Middle Eastern Dance:

Music and Recordings - CD's, Cassettes, Albums

Known sheet music sources are listed here.


Acme TV Supply
615 Mt. Auburn St.
Watertown, MA 02172 USA
Website: http://www.quikpage.com/A/acmebellyd
(Their ad) "Join the many dancers and music lovers who have relied on us for 35 years for the best middle eastern music. Send $2.00 for 40 page picture catalogue--credited on first order."

Mohamed Ali
University of New Mexico
African American Studies
Mesa Vista Hall, Room 4015
Albuquerque, NM 87131 USA
phone: 505-293-0945
fax: 505-277-0730
email: mohamed@flash.net
Mohamed Ali is a vendor of Egyptian imported items like fringe, scarves, beledi dresses, cabaret costumes, belly dance videos, etc. "I sell dance supplies wholesale and retail from A to Z. I distribute in the USA for one of the best designers in Cairo today. I carry excellent quality, and my prices are very competitive." He also runs tours from New Mexico to Egypt, usually around Dec-Jan.

American Recording Productions
American Recording Productions: they "exclusively list Armenian and Middle Eastern musical albums for sale all over the world...you will find recordings not available through any other mail order business or retail music stores. All music listed in our site is of folk and traditional origin. ARP produces and distributes only...music [that uses] traditional folk instruments [kanoun, saz, oud, etc.] to create this music."

Arabic Music Info Source (AMIS)
Website: http://members.aol.com/amisource
Email: nadush@rocketmail.com
Information on Arabic music; reviews, audio clips, news, and a page devoted to listing vendors of Arabic Music in the US and abroad.

Ara-Music CD Sales
Website: http://members.aol.com/Aramusik/amisource.html
Arabic music source online.

Arjang Arts and Graphics
PO Box 42606
Tucson, AZ 85733-2606 USA
Arjang Web site
Perhaps tangentially related, they're a local company that reproduces Middle Eastern paintings and calligraphy, especially Persian, on items like T-shirts, posters and cards. If you can, check their web site to see some rather pretty examples of their work. They also sell Persian audio and video cassettes: classical Persian music, contemporary Persian music and instrumental Persian music.

Artemis Imports
PO Box 68
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
phone: 408-373-6762
fax: 408-373-4113
email: artemis@artemisimports.com
Website: http://www.artemisimports.com/
Vendor of all kinds of belly dance supplies including: Kohl, musk, veils, zills, jewelry, belts, music, videos, patterns, books, etc. Books include all kinds of Middle Eastern related topics: culture, history, language, art and design, literature, poetry, travel, etc. Catalog $3. (From medance list) "There are lots of suppliers out there but I'm sold on Artemis because 1) she personally goes abroad for things and knows what she has, 2) has almost everything, and 3) I've been buying from her for the ten years or so that I've been dancing with no problem, and 4) her prices are extremely reasonable. Recently bought a wonderful guedra fibulae brooch set from her which wasn't in the catalog, but she had it when most people I asked said, you want a what???"

Audrena's International Bazaar
9720 S. Mason Ave.
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 USA
Web site: http://aleena.com/audrena
"Audrena is the authorized vendor for many Oriental dance videos, cd's, cassettes, and other items. She offers fast, reliable service." Mail order catalog available. Recommended by many.

Bastet Productions
Web site
Information on Tucsonan Susan Wilson's audio tapes, Darbuka Rhythms for Oriental Dance Practice can be found at Bastet's website. Note that their website is best viewed using Netscape 2.0.

John Bilezikjian
Dantz Records
PO Box 2434
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2434
phone/fax: 714-581-5664
Email: DantzRec@AOL.com
Website: http://www.netcom.com/~dantzrec/info.htm
John has been performing for over 40 years; he is an entertainer, musician, singer, composer and teacher, with a B.A. in violin, oud and composition from Cal. State Univ. Northridge. His music embraces the traditions of Armenia, the Arab World, Greece, Russia, Israel, Eastern Europe, Asia, Spain and Latin America. He has written and recorded rock and roll, music for bellydancing, television and motion picture soundtracks, and has produced a myriad of original compositions. He plays over 50 instruments, although his focus has been and remains the oud. You can hear John on Placido Domingo's release "De mi Alma Latina, Ofra Haza's release "Kirya", Robert Palmer's "Ridin High", cantor Isaac Behar's "Sephardic Sabbath Chants", and Leonard Cohen's CD "Cohen Live". Bookings are available, but dates fill quickly.

Tapes and CD's available (see website): Belly dance tapes featuring routines designed for the special dancer. Also available: Armenian, Greek, Persian, Sephardic and Turkish folk music; classical and solo oud. Also sold: instruments, t-shirts and a cookbook; check out the website for more information.

Brothers of the Baladi
PO Box 14083
Portland OR 97214, USA
(From medance list) Musicians, with albums such as Further Journeys.... "Much of their music is Turkish..." "...Michael Beach [of Brothers of the Baladi] speaks Turkish and enjoys a respect from Middle Eastern musicians in general that few Americans get." "Michael Beach [is] very sweet, generous, and accomodating."

CD Connection
Web site
The CD Connection web site lets you telnet to their catalog where you can browse and order. Over 100,000 CD's online; med-dance mailinglist members have browsed and ordered belly dance CD's here.

Web site
CDnow! is another online Webpage CD store. It's got a huge collection, a bunch of Middle Eastern music, World music etc. The prices of the few Middle Eastern items I looked at were ok; some other prices of pop music imports were rather high.

Chaabouni World Music
USA 614-523-0961
Recommended on medance list: a couple who put out a catalog of and sell international cds. Egyptian, algerian, tunisian, italian, french; an extensive middle eastern section broken down by country.

Chandra's Dance Extravaganza
6706 NW 18th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
For orders call: 1-800-790-2102
email: chandra@chandras.com
Website: http://www.chandras.com
Chandra sells music (tapes), costumes, zills and accessories for Mid-East dance. There's a catalog ($2, refundable with order) and a bi-monthly newsletter ($7 per year for 6 issues) which contains reviews, consignment costumes for sale, calendar of events, etc. Several folks on the med-dance list highly recommend her.

Dahlal Internationale
7537 Parkdale Ave. Suite 2
St. Louis, MO 63105 USA
1-800-745-6432 or 314-721-1949
Dahlal owns an import business and travels all over the middle/near/far east to get her stock. She is a distributor of costuming by Pharonics of Egypt, a costuming company out of Turkey, and possibly others. She also custom designs costumes and can have them made in the USA or overseas. Additional stock includes appliques, beads, ready-made beaded fringe from Egypt and China, musical instruments, jewelry and a lot of music. Mentioned/recommended on the med-dance list; mail-order catalog available.

Desert Wind
Website: http://members.aol.com/deswind
They produce and sell cds and cassettes that include 'mid-east' dance internationally; Ladyslipper is one of their distributors. Their music is also on Suzanne Del Vecchio's videos as well as on other videos. Their newest album is a four-CD set entitled : "Sarasvati: A Celebration of World Dance". This album includes Doug Adams of Light Rain in a song they wrote together entitled "Desert Rain".

E. Thomas Compact Discs
11 Sunset Hill Rd.
Roslindale, MA 02131 USA
They sell the cd of Sophia Bilides - Greek Legacy. "A folk-style recording....[Sophia] has a lovely voice and is backed by a good band. She also plays santouri." "The CD and tape are currently in their second pressing, and are available again after a long period of being out of print." --E Thomas Babbin, owner

Web site: http://www.netcom.com/~kesslari/farabi.html
"Farabi is a group of American musicians playing traditional Turkish, Arab, and Greek music - some music for Oriental Dance, some folk (debkes and karsilamas), some classical (sazsemais and such)." Audio samples soon to be included on web page.

P.O. Box 460594
San Francisco, CA 94146 USA
Web site: http://www.dnai.com/~ash/FCBD/
"FatChanceBellyDance is a celebration of the female spirit. Based in San Francisco, this troupe sees Tribal Style Belly dance with a modern eye. Under the direction off Carolena Nericcio, FatChanceBellyDance has established itself nationwide with innovative workshops and performances. Send SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) for the FatChanceBellyDance mail order catalog featuring music, videos, books, costumes, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories." Their videos: The Tribal Basics Instructional Series 1,2, and 3; and "Tatooed One" and "Live!", performance videos.

Firebird Arts and Music of Oregon, Inc.
Web site
They (will) have an online catalog in addition to their mail order catalog. They sell recordings of various artists including Loreena McKennit who mixes celtic and middle eastern styles and music (among other types) on her recordings. There are usually 1-2 tracks per album that are distinctly middle-eastern in flavor rather along the lines of what Dead Can Dance do.

Steven Flynn
Visionary Dance Productions
P.O. Box 30797
Seattle, WA 98103 USA
(Excerpted their flyer) Steven Flynn, Northwest composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, composed all the music on Delilah's Visionary Dance videotapes (see Delilah/Visionary Dance under "videos"). Welcome to the Dance - 40 min - audio cassette $10, cd $16.50; 9 pieces including music heard on Delilah's videos Bellydance Workshop Vol. III, and the Costume Workshop, as well as new works. "...music that, while non-traditional, is perfectly suited to the bellydance." Side 2 contains a full 16 min routine with drum solo. Tales of the Night Wind - 38 min - audio cassette $10; 7 pieces written for Delilah's video series Bellydance Workshop. Includes baladi, 6/8, masmoudi, karshilama, chefti-telli and a bolero. Inner Dances - 40 min - audio cassette $10; a utility tape designed for use with various types of physical (workout) and mental (meditation) exercises. Side 1 contains music composed for the warm-up ritual in Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Vol. I; side 2 contains a long slow drum chant, followed by the Zahr (a Middle Eastern trance rhythmn). Audio cassettes and cd's shipped free.

Los Angeles, CA
Israeli import company; they probably have Israeli belly dance/Mizrachi music.

Los Angeles, CA
Israeli import company; they probably have Israeli belly dance/Mizrachi music.

Ofra Haza Web site
Ofra Haza home page. "It is done by Israeli's so unfortunately the song lyrics are not translated, just transliterated....FYI, they have a record-ordering button but it's probably out of Israel also. I'd recommend trying [Mostly Music] (see listing this page) instead, if you want access to more obscure Ofra recordings..." --Me'ira

Hear's Music
2508 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ
Outside Tucson: 1-800-501-DISC
World Music store; they sell CD's both new and "pre-owned", they offer a preview service so you can listen to CD's before you buy them, and free special ordering. They have lots of CD's from different countries including many Middle Eastern countries plus a specific section for belly dance CD's. When I asked about belly dance CD's, they showed me the catalog they order from (Rashid Sales Co., see below) in case I wanted them to order me something from that. Store hours are M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5.

Interlink Music
Recently released the group Anatolia's debut album "Turkish Folk and Dance Music From the Middle East". On cassette, cd due out soon; catalog # ANA 101.

International Dance Discovery
108 1/2 E. Kirkwood Ave. #5
Bloomington, IN 47401 USA
email: 73261.1065@compuserve.com
IDD, the province of Donna Carlton who also wrote "Looking For Little Egypt" (see "Books" above), puts out a free mail-order catalog of books, music, cymbals, etc. See under "Videos - Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook" for info on their video guides.

Intersound, Inc.
Roswell, GA 30077-1724 USA
Producers of Exotic Belly Dancing, a Turkish belly dance music tape. The musicians are the Farah Dance Orchestra; the serial number on a copy of the tape was MCX 4008 and the copyright date on that tape was 1990.

Judy's Creative Costuming
Judy Cunningham
Rt. 4 Box 95A
Sedalia MO 65301-9417 USA
phone: 818-826-5743
They sell all kinds of belly dance supplies, including music, and sponsor seminars.

Kairo By Night
email: SheikSadiq@aol.com
Kairo By Night is an Egyptian Cabaret ensemble with 2 albums: Kairo By Night, Vols I and II which contain "original songs, traditional favorites and a couple of Eddie the Sheik arrangements". One of their original songs, "Anahat", can be heard on Suzanna Del Veccio's newest video. Those interested in ordering can email the address above, or try vendors including Unicorn Bellydance Supply, Dahlal, and Kismet Boutique in Salt Lake City.

Um Kalthoum
Web site: almashriq's Um Kalthoum Site
There's a brief biography, photos, and lyrics (in Arabic) of her songs, among other things.

Kereshmeh Records
Website: http://www.kereshmeh.com/
"Music of Iran: Persian Classical, Folk, and New Music." They have a cd catalog, cassette tapes and video listing, other products, events and concert information, ordering information, and a mailinglist that you can join. There are also audio samples available.

Kismet Boutique
of Kismet Dance Company
P.O. Box 520217
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-0217
phone: 801-486-7780
fax: 484-2995
They also sponsor the annual Utah Belly Dance Festival.

Ladyslipper Music
PO Box 3124-R
Durham, NC 27715 USA
Orders: 1-800-634-6044
"Ladyslipper is a North Carolina non-profit, tax-exempt organization which has been involved in many facets of women's music since 1976. Our basic purpose has consistently been to heighten public awareness of the achievements of women artists and musicians, and to expand the scope and availability of musical and literary recordings by women. One of the unique aspects of our work has been the tri-annual publication of the world's most comprehensive Catalog & Resource Guide of Recordings by Women..." Their catalog includes categories for Drumming and Percussion, Arabic and Middle Eastern, and Jewish music, among others. Under Arabic/Middle Eastern they list, among others, Sazlar as appropriate for belly dancing.

Lark In The Morning
PO Box 1176 Mendocino, CA 95460 USA
LarkInfo 707-964-3762; Mail-Order 707-964-5569
Fax: 707-964-1979, Retail Showroom: 707-937-LARK
Internet email: larkinam@mhs.mendocino.k12.ca.us (or larkinam@mcn.org)
They're a purveyor of World Musical instruments, books, recordings and videos. "Lark In The Morning is a musician's service founded in 1974 that specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials." You can check out their Lark in the Morning Homepage to see the many things they have to offer (including online articles concerning middle eastern instruments/music).

You can also go directly to Lark In The Morning - Recordings which lists 100's of CD's and cassettes indexed by region, instrument, style of music, etc. Includes lists for Afghanistan, Drum and Percussion, Middle Eastern, Turkey (includes "belly dance music"), etc. Their books section (see description above in Books section) implies books of (sheet) music too.

Learning Middle Eastern Percussion
Web site
Learning Middle Eastern Percussion - Recordings has a bunch of Mary Ellen Donald cassettes, Dumbek stuff, The Drums of Oasis tape.

Magi Productions
P.O. Box 356
Larkspur, CA 94977
USA 415-892-0181
They sell tapes of the music of Light Rain: Dream Dancer, Dream Suite, Valentine to Eden, and Dark Fire

Monitor Records
156 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010-7078 USA
"Last I knew you could still buy direct from Monitor Records...I mean records, really. Don't know if they're doing cassette...[I] bought everything by George Abdo." --Me'ira "My very old copy of 'Armenia Armenia' is subtitled 'Monitor Presents Armenian Songs and Dances with Hachig Kazarian and His Ensemble'. It is Monitor [Records] MFS 452... ' --Soher Azar

Moroccan Music
Web site
Moroccan Auditorium has a bunch of downloadable Moroccan music, so you can at least hear samples of the music. Unsure if purchasing info is provided. Also includes links to other Moroccan cultural pages.

Mostly Music
4805 13th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11219 USA
"[Try these folks]... if you want access to more obscure Ofra Haza recordings..." --Me'ira

12448 W. Cleveland Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151 USA
email: denisk@execpc.com
Oasis Website
Oasis - Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music. Their works include: Evolution on cd and cassette, Night at the Oasis, Songs from the Oasis, and The Drums of Oasis on cassette tape only. $10 for cassettes, $15 for cd's; add $1.50 per tape or cd for postage and handling. Oasis is also available for concerts around the country. Check out their website; they've got a color photo of the band, a downloadable sample of their music and the means to order their CD's and cassettes online.

Omnium Recordings
PO Box 7367
Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA
The company that puts out the cd of the group 3 Mustaphas 3, "Fiends, Friends and Fronds". "Pop-ish greek" music, recommended on the medance list.

Pe-Ko International Records and Video
5112 Hollywood Blvd., No. 108
Los Angeles, CA 90027 USA
phone: 213-664-8880
fax: 213-664-1614
Mentioned on the medance list as a source for re-releases of older music. [From Pe-Ko] "...only 20% of our productions on our 2 labels of PE-KO records and Hollywood Music Center are or include previously recorded material. We are a worldwide recognized label with over 500 music titles under our labels and over 200 different video titles. Our line includes Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Italian, French, Gypsy, Russian, and Most importantly Belly Dance. We are at the present moment the largest producers of Belly Dance Music under our label with over 40 different CD titles solely for belly dance, and 20 video titles solely for belly dance."

Phaedra Ameerah Productions
PO Box 473443
Aurora, CO 80047 USA
phone: 303-343-7616
fax: 303-363-6326
Website: http://www.indra.com/phaedra
Instructor, performer, choreographer. Artistic director Jawahare Al Layl, producer of "Moon Over Denver" workshops and videos. Website includes biographical info as well as information about products sold by Phaedra Ameerah Productions which include over 50 tapes and CD's (music written for Phaedra, music for Burcin Orhon, Sufi music and Arabic music); 3 performance videos; and more.

Rashid Sales Co.
191 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA
Web site: http://www.rashid.com
"America's largest and oldest distributors of Arabic music. Established 1934." They sell a lot of different Middle Eastern music (vocalists, belly dance, etc.) on cassette and CD including a bunch of Hossam Ramzy and George Abdo, though apparently no Persian music. Mail-order catalog available. They do have a nice website with audio samples, pictures, their on-line catalog, and a large variety of music, some non-dance videos, etc. for sale. Also, readings of the Holy Qur'an on CD-ROM.

Saroyan Mastercrafts
PO Box 2056
Riverside, CA 92516 USA
phone: 909-783-2050 or 909-276-9925
fax: 909-276-8510
Email: Saroyanzil@aolcom
Website: http://www.saroyanzils.com/
Zill (finger cymbal) makers, highly recommended. Harry Saroyan, owner of Saroyan Mastercrafts, is also a popular recording artist. His two recordings, An Oriental Bouquet and Saroyan Sings 'Cairo', are described and available for order as cd or cassette on his website.

Suhaila Salimpour
Suhaila has a drum cymbal audio recording out, called Rhythmic Journey. Check her website for price, ordering and other information.

Scheherezade Imports
2420 Hampden Row
Rockville, VA 23146 USA
phone: 804-749-3059
fax: 804-749-3480
email: sherzade@mnsinc.com
Scheherezade Imports-everything for the middle eastern dancer, we are also the distributor for the Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame CD. We sell wholesale and retail. Catalog $3 refundable with 1st purchase.

P.O. Box 24
Capitola, CA 95010 USA
Musical group Sirocco; their works include Sirocco Vol. I, II, and III available on cassette tapes.

Turkish Music Home Page
Web site
Turkish Music Home Page contains many downloadable snippets of a variety of Turkish music plus a bit of info about titles available, instruments, history, purchasing info.

UCSB Middle East Ensemble
Prof. Scott Marcus
Ethnomusicology Program
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA
Music Dept. Info: 805-893-3261
Univ. Info: 805-893-8000
"...the Ensemble has produced two tapes (of live and studio recordings) and accompanying booklets containing sheet music of both classical and popular Middle Eastern tunes. ...the Ensemble performs quarterly concerts at UCSB, as well as numerous other concerts throughout Southern California (as well as two very successful concerts in the Bay Area in 1995...)" --Amanda

The music book and tapes sometimes are on sale at the Mendocino ME Music and Dance Camp in August (see Calendar page for next Camp info, if available, or Annual Workshops/Camps page for a summary).

Uncle Mafufo
P.O. Box 24
Capitola, CA 95062 USA
fax: 408-475-3591
Uncle Mafufo, who plays with Sirocco, has audio drum instruction tapes (and a video) teaching traditional rhythmns and playing techniques. "Easy to follow", "very good".

Unicorn Bellydance Supplies
3361 S. Corona
Englewood, CO 80110 USA
(Their ad) "Everything for the Middle eastern dancer at affordable prices. Zills, records, glitter scarves, fabric, trim, coins, jewelry, swords, drums, motifs, veils, costumes, make-up. To receive the latest catalog, send $2 to Dept. S at the above address."

Universal Imports
12039 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.
Blue Hills Shopping Center
Saratoga, CA 95070 USA
Beads, fabric, zils, bra cups, fringe, music, a few ready-made bras and belts, etc. There are usually a few flyers from local teachers, restaurants and events lying around, too. (From medance list) "...well worth a trip. Bolts upon bolts of chiffons, lame's, silks, sequins, brocades, metallic knits. Beads, fringe, appliques, trims, pailettes. Swords, canes and tambourines. Patterns! Caftans and coverups. Some already-made skirts, veils, harem pants, bra/belt sets. Some music and videos. Some jewelry. All in a very small store. All very reasonably priced."

X Dot 25 Productions
1240 Powell St.
Emeryville, CA 94608 USA
phone: 510-601-8600
phone: 1-800-710-8600
fax: 510-601-9800
Web Site: http://xdot25.com
email: xdotinfo@pacbell.net
X Dot 25 Music Productions celebrated Rumi's 790th birthday by releasinga 60 minute CD containing poems from Rumi's "Divaan-e Kabeer" book accompanied by music performed by Alan Kushan on Santur; Koorosh Angali reads. They also sell techno/ambient/world beat CD's, among other Middle Eastern music albums. Their full line of music is available through CD NOW as well as at Tower Records, Borders, Virgin Megastores and other stores nationwide. You can also visit their chatline (see their website).

Recommended on the medance list as having some interesting music. "...[I] have had good luck with this company; they have some very interesting stuff..."

International - Mail Order, Web Sites, Etc.

Arabic Music Info Source (AMIS)
Website: http://members.aol.com/amisource
Email: nadush@rocketmail.com
Information on Arabic music; reviews, audio clips, news, and a page devoted to listing vendors of Arabic Music in the US and abroad.

Les Artistes Arabes Associes
Club du Disque Arabe
67, Rue Robespierre - CAP 136 - 93558 Montreuil cedex
phone: 49 88 24 24
A member of the medance list picked up a cd put out by this company, ofan Algerian singer named Karima. Her songs are "neither demogogical nor politically committed" which "could help avoid awkward situations with any Algerians in the audience".

Hilary Thacker's Bazaar
8 Bellevue Terrance
Edinburgh EH74DT, UK
Phone: 0131 5567976
Email: jds@cocoon.co.uk
Website: http://www.electricfrog.co.uk/pages/bellyd.htm
Hilary's Bazaar stocks authentic Middle Eastern clothing and jewellery suited to belly dancing. Stock includes full costumes, skirts, harem trousers, belts, musical instruments, veils and jewellery. Also sells music, including Hossam Ramzy cassettes & cd's as well as other Egyptian and Turkish tapes, and videos. Full colour catalogues can be obtained by sending cheque or postal order for 2.50 pounds to Hilary Thacker at the contact address above.

Horacio Cifuentes and Beata
Karlsruher Str. 19
10711 Berlin-Halensee
phone: 030-893-5566
fax: 030-893-5567
The studio address of Horacio and Beata. People were wondering where to order tapes of music originally composed for Horacio; order from him at the address above.

Oriental Orchestra of Toowoomba
Toowoomba, Queensland Australia
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/7098/
They are an oriental dance and music ensemble, with a CD due out by Christmas 1997. The Orchestra includes players of a variety of instruments including, but not limited to: saxophone, telephone, dumbek, tabla, zills, bouzouki, violin, clarinet, cello, didgeridoo and a variety of other percussion instruments. See their webpage for further details.

66 Rue de L'Est
92100 Boulogne, France
phone: 1
They sell CD's of the music of the Marrakesh Folklore Festival. The particular CD is: MAROC Festival De Marrakech, PS 65041. "I went to the Marrakech Folk Festival many years ago. I have it on videotape. If there is anything I want to do again in my life is to be able to return to it. I felt like I was living at a different time and place. The smells, the sounds, were magical." --Molly Bode

School for Oriental Dance
Susanne Potempa
Århusgade 108 E, 5
2100 København Ø
phone: (0045) 35 43 73 83
Email: sfod@vip.cybercity.dk
Website: http://users.cybercity.dk/~dko5826/home.htm
Website has both English and Danish language versions. The website contains a calendar, info on workshops and shows, her newsletter, listings of her favorite restaurants, info on where to buy Oriental music in Denmark and more.

Wonderful Music International Mail Order Ltd.
P.O. Box 2621
East Sussex BN2 2DW
phone UK: 01273 625 642
phone interntl: 0044 1273 625 642
WWMO website. Wonderful Music provides World Music by mail order internationally. All the products in their catalog are on the ARC Music label, cd's and cassettes. They have catalog listings for "Arabian Belly Dance", "Greek Tradition", "North African", "Gipsy" and "Turkey" among others. The belly dance category has about a dozen titles (as of July 95) including music by Hossam Ramzy, Mostafa Sax, Emad Sayyah. The Turkey category contains listings for the 2 "Best of Belly Dance from Turkey" cd's/cassettes.

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