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Andre Elbing
Am Grauen Stein 7
D-51105 Cologbe Germany
Phone: +49-221-830 31 75
Fax: +49-221-838843
Mobil: +49-161.720 67 16
email: Orientph@aol.com
Specializing in Oriental Photography on stage and in the studio. Has participated at Rakassah and Amaya's Shake and Bake festival. Also writes for a few relevant magazines. From Andre: "I'm still producing next time an international Magazin for Bellydance and Middle-Eastern dance by Internet! Everytime updated and I'm traveling around the world for making photos from oriental artist during performances, shows, events and show this photos by www. When it's done, [it will be] possible to read the best information brandnew. And I'm looking for some news around the world who want to work with me together, in case of articles and so on. Today I've taken more than 60.000 photos from oriental dancers..." Recommendations:

"[Andre Elbing] is a reputable photogrpaher from Cologne, Germany. He IS publishing [a] 'coffee table' book on dancers. If anyone out there in CyberspaceLand has a particularly wonderful photo of themselves, contact Andre, send a permission-to-print and he just may publish it! By the way, he was at Rakkasah last year and also at my New Mexico, Shake & Bake Festival. (He took the most incredible photos of Nura sharit of the East Coast and also of fellowe friend and Master Teacher, Feyrouz! (Of Belgium, of course!)). He WILL be returning this summer to S&B again (July 30-Aug.3 97) and also will be photgraphing my wedding the day after. Anyway, he IS a legitimate guy, very nice (and very single and sweet)." --Amaya

"Andre is a very sweet, sincere and safe guy. He's truly hooked on the asthetics and beauty of this dance (and dancers). A struggling photographer and extremely popular in Germany and whereever he can attend to. He's also very busy and recently accepted a several times a week position to teach theatrical photography in a Cologne university. He is a bit overwhelmed by the load of work at the moment (his cousin does help out). The book is a real project, I can vouch for that as well as his good intentions. I know him for years and some of my favorite shots are from him. He also did my wedding photos. If I had a daughter, I would let Andre photograph her (without me)...a trustable, likeable guy. BTW, I'll be in the book too." --Feyrouz!

"I also know Andre, having met & spoken with him on several occasions, while teaching & performing in Koln. He is a true Oriental dance fan, an excellent photographer & a truly kind & generous person. He's also taken some pretty decent photos of me (that's high praise from me, since I usually *hate* how I look in `candid` & `grab` shots....) All my experiences with him have been good ones.... so I wholeheartedly second Feyrouz! (of Europe)'s endorsement." --Morocco

Carl Nielsen
Website: http://www.cnphoto.simplenet.com
A professional photographer, he's taken professional photos of belly dancers at the belly dance festival in Salt Lake City, for the past three years.

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