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TV Programs

Arizona USA

In the Phoenix, Arizona USA area Middle Eastern dance related shows air on Public Access, Dimension Cable Channel 22. Note: the shows no longer air in Phoenix city (as of Feb 1996) due to VCAT taking over Public Access stations in Phoenix. The shows still air in the surrounding cities.
The Joy of Belly Dancing
Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm (airtime will change again the week of Dec. 16), hosted by Yasmina. In the fall of '94 they passed their 100th episode milestone, the first episode having aired 3 years earlier. Recent episodes included the Fashion Extravaganza III, guest dancers, and interviews with Alan Bachman and his band Desert Wind and Doug Adams from Light Rain.

Tut's Travels

Florida USA

Hosted by Tamalyn Dallal, airs on Ch. 39 (cable) Miami, Florida from 31 Mar - 30 June 1997; Mondays 7pm, Thursdays 8:30am and Fridays 1:30pm. "...Miami's first television series dedicated solely to the art of Middle Eastern dance." For further info, contact Tamalyn Dallal, Mideastern Dance Exchange, 350 Lincoln Road #505, Miami Beach FL 33139, 305-538-1608, or see their website at http://www.seflin.org/dallal.

Note: "A number of people have asked how they can obtain the video of Dallal's 'Bellydance' show. I asked Dallal about this and she said that the TV Cable Channel is not certain that they will make the video available. If you could send email if you have an interest, Dallal will take this into the station when she meets to discuss the possibility. Knowing Dallal as I do, it is certain to be an interesting an informative series. It would be a shame to have it's availability confined to the Miami, Florida area. If you want to know a bit of Dallal's background check out her web site: (above). Send e-mail to marquit@dcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us I will pass your letters on to Dallal." --Dr. Liz Marquit


Feiruz's Dance Disk
Order from: James Janner
The Janner Media Company
11693 San Vicente Blvd., #112C
Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
phone/fax: 310-434-3324
Web site: Feiruz's Dance Disk(tm)
"The world's first (1991) interactive tutorial. The second volume is now available. "Dance Disk(tm) Volume Two features the full motion video of a 9 minute Egyptian cabaret dance, with cane, choreographed and performed by Feiruz. While viewing the dance you control both the volume of the music and narration by Feiruz--choose just the music, just the narration, or any "mix" of the two. Complete on-screen notation is included; jump instantly to any moment in the choreography, instantly replay a section, stop on any frame." Order from the address above, and take a look at the webpage.

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