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Some of the following info, including the comments in quotes, was obtained from the Mediterranean Dance mailing list. Descriptions may not be complete, may be outdated, prices may have changed (though I'm trying to stay current), opinions may vary, etc., etc. As ever, let the buyer beware... :)


Belly Dance Club
Newsletter for the Belly Dance Club of Australia
P.O. Box 4287
Kingston, ACT 2604, Australia
phone: 06 239 7129

The Desert Flower

The Sistrum
Magazine of Oriental Dance and Music in Australasia
Maria Masselos, Publisher
P.O. Box 1252
Stafford City, Queensland 4053 Australia
phone and fax: 61 7 3359 4680
Quarterly. Subscription rates for four issues per year are $25 Australia, $30 New Zealand and $40 Overseas.


Magazine for Oriental Dance
Dr. Renate Willenig, Editor
1060 Wien
Barnabitengasse 12/12, Austria
phone: 0222-526 47 77
fax: 0222-526 50 49
Quarterly. No subscription fee, it's free; mailing costs only. No teacher's directory, has a calendar of events and accepts unsolicited material in German. (All as of 1994.)


Middle Eastern Dance Association (MEDA) of Vancouver Newsletter
Contact: Marilee Nugent
3458 Garden Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
fax: 604-876-9969
"MEDA provides a monthly newsletter, workshops, seminars, bazaars, a dance library, among other things to support the dance cummunity in this area. If...anyone is interested in becoming a member or advertising in our newsletter or finding out more about MEDA, please feel free to contact Marilee Nugent (at the address above). Also if there are any instructors that would like to send a promotional package regarding seminars/workshops, please contact Marilee at the same address."


Orientalsk Dans
Magazine for The Association of Oriental Dancers in Denmark
c/o Alice Oppenheim, Editor
Dalgas Have 27, 2th.
DK-2000 Frb. Denmark
fax: (+45) 33 15 03 35
email: Orientalsk@dk-online.dk
Websites: Alice Oppenheim and Orientalsk Dans
"Bi-monthly (5 magazines) costs 220 Dkr per year. Teachers directory, calendar of events, CairoFashion, dance news, reviews and lots of articles and fotos. (No gossip, ;-( ) Accepts unsolicited material in both German and English... It's in Danish! And in black n' white, but very visual!" A. Oppenheim


The Newsletter of the Middle Eastern Dance Association - UK
69 Moreland Court, Finchley Rd.
London NW2 2TN, England
phone: 071 794 8565
Quarterly. No teacher's directory, but has calendar of events and accepts unsolicited material (as of 1994).

The Middle East
IC Publications Ltd.
7 Coldbath Square
London EC1R4LQ, UK
(Courtesy of James Janner) Not a belly dance publication, but "an excellent monthly, published in England, with comprehensive and generally unbiased coverage of political and social news of the region. Each issue also includes 6--12 pages of cultural news. Articles are in a lengthy essay style."

Midlands Arabic Dance Network Newsletter
Midlands Arabic Dance Network
The Membership Secretary
Irene Wood
730 Uppingham Rd.
Leicester LE7 9RN, UK
Membership (which presumably includes their newsletter) costs 10 pounds per year.

c/o Herman Topuzogly
7 Lisieux Ct.
Haywood Rd.
Taunton TA1 2LW, UK
Subscription rate for the Taqasim newsletter: 6 pounds sterling for the next 4 issues. The newsletter is mostly about belly dance in southwest England.


Cairo Today
USA & Canada:
P.O. Box 186
Austin, TX 78767 USA
24 Syria St.
Mohandiseen, Cairo
I don't know anything about the content; doesn't sound like strictly a dance publication.

El Raks El Sharki
The Middle East Magazine of Oriental Dance & Arts
Ahmed Diaa Elden
117 Mohamad Ali St.
Cairo, Egypt
phone/fax: 2023912006 or 2023549255
English language, color! publication, glossy 8.5 x 11 inch pages. New magazine; gives a feel for the Middle Eastern perspective on the dance, english language a bit uneven but certainly understandable; review pending. Looks like a monthly magazine. Subscriptions: (send funds in US$) USA, Mexico, Canada - $45; Europe $40; Japan, Australia, South America $59. Advertisements accepted, inquire at above address/phone #.


Website: http://www.afifa.fi/emagazin.html
"Afsana is a magazine of Oriental Dance published by Afifa Studio. It comes out twice a year and is (naturally) written in Finnish, but we have now also a Web-version both in Finnish and English. Some articles are translated from original Finnish versions but we would be happy to receive articles and comments from all over the world."


I understand no such magazines exist in France (as of Fall 1995).


Bremerhaven, Germany
"She´s a very powerful dancer, creating her own choreography and performing workshops and oriental dance courses." --Gerold

Magazine for Oriental Dance
Siglinde Schneider & Brigitte Baldinger GbR
Halima Fachzeitschrift
Rebhuhnweg 3
D-90547 Stein, Germany
phone: +49-911.688 39 89
fax: +49-911.688 39 90
Email: HalimaFachzeitschrift@t-online.de
Quarterly. Subscription rate: DM 10.- incl. porto. Teacher's directory, calendar of events, unsolicited material accepted in German.

Orient Magazin
In der Steubach 17
D-57614 Woldert
Phone: +49-2684.81 47
Fax: +49-26 84.97 93 98
Bilingual in German and English.

Sibel Nefa
Braunschweig, Germany
Website: http://www.bs-online.de/bauchtanz

Tanz Oriental
The Actual Magazine for Oriental Dance Styles in Europe
Eibacher Haupstrasse 6
8500 Nurnberg 60, Germany
phone: (49) 911-6426405
fax: (49) 911-6426406
Website (German language): http://www.tanzoriental.com/
Einzelmagazine: Bitte geben Sie Monat und Erscheinungsjahr (z. B. 10/92 für Oktober 1992) der gewünschten Ausgabe(n) und die Stückzahl(en) an. Das Einzelexemplar kostet DM 9,80 zzgl. DM 2,- Versandkostenanteil. Jahresabonnement: Ein Jahresabonnement kostet DM 54,- inkl. Versand bzw. DM 61,- (Ausland) inkl. Versand.

Bi-monthly (6 magazines). Subscription costs DM 5 per issue (1994), if you read German check above for current costs. Teacher's directory, calendar of events, accepts unsolicited material in German.

The Netherlands

Postbus 1395
2302 BJ LEIDEN, The Netherlands
Dutch newsletter; quarterly, 23 guldens per year. Contents: interviews, reviews of workshops and music, calendar of events and articles on various topics including costumes, rhythms and tipping.


Magazine for Oriental Dance
For more information contact tina.buni@aff.bonnier.se.

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