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Some of the following info, including the comments in quotes, was obtained from the Mediterranean Dance mailing list. Descriptions may not be complete, may be outdated, prices may have changed (though I'm trying to stay current), opinions may vary, etc., etc. As ever, let the buyer beware... :)

Published in the USA

One Sherman Square
Suite 22F
NYC, NY 10023 USA
phone/fax: 212-595-1677
Bi-monthly. Published by Ibrahim Farrah. "Like Habibi, it has an international following...cover[s] the international scene." "Nice publication." (From their ad) "Now in our 21st year of publication! ...informed reports on the Middle Eastern dance 'scene' from international writers. Perspectives on the evolution of Danse Orientale from tradition to cabaret!...Read about the dancers, musicians, and events that have contributed to a vibrant history!... Add to your archives and visual knowledge from the renowned, exceptional, and rare Arabesque photo collection...plus worldwide dance news...dancers and teachers directory...etc.!" Subscriptions: $25 for one year, $42 for 2 yrs, $6 for a sample issue (S/H included) in the USA. Outside the US, add the following amounts to US prices: $7 more in Canada and South America, $8 more in Europe and the Middle East, $9 more anywhere else. Make checks out to Arabvesque; payment must be in US dollars or be able to be drawn from a US bank only. Back issue list and gift subscriptions available.

Aramco World
P.O. Box 469008
Escondido, CA 92046-9008
(From the medance list) "The magazine is 'distributed without charge to a limited number of readers with an interest in Saudi Arabia, the oil industry, or the history, culture, geography and economy of the Middle East'. Some of it's blatant propaganda, but it's gorgeously produced and the cultural articles are wonderful." Previous issues mentioned on the list have had articles on henna practices and Ali Jihad Racy, a noted ethnomusicologist, performer and composer.

Arizona Middle Eastern Dance Association
P.O. Box 9451
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-3451
email: cullenb@terrestrial.com
The Arizona Middle Eastern Dance Association (AMEDA) Newsletter - distributed bimonthly (Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June, Aug). Membership ($10.00) gets you the newsletter and discounts on social, educational, and performance events. Teacher's directory, calendar of events, reviews, Barter Boutique, puzzles, etc.

Cairo Today
USA & Canada:
P.O. Box 186
Austin, TX 78767 USA
24 Syria St.
Mohandiseen, Cairo
I don't know anything about the content; doesn't sound like strictly a dance publication.

The Caravan
Shalimar Serene, Editor and Publisher
6130 Brook Lane
Acworth, GA 30102 USA
phone/fax: 770-974-1084
email: caravan@avana.net
Bi-monthly international magazine of Middle Eastern dance, est. 1984; 8.5 x 11 inch b & w format. Subscription rates: $18 per year, $3.75 single issue in USA; $38 in Europe, $34 in Canada and Mexico, $42 in Middle East, Japan and Australia. Please pay in US funds only, make checks out to Shalimar Serene. The magazine includes a national and international Teachers' Directory, Calendar of Events (listings free to subscribers), vendors ads, dance news, reviews, and articles from a variety of contributors like Bert Balladine, Shalimar Ali, Amaya, Horacio, Jasmin Jahal, etc. Their fax machine is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chandra's Middle-Eastern Dance News
6706 NW 18th Place
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
For orders call: 1-800-790-2102
email: chandra@chandras.com
Website: http://www.chandras.com
Bi-monthly newsletter containing reviews, notices of consignment costumes for sale, calendar of events for the Atlantic states region as well as the eastern mid-west (i.e. Ohio), etc. $7 per year for 6 issues of newsletter. She also sells music, costumes, zills, etc. by a catalog which costs $2, refundable with order. Several folks on the med-dance list highly recommend her merchandise.

Clyde's Resource Guide
c/o The Grapeleaf
4031 Balboa St.
San Francisco, CA 94121-2516 USA
A belly dance and art resource magazine. An annual mailing (circulation +10,000) that lists various vendors, publications and some events; issues are mailed free of charge during April if you're on the Grapeleaf Presents mailinglist. Back issues are $4.00; previous back issues focussed on belly dance contests (1993), belly dance publications (1994), belly dance festivals (1995); make checks out to "Grapeleaf Presents". One member of the medance list found inaccuracies and rough editing practices in the 1995 edition of Clyde's Guide.

Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon Publications
437 Hilldale Rd.
Paducah, KY 42001-4411 USA
email: CrescentMoon@hcis.net
Bi-monthly. Formerly a regional publication and now international, "...usually has articles of general interest...becoming a serious dancers' magazine...classy format, good contributing writers and isn't afraid to tackle thorny issues..." "...a well orchestrated mix of subject matter...We reader's certainly get our money's worth!" "The Crescent Moon is a labor of love by Landra & Lester French." Good calendar sections listed by state, by instructor and by time. The magazine has recently (Fall 96) been expanded; still packed with really interesting articles and information, it's also now more visual, including many photos, etc. Subscriptions are $15 per year in the USA, outside USA add $18. (Excerpt their ad) "32 plus pages, featured dancers and troupes, technique and method articles, cultural overviews, teachers and performers directory, audio/video/seminar/workshop reviews, recipes..."

El Raks El Sharki
The Middle East Magazine of Oriental Dance & Arts
Ahmed Diaa Elden
117 Mohamad Ali St.
Cairo, Egypt
phone/fax: 2023912006 or 2023549255
Not published in the US, published in Egypt, but the magazine is aimed at an international audience. English language, color! publication, glossy 8.5 x 11 inch pages. New magazine, gives a feel for the Middle Eastern perspective on the dance, english language a bit uneven but understandable; review pending. Looks like a monthly magazine. Subscriptions: (send funds in US$) USA, Mexico, Canada - $45; Europe $40; Japan, Australia, South America $59. Advertisements accepted, inquire at above address/phone #.

Habibi Publications
P.O. Box 90936
Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0936 USA
tel/fax 805-962-9639
Quarterly. Subscriptions are $22 for one year, $40 for two in the USA; Europe and South America $32/year; Canada and Mexico $24/year; Middle East/Japan/Australia $36/year. Single issues are $5.50. Has a particular focus per issue, features a lot of writers, has reviews. Good pictures; in depth articles on particular types of dance, controversial issues,etc., so it's a good reference. "A serious dancer's magazine." Most articles are on middle eastern dance, with an occasional one on other dance forms or items of cultural interest. "One of the top Middle Eastern Dance publications in the US."

c/o Mezdulene
PO Box 680
Sutherlin, OR 97479 USA
phone: 541-459-3115
Email: jareeda@rosenet.net
Website: http://www.ikm.com/jareeda
Monthly. Variety of articles including instructional, personal experiences, reviews. Illustrated in black and white, has an annual costume issue. "...regular, timely", good calendar for seminars, etc., "friendly, relaxed...in tone". "A bit chatty." Published by Mezdulene.

Journal For the Anthropological Study of Human Movement
Order from: Dr. Brenda Farnell/Dr. Drid Williams, Editors
c/o Anthropology Department
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242 USA
Not a belly dance journal, but they've had articles on related folkloric dance forms, among other things. Mentioned several times on the medance list. Subscriptions: 2 year/4 issue volume, postage included; individual $30, institutional $40; overseas airmail add $12. Back issues available. Make checks payable to JASHM. "This journal presents writing and stimulates discussion of ideas that arise from the study of human movement within socio-cultural anthropology. Recognizing that there are overlaps between the concerns of this field and those of other human and social sciences, such as philosophy, linguistics, sociology and psychology, we encourage contributions from members of other disciplines who are interested in movement as a world-wide, and particularly human, phenomenon. We invite papers from both students and professionals involved in scholarly research on human movement - dance, sign languages, martial arts, ritual - as well as 'everyday' movements of different societies. Reviews of publications of interest to the field, and critical comments on writing published in JASHM are extremely welcome."

MECDA Newsletter
Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association
P.O. Box 946
Rosemead, CA 91770
Happenings, a monthly newsletter with lots of teacher/performance listings), and Cymbal, a quarterly magazine-style periodical, "are published by southern California's MECDA for only $25 the first year, $20 each year thereafter (subscription for both comes with membership)."

Raks Al Hayet
Website: http://www.plinet.com/~demogorgan
Email: demogorgan@plinet.com
"Raks Al Hayet (Arabic for Dance of Life) is a quarterly journal of Oriental Dance, magick and more." Regular columns in the journal include: dancer interviews, recipes, choreography and dance tips, costuming, upcoming events, reviews and a teacher's directory. Premiere issue comes out 20 March 1998. The website also includes a boutique (fashions and jewelry; color catalog available) and pictures of Sybel and Sahris, professional belly dancers in the Denver area.

Tribal Talk
PO Box 460594
San Francisco, CA 94146 USA
phone: 415-647-6035
email: fcbd@sirius.com
Website: http://www.dnai.com/~ash/FCBD/
Quarterly newsletter, first issue Spring 1997. "Each issue brings you editorial coverage of the hottest tribal bellydance topics; your questions answered by Carolena Nericcio, founder and director of FatChanceBellyDance; the latest reviews of new books, music and FCBD products; interviews with movers and shakers in the community; and highlights and info on FCBD shows. *FatChanceBellyDance, a 10-year retrospective* - A Special Feature in the Premier Issue commemorating the 10-year anniversary of FCBD. To receive a FREE copy of the premier issue of TribalTalk (Aladdin font), send a SASE [Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope] to: TribalTalk c/o FatChanceBellyDance [at the address above]. INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Subscribe now for a year (that's 4 copies) for only $15 (foreign orders $25.), and receive a free promotional video of 'FatChanceBellyDance: Who We Are', PLUS a $5 certificate to the FCBD mail-order catalog. NO-RISK! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your first issue, let us know in writing and your money will be refunded."

Unveiled Thoughts
Thais Banu, Editor and Publisher
2126 W. Sherman
W. Peoria, IL 61604 USA
Quarterly 8.5 x 11 inch newsletter. "Thais Banu, the editor, has written for several SCA publications as well as The Crescent Moon. She has performed for 20 years and has taught workshops in the USA. The newsletter, first published in 1993, was initiated at the urging of dancers in the SCA who felt something was 'missing' in their dance. It is now used to help SCA dancers understand the culture and history of the dance." Content varies a bit issue to issue, but standard departments include Who, What and Where; Now Let's Dance (dance instruction: steps, choreographies, costume and historical background); Historical Interest; Costuming; and Upcoming Workshops. A recent issue also featureda fiction piece.

Subscription rates are $5 per year for SCA Members, $8 per year for Non-SCA Members, and $2 for back issues; checks payable to Theresa L. Seitz. Anyone wishing to submit articles of a Middle Eastern Dance/Cultural interest, are invited to contact Theresa L. Seitz at the above address or via email at tseitz@heartland.bradley.edu. No ads are accepted; only seminars, workshops, etc. listings are accepted, for free.

Veil and Drum
Web site
Veil and Drum Newsletter is the on-line format of the "simple newsletter" for the Middle Eastern dancers and musicians in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and anyone else interested in Middle Eastern culture. The site also includes links to other SCA/Renaissance web pages including the Letter of the Dance web page, the general SCA/Renaissance dance newsletter.

Wiggle Hips Review
P.O. Box 20366
Sun Valley, NV
Bi-monthly newsletter, 5.5 x 8.5 inch format. Based in Nevada, it covers the nearby areas primarily plus some national coverage. It used to be free, advertisers funded the newsletter, however they will finally have to start charging for it beginning January 1997. Features include the editor's Editorial column, recipes, workshop/festival/seminar reviews, troupe/performer interviews (the cover story--in the lovely image to the right which you can't really see, the cover pic is of Suzanna Del Vecchio), video reviews, coming event calendar, etc. The editors invite dancer/performers nationwide to place their workshops, etc. in Wiggle Hips Coming Events column (it's *free*); to do so you can also email Scootzp1@aol.com.

Laura Giles (Taaj), Publ.
Sonia Monson (Avanha), Ed.
5017 Cullen Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 USA
Email: zaghareet@bigfoot.com
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~zaghareet/index.html
"Zaghareet! is an American publication with a Middle Eastern focus. It is not only a belly dancer publication, but one about businesses, events, musicians, food, lifestyles, troupes, books,videos and more. Most of all we would like this to be about people....we believe that without the support and determination of people like you amd me, there could never be any stars. We welcome your articles, letters, questions, and comments about all subjects related to dance and ME culture." Subscriptions: $15 USA, $18 Canada, $22 overseas (US funds only) for 6 issues; back issues are $5 each if available. Make checks payable to Zaghareet! at the above address. Black and white (except for the nice color cover), 8.5 x 11 inch (nice quality paper) magazine. Lots of articles under various headins including Special Articles, Shimmering Star of the Past, Featured Troupe, Zaghareet Tastebuds (recipes), Featured Business, Featured Musicians, Travel, News, Reviews (of performances, books, videos, music) and Just For You (letters, readers poll, tips, teacher and event listings, etc.).

Newsletter of the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH)
PO Box 22282
Honolulu, HI 96823 USA
Monthly. Subscription is $15 per year which includes membership fee to MEDAH. Contains information on on-going events in Hawaii.

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