics*...tours that accomodate an academic schedule are just about non-existent. Most go at times other than summer break..." --Shakira

"I highly recomend Turquoise International Tours. Ali Hamidzadeh has a tour that leaves March 25 to Turkey and Egypt. How I wish I could go! I toured with him 3 yrs. ago. Everything was wonderful; the flight, the hotels, the cruise on the Nile, guided tours of the antiquities, Cairo night club shows with Dina, Lucy, Mona Siad, & Fifi Abdu, shopping in the suks, a fitting with Madam Abla for my own egyptian costume, and a class with Ragia! Ali runs tours several times a year. He will even put together a tour for your group. This is what he did for us. We had 18 dancers who were students of Cassandra's from several different states. It was such a nice group size, and we all knew each other, too! A couple of us came with our husbands- they enjoyed it too." --Zulaika

"I agree with Pat that the tour was excellent. Ali really knows how to use the limited time you have there to pack the most in! For example, we got fitted for our costumes (those who wanted to order one from Mme Abla) the day after we arrived. That way, most were ready for us to take back by the end of the trip. ALi and his tour guides also very smoothly take care of events that could get rather touchy -- eg. getting through customs etc. on the way into Egypt. He was cordial and available to help at all times.

"One thing to be prepare for is if you want to take lots of dance classes -- say privates or semiprivates (more than one or two large group classes that Ali does arrange), make sure that you make the time to do so. Our 2 weeks were so jammed with nightclub soirees (the show STARTS at midnight)and tours during the day that time slips away fast. And of course you want to do everything! So, try to get prospective instructor's phone numbers ahead of time while in the U.S. and then call them about classes/fees when you get there and figure out how to fit in a few hours here and there.

"Seriously, I had to rack my brains to think about something that was MISSING from Ali's tour and the only thing I came up with was -- there wasn't enough time. There probably never is." --Helwa

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