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Middle Eastern Dance Videos

Look under Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook for a great annual guide to Middle Eastern dance videos.
Aisha Ali
3270 Kelton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA USA 90034
Now available, her new video Dances of North AFrica, Vol. I which is a compilation of original footage filmed in North Africa by Aisha Ali and Marta Rollo between 1973 and 1982. It's 57 min, and contains over 29 different segments filmed on location in Tunisia and Morocco. "Amazing footage of a variety of authentic folkloric music and dance." (Medance list quote) The video is $50 plus $5 S/H (plus sales tax in CA). She also sells a companion video Dances of Eqypt, and plans to sell the music from "Dances of North Africa" on cd and cassette soon. Dances of Egypt includes Awalem dance, Zar ritual, raks sharki, weddings, cane dance, Banaat Maazin dance (Ghawazee); it is 60 min., VHS is 52 $US, PAL/SECAM is 60 $US, all prices include postage and shipping. Order from ARAF.

Mohamed Ali
University of New Mexico
African American Studies
Mesa Vista Hall, Room 4015
Albuquerque, NM 87131 USA
phone: 505-293-0945
fax: 505-277-0730
email: mohamed@flash.net
Mohamed Ali is a vendor of Egyptian imported items like fringe, scarves, beledi dresses, cabaret costumes, belly dance videos, etc. "I sell dance supplies wholesale and retail from A to Z. I distribute in the USA for one of the best designers in Cairo today. I carry excellent quality, and my prices are very competitive." He also runs tours from New Mexico to Egypt, usually around Dec-Jan.

Artemis Imports
PO Box 68
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
phone: 408-373-6762
fax: 408-373-4113
email: artemis@artemisimports.com
Website: http://www.artemisimports.com/
Vendor of all kinds of belly dance supplies including: Kohl, musk, veils, zills, jewelry, belts, music, videos, patterns, books, etc. Books include all kinds of Middle Eastern related topics: culture, history, language, art and design, literature, poetry, travel, etc. Catalog $3. (From medance list) "There are lots of suppliers out there but I'm sold on Artemis because 1) she personally goes abroad for things and knows what she has, 2) has almost everything, and 3) I've been buying from her for the ten years or so that I've been dancing with no problem, and 4) her prices are extremely reasonable. Recently bought a wonderful guedra fibulae brooch set from her which wasn't in the catalog, but she had it when most people I asked said, you want a what???"

Audrena's International Bazaar
9720 S. Mason Ave.
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 USA
Web site: http://aleena.com/audrena
"Audrena is the authorized vendor for many Oriental dance videos, cd's, cassettes, and other items. She offers fast, reliable service." Mail order catalog available.

1612 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
phone: 415-386-3527
email: barakasf@sirius.com
Website: http://www.barakasf.com
"Nationally recognized instructor, performer and author. Classes at all levels in San Francisco and greater SF Bay Area. Workshops and seminars throughout the US, now booking for 1997. Video Privates, coaching and teacher training courses. Video 'The Best of Bąraka' (so far) available mail order - reviewed in Habibi magazine Vol. 15 #2", as well as 'The Dancer's Toolkit'.

Bastet Productions
P.O. Box 77029
Tucson, AZ 85703
Web site: http://www.azstarnet.com/~anubis/danchome.htm
They sell 3 videotapes featuring Kathryn Ferguson, one instructional and two performance videos:
  • Mideastern Dance: An Introduction to Belly Dance - The instructional video includes warm-ups, basic movements, rhythmns, displays a variety of costumes, and is over 2 hours in length. Available in VHS, Beta, or PAL for $39.95.
  • Dances From the Casbah - $19.95.
  • Kathryn Dances - the newest video is $29.95.
Prices above don't include shipping costs, so add $3.00 to ship within the USA, $6 to Europe, $8 to the Pacific Rim and $9 everywhere else. Information about Bastet's dealers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe is available via email anubis@www.azstarnet.com. Note that the web site is best viewed with Netscape 2.

1940 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA
Cassandra Live! Vol. I is 90 min, on VHS or Beta for $50 plus $2.50 S/H; Egyptian Moves is 30 min, on VHS or Beta for $30 plus $2.50 S/H. Order from Cassandra above.

Eva Cernik
419 S. Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80209 USA
You can order from her the following titles: Dance Imaging, Eva as Dancer Vol I, II, III, Turkish Belly Dance Vol. I, More Turkish Belly Dance Vol II. The Eva as Dancer tapes show excerpts from her career: Vol I - (1980-88) includes classical Oriental dance, Egyptian and Turkish cabaret; Ghawazi; Eastern European gypsy dances; sword, fire and snake dances; Vol II - (1989-91) dancing in Egypt, veil dances, Arabian Gulf dance; Turkish cabaret; Karshilama; whirling dervish; and Ghawazi cane; Vol III - (1991-94) Turkish Oryantal dance; theatrical pieces, serpents, swords and fire. The Turkish Belly Dance tapes show Turkish belly dancing on location.

All videos are 120 min and $45 including S/H; the Eva as Dancer tapes are also advertised in a variety of formats. You get a price break if you buy more than one tape.

Chandra's Dance Extravaganza
6706 NW 18th Place
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
For orders call: 1-800-790-2102
email: chandra@chandras.com
Website: http://www.chandras.com
Chandra sells music (tapes), videos, costumes, zills and accessories for Mid-East dance. There's a catalog ($2, refundable with order) and a bi-monthly newsletter ($7 per year for 6 issues) which contains reviews, consignment costumes for sale, calendar of events, etc. Several folks on the med-dance list highly recommend her.

She has an instructional video series; all tapes are $38.50 postpaid within the USA, $40 to Canada, $48 elsewhere. PAL and other formats are available at the same price. Titles include: Basic Sword 100 min, Bra and Belt Construction Class II 120 min, Costuming-Beading and Design 120 min, Costuming-Design Considerations For Advanced Costumers 120 min, Costuming-Skirts and Accessories 120 min, Fan Techniques for Oriental Dance/Multiple Veil Vol I. is 63 min and Vol II is 85 min, Veil Technique 120 min, Zar and Floorwork Class 120 min.

PO Box 1973
Newport News, VA 23601 USA
She sells the No-Frills Video Series By Chelydra. Tapes are 90--120 min each; $25 each including shipping. Order from Chelydra above. Tape titles include: 1 - Beledi with Interpretive Zills, 2 - Introduction to the Veil, 3 - Gypsy Tambourine, 4 - (Almost) Shimmyless Drum Solo #1.

Horacio Cifuentes/Beata Zadou
You can order Horacio Cifuentes Oriental Dance Techniques Vol.I, II, III - The Elements of Dance and Horacio Cifuentes/Beata Zadou Oriental Fantasy Series from Audrena's International Bazaar, listed above. Elements of Dance Vol. I is 70 min, Vol. II 70 min and Vol. III 60 min.

Crafty Lady Boutique
1131 East Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776
phone: 818-285-0092
Pink Gypsy Website: http://www.craftylady.com/gypsy.htm
Learn to belly dance at the Crafty Lady Boutique. Classes meet every Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm; the teacher is Catharae. They offer a free introductory class to those new to belly dance. They also sell belly dancing supplies including videos, zills, fringed hip belts and more. Videos: Belly Dance: Fine Art of the East by Marta Schill, Dance of the Serpent by Mesmera. For more info and some pictures, see their website.

Dahlal Internationale
7537 Parkdale Ave. Suite 2
St. Louis, MO 63105 USA
1-800-745-6432 or 314-721-1949
A purveyor of all kinds of belly dancing goods; they also sell the following videos. Suhaila Salimpour: Beginner Choreography, Intermediate Choreography, Advanced Choreography - instructional with demo performances, each tape is 60 min and $29.95 plus $3 S/H; Suhaila Salimpour: 1991 BC - cabaret performances, 45 min and $34.95 plus $3 S/H; Suhaila Salimpour: Dances for the Sultan - performances taped in a studio setting, 35 min and $34.95 plus $3 S/H; and Wind, Sand Und Sterne Show - Oriental dance show taped live in Munich, Germany, 90 min and $45 plus $3 S/H.

Order from: Turquoise International
22830 Califa St.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 USA
phone: 1-800-548-9422 or 818-999 5542
fax: 818-999-3414
Instructional video with Dahlena, entitled Dahlena: Video Class, Vol I; 105 min, $45.

Suzanna Del Vecchio
P.O. Box 61383
Denver, CO 80206
Instructional Videos
Precision Motion Workout is highly recommended by many dancers. 90 min; VHS $45 plus $3 S/H, PAL $60 including postage. Suggested for intermediate through professional level dancers.

Dynamic Combinations - a sequel to Precision Motion Workout, new in 1996. Same layout as above: breakdown of individual steps, then a continous 30 min workout to music. 60 min; VHS $40 plus $3 S/H. For intermediate through professional level dancers.

Performance Videos
Dances From the Heart, Vol. I and Vol. II. Vol. I is 30 min; VHS $34.95 plus $3 S/H, PAL 50 $US including postage. Vol. II came out recently, but I don't have prices for it yet.

Discounts if you buy more than one video: for ordering 2 or more videos S/H is $6. Both her instructional videos and Dances From the Heart II are highly recommended by many; see Video Recommendations for comments.

Visionary Dance Productions
P.O. Box 30797
Seattle WA 98103 USA
Website: http://www.jetcity.com/~visdance/
"Delilah is an internationally recognized performer and instructor of bellydance. She is a partner in Visionary Dance Productions which has produced her series of instructional and performance video tapes. Delilah holds an annual bellydance retreat in Maui, where all aspects of bellydancing, including dancing in nature, are studied and experienced." Her videos have been recommended on the Medance list and by others. All videos available in VHS, Beta, or PAL format; all have stereo Hi-fi sound. WA residents add 8.2% sales tax; $3.50 per video, $7 maximum, for S/H.

Instructional Videos: Delilah's Bellydance Workshop
Vol. I - 90 min - Warm-up ritual, slow hips and torso, arms and hands, zills and rhythmns. Vol II - 80 min - Fast hips, baladi, masmoudi, 6/8, Karshilama, veil. Vol III - 90 min - Undulations, belly rolls, coin tricks, floorwork made easy, advanced floorwork, Turkish Drop. $49.95 each, $89.95 for any 2; $134.95 for all three tapes.
Performance Videos
Dance Delilah, Dance! - 30 min - 7 performances, excerpted from the instructional video series (above); $29.95. Dance to the Great Mother - 40 min - Delilah portrays Isis, the Great Mother via bellydance "...she celebrates the feminine creative principle. Delilah's dance portrays the joy and mystery of the arrival of new life through the female body", created when Delilah was in the last trimester of pregnancy; $39.95. Delilah and Sirocco, Live and Wild! - 80 min - recommended in Habibi magazine, 7 live performances filmed on Maui $39.95. The Spirit of Oriental Dance - 135 min - Delilah and others in a concert performance; Delilah in 2 choreographies plus performances by some of Germany's bellydancers; $39.95.
Other videos
Delilah's Costume Workshop (2 videotapes, 180 min total, plus booklet) - not a how-to-sew video, it is instructional and informative regarding designing and putting together costuming and also includes performances, head wraps, makeup, veil wraps, history of the veil discussed by Laurel Gray, etc.; $89.95. Goddess Grace: A moving meditation - 120 min- produced by Mariel and friends (not involoving Delilah directly); a "moving meditation" that incorporates yoga, bellydance, other dance, tai chi, etc. inspired by goddess archetypes; $29.95.

Ibrahim Farrah - Videos From Bobby
One Sherman Square, Suite 22F
New York, NY 10023 USA
2 videos available: Rare Glimpses: Dances From the Middle East Vol I - "a video documentary with original dance material and narration by Ibrahim Farrah including Fatima, the guedra, Bedouin gypsies and Nadia Gamal. 1 hr."; and Nadia Gamal Dance Workshop: Dances From the Middle East, Special Edition - 90 min video filmed during Ms. Gamal's NYC seminar engagement, June 1991. Available in VHS and PAL; the following prices include S/H: $50 USA, $55 Canada, $60 Europe and Near East (PAL), $65 Australia, Japan, Far East (PAL). Make checks out to Ibrahim Farrah and send to the above address.

P.O. Box 460594
San Francisco, CA 94146 USA
Web site: FatChanceBellyDance Homepage
"FatChanceBellyDance is a celebration of the female spirit. Based in San Francisco, this troupe sees Tribal Style Belly dance with a modern eye. Under the direction off Carolena Nericcio, FatChanceBellyDance has established itself nationwide with innovative workshops and performances. Send SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) for the FatChanceBellyDance mail order catalog featuring music, videos, books, costumes, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories." Their videos: The Tribal Basics Instructional Series 1,2, and 3; and "Tatooed One" and "Live!", performance videos. (From medance list) About the "Live!" video, "it has tons of them dancing at various venues--including some neat club "2001 Arabian Nights" (I think) and at Candlestick Park during the 49er playoffs...cost is $35 plus S/H, length is 140 minutes."

Kathryn Ferguson
See Bastet Productions

Gypsy Caravan
Order from: Paulette Rees-Denis
4805 NE Campaign
Portland, OR 97218 USA
Web site:
Gypsy Caravan Vol I is available; 60 min, $20 plus $3.50 S/H. "Professionally taped troupe perfromance with live music."

Suraya Hilal and Company Videos
Website: http://www.hooked.net/~budnspud/donna/videos.html
Video descriptions, ordering information.

Tanya Liptak
PO Box 55051
Phoenix, AZ 85078-5051 USA
phone: 602-404-8978
Tanya Liptak has taught and lectured on bellydance for 8 years. She has performed belly dance for 9 years and produced/hosted the TV series "Internatinal Fantasy" for 5 years. She has two videos available: Middle Eastern Fantasy: Vol. 1 - Beginning Veil and Costuming, 55 min.; Vol. 2 - Beginning Floorwork and Jezebel in Performance, 43 Min. $32 each or both for $60.

Mohammed Khordadian
Los Angeles, CA, USA
He and his troupe "Sabah" have a few videos out which you can order from Khordadian at the phone # above. Khordadian, a persian dancer, left Iran after Khomeini took power and artists like himself were being denounced. He eventually settled in Los Angeles and now runs the troupe "Sabah" which performs nationwide. Of their videos available, one was recently reviewed in the July/Aug 95 Shimmy Chronicles journal and described as "a high quality, well directed and edited video". That (untitled in the review) video includes: a solo by Ixchel Maeker called "Larsan", a solo by Khordadian and Jean Bridges, a Persian Miniature, a ballet "1001 Arabian Nights", "Bandari", plus a few songs and a drum solo done with a live Persian band.

Kismet Dancers of Miami
Kahreen & Kira Productions
1089 NE 104 St.
Miami Shores, FL 33138 USA
phone: 305-754-0258
The Kismet Dancers performances are geared for all forms of family entertainment, the youngest member of an audience having been two years old - the oldest, ninety-five years old. Kira and Kahreen are strongly accepted by nursing homes and condominiums, and have been asked to perform by many of the facilities in the area. ...Kahreen and Kira are strongly respected as dancers for all people. They are booked annually by many groups therefore having a large repetoire of shows. When the troupe, up to seven people are booked, each dancer is a professional dancer, not students.

Videos of past performances with visiting stars:

  • Miami 1996 Gala Show starring Mesmera - also with Dahlal (MO), Kismet Dancers of Miami, Taja and Reno as MC/Singer.
  • Miami 1995 Gala Show starring Yousry Sharif and Jasmin Jahal - 40 performers including Kismet, Mid Eastern Dance Exchange, Samirah, Maya, Armana, and more, plus vocals by Reno. 130 min.
  • Miami 1994 Gala Show starring Suzanna Del Vecchio - Kismet Dancers, MElanie LaJoie, Salomeh, Lamis, Jihan Jamal, and more. 130 min.
  • Miami 1993 Gala Show starring Jajouka (NY)
  • Miami 1992 Gala Show starring Suzanna Del Vecchio
  • Miami 1991 Gala Show starring Yousry Sharif (NY)

Kismet Dancers can also be viewed in the Festival of the Nile video series available through Audrena's International Bazaar (above, this page). Videos:

  • Festival on the Nile II - features Aegela; has duet by Kahreen and Kira
  • Festival on the Nile IV - features Suzanna del Vecchio; Kismet Dancer performance
  • Festival on the Nile VIII - features Dalia Carella and Desert Wind (musicians); Kismet Dancer performance
  • Festival on the Nile IX - features Kamaal; dance by Kira
  • Festival on the Nile X - features Dalia Carella; Kahreen and Helena perform.

These Miami Shows produced by Kahreen & Kira have been noted as "The most Dazzling Belly Dance Shows in South Florida". VHS videos: order any two production videos for $80.00; single videos $40.00 plus $3 S/H. Order from Kahreen and Kira Productions, address etc. above.

Lark In The Morning
PO Box 1176 Mendocino, CA 95460 USA
LarkInfo 707-964-3762; Mail-Order 707-964-5569
Fax: 707-964-1979, Retail Showroom: 707-937-LARK
Internet email: larkinam@mhs.mendocino.k12.ca.us (or larkinam@mcn.org)
They're a purveyor of World Musical instruments, books, recordings and videos. "Lark In The Morning is a musician's service founded in 1974 that specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials." You can check out their Lark in the Morning Homepage to see the many things they have to offer (including online articles concerning middle eastern instruments/music).

You can also go directly to their Lark In The Morning - Video Section. Sub-categories include "Drumming" - Dumbek video, "Dance" - Kathryn Ferguson's Intro to Belly Dance, Radif-e Raqs Videos of Persian Classical Dance and Central Asian and Iranian Classical Dance, "Flamenco videos", "Indian and Pakistani videos", "Entertainment videos - Middle East", etc.

Latcho Drom
Yves Moreau, distributor of video
Montreal, Canada
phone: 514-659-9271
fax: 514-659-9377
"Latcho Drom" ("Safe Journey") is a movie/documentary for which the director followed various groups of Gypsies around, showing their homes/travels, music and dance. The movie covers groups in/near India, Egypt, Turkey, Eastern Europe (Hungary, among others), France, Spain. Yves Moreau has the rights to distribut the video and a book on the making of the movie (the book has sold out, last heard).

Video: VHS Format, French subtitles and written English translation of subtitles.

US (in US $) - $21.95 plus $5 S/H per video
Canada (in CAN $) - $24.95 plus $4 S/H per video

Mail Checks:
US: payable to Yves Moreau, PO Box 158, Saint-Lambert, Quebec, CANADA J4P 3N8

Canada: payable to Bourque-Moreau Assoc., P.O. Box 158, Saint-Lambert, Quebec, J4P 3N8

Learning Middle Eastern Percussion
Web site
The Video sectioncontains a few middle eastern drumming videos plus links to their manufacturers' addresses. The Belly Dance Video section contains 2 videos (as of 4 June 1995); one by Atea, the other by Alicia Dhanifu, plus their manufacturers' addresses.

A Little For My Heart and a Little For My God - A Muslim Women's Orchestra
Lindberg and Landoff Film, producers
Filmakers Library, Inc.
124 E. 40th St., Suite 901
New York, NY 10016 USA
phone: 212-808-4980
fax: 212-808-4983
This movie was recently found listed in the Filmakers Library 1996 edition; you can order it from them at the above address. Awards and honors this film has won: American Anthropological Association (1994), Middle East Studies Association (1994), and Margaret Mead Film Festival (1994). 60 minute video; *sale - $395*; rental - $75; French and Arabic with subtitles; $10 shipping and handling charge (other stipulations may apply, check with Filmakers Library).

Order From: Red Magic Productaions
P.O. Box 291014
Los Angeles, CA 90029
You can order Afrika: Mother of Dance - Part 1: The Veils of Kilimanjaro, 83 min, $40; and Dance of the Serpent, 65 min, $35; or both for $65 plus $3 shipping for all orders. Afrika "is an exciting docudrama featureing tribes, dancing, drumming, animals, camel trekking and her extraordinary performances" (excerpt her flyer). Serpent is "a refreshingly original approach to enjoying and learning belly dance. A clear and articulate teaching format compacts a wide range of techniques for hips, upper body and armwork, hands, zills, layering, combinations and more. The snakedancer shares her secrets and offers an electrifying performance" (excerpted her flyer).

Mideastern Dance Exchange
350 Lincoln Rd.
Studio 505
Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA
phone: 305-538-1608
In 1995, Tamalyn Dallal, Mideastern Dance Exchange's director and Choreographer won both the Ms. America/Ms. World titles (a first!) in San Francisco's International Bellydance Festival. She has a teaching video for those who want to practice at home but do not know where to start. "Picture Yourself Bellydancing" is an excellent way to learn and remember. $40.00.

Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook
International Dance Discovery
108 1/2 E. Kirkwood Ave. #5
Bloomington, IN 47401 USA
email: 73261.1065@compuserve.com
Web site: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/IDD
The province of Donna Carlton, who also wrote "Looking For Little Egypt" (see Books section). The video sourcebook is compiled annually in April and contains info on over 170 currently available dance videos including how to get them, plus several photos and ads (24+ pages). There's a sourcebook for Middle Eastern dance videos, and one for Folk/Ethnic dance videos (international including flamenco, polynesian). Middle Eastern: $2.95 USA/Canada, $3.95 elsewhere, for a single copy; $6 USA/Canada, $12 elsewhere, for a 3 yr subscription. Folk/Ethnic: $4.95 US for a single copy; $12 US for a 3 yr subscription (I don't have foreign price rates for this.) International Dance Discovery also puts out a free mail-order catalog of books, music, cymbals, etc; available via email or USmail.

320 W. 15th St.
New York, NY 10011 USA
Order from Morocco, she sells the following titles: National Folk Troupe of Egypt: Firqua Kawmiyya; Folk Forms: Dances of the Ghawazi, Dervish, Egypt, Nubia, Sudan and Reda Troupe; The Marrakesh Folk Festival and More; Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience; Stars of Egyptian Dance: Nadia Hamdy, Hanan, Nahed Sabry and Eman Wagdy; and Stars of Egyptian Dance: Negwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki and Aza Sharif.

Mystic Fire Video
Website: http://www.mysticfire.com
"They publish a title called 'Secret Egypt' which chronicles dancing, trance and social customs in Egypt. You see everything from people dancing in the street, trance, snake charmers, sword dancing, bedouin wedding, dancing horse and belly dancers at a 'modern' Egyptian wedding. Wild and impressionistic, but full of suggestions." --Nancy Wasserman

New York Public Library
Performing Arts Research Center
40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023 USA
You can't buy videos/film (as far as I know), but you can look at their collection. They are reputed to have the film footage of Fatima (from the late 1800's/early 1900's?). (From medance list) "The curator of the Dance Collection is Madeleine Nichols. Her phone number is (212) 870-1657. This information is from the American Library Directory 1995-96 edition. In addition to its Ethnic, Folk and Regional Dance Collection, the Performing Arts Research Center also has the Ruth Dennis Collection, the Ted Shawn Collection, the Denishawn Collection, the Ballet Russe Collection, and the Loie Fuller Collection. I feel that this is most likely the library that Ibrahim Farrah and Wendy Buonoventura got their materials from."

Pars Video
18740 Oxnard St. #303
Tarzana, CA 91356 USA
818-881-9881 or 818-881-4881
(From medance list) They sell Persian videos including one recommended for having various kinds of persian dance. "They mostly speak Persian so getting catalog info is difficult. Ask for tape #151 Iranian anniversary celebration; it was made during the reign of the Shah. Quality is not great, but the content is priceless. Features many performances by Mohammed Khordadian. The really great thing about these videos, aside from (low) price, is that they give you an idea how to do Persian style pieces adapted for belly dancers. Ask also about their Iranian Anniversary video." "They have no catalog that I've been able to get." "Mohammed Khordadian Sr. did some wonderful Persian Folkloric recordings in the 60's...Mohammed Khordadian the younger just doesn't have it...so the tape with Sabra Dance Troupe is pretty good, and has some interesting stuff on it...and some wonderfully manly stuff that looks like Azerbajani men's dance." Videos are $20 each; 2 videos cost $47 with S/H. They have 3 instructional videos and 2 performance videos (1 Persian, 1 Arabic). They take checks or money orders, no credit cards.

Phaedra Ameerah Productions
PO Box 473443
Aurora, CO 80047 USA
phone: 303-343-7616
fax: 303-363-6326
Website: http://www.indra.com/phaedra
Instructor, performer, choreographer. Artistic director Jawahare Al Layl, producer of "Moon Over Denver" workshops and videos. Website includes biographical info as well as information about products sold by Phaedra Ameerah Productions which include over 50 tapes and CD's (music written for Phaedra, music for Burcin Orhon, Sufi music and Arabic music); 3 performance videos; and more.

PO Box 4136
Burbank, CA 91503 USA
Raja sells the following: The Belly Dancer and The Belly Dancer Vol II - performances by various artists including Suzanna Del Vecchio and Sahra, 30 min and $23 postpaid each; The Best of Dances; Dance Illusion - various artists including Delilah, music by Raja; Raja: Live Drum Solos - collected performances, 45 min and $23 postpaid; and Suhaila Salimpour: Stretch and Tone for the Belly Dancer - 30 min and $23 postpaid.

Shareen El Safy
PO Box 90936
Santa Barbara, CA 93190 USA
She sells Shareen El Safy: Technique II, III - "video instruction in latest Egyptian movement". Both videos are 120 min, $53.50 postpaid, each. They are available in all formats--NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc., for an additional 25 $US international money order only.

Suhaila Salimpour
See her website directly for ordering information and possible sales. Other vendors, like Dahlal, also sell her videos. Available videos include Suhaila Unveiled, "her performance is excellent and her drum solos are unbelievable", and Live, with the Suhaila Dance Company.

Veda Sereem
20130 Larkspur Ct.
Germantown, MD 20874 USA
She sells a 20 volume Quality of Belly Dancing video series including beginning, intermediate, and advanced, floor work, basket, Moroccan, veil, tambourine, sword, cane, kahlimars, Tunisian, and performances. Each video is approximately 2 hours long. VHS format $40 including postage; order 2 videos get or delivery.

939 8th Avenue, #403
New York, NY USA
phone: 212-247-1051 or 212-245-9603
Serena has (last heard) four videos: Serena Techniques, Vols. 1-4. Contact her for further info.

Shamani Enterprises
862 Pangola Dr.
N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903 USA
(From medance list) They sell the Gawazee Workshop by Nelli, (c) 1990 Bellydancing by Bedia, video recommended on the medance list. "If anyone is interested in this dance form, I would recommend this video, as it teaches not only the dance steps and movements, but also goes into much detail on the music, accessories, makeup, hair, and making the costumes...I'm not sure where it can be found..."

Soraya's Middle Eastern Dance and Music Productions
PO Box 3284
Margate City, NJ 08402 USA
Email: SorayaEnt@aol.com
Hello! Keifak!! I am an INTERNTIONALLY RENOWN belly dancer/musical contractor/booking agent/entreprenuer in the field of Arabic dance, heritage, history and culture. I am also an Anthropologist/Sociologist with an emphasis in Middle Eastern studies. I perform all over the US and recently had the HONOR and the great privelege of being invited to CASABLANCA, MOROCCO to dance for the royal family and the wonderful KING HASSAN!!! I also own an entertianment agency that provides most casinos and other TOP VENUES with an ECLECTIC ARRAY OF fabulous ethnic talent from belly dancers to authentic EGYPTIAN ORCHESTRAS. I am always looking for new talent for ARABIC THEME PARTIES, PROFESSIONAL TROUPE WORK, etc. All interested performers, dancers to muscians, from CABERET TO FOLKLORIC, should send "press kits" and video resumes to my AGENCY.

Also, fabulous performance video available featuring a powerful orchestra, digital stereo surround sound, 7 camera angles, taped live in front of an audience of 2,500 entitled,"SORAYA, LIVE AT THE TROPICANA CASINO SHOWROOM", as seen on Arabic T.V. Price is $25 plus $4 s/h.

Stars of Egypt
Ramzy Music International Ltd.
Hossam Ramzy and Aischa, producers
mail order only, see below for addresses
This is a video series (copyright 1994) consisting of 4 volumes in 7 parts (7 tapes), over 8 hours long total. They are dance videos--a compilation of black and white dance clips taken from the "Golden Era of Egyptian cinema", the 1930's-1960's, featuring Egypt's most famous dancers, e.g. Naima Akef, Samya Gamal, Taheyya Karioka, and various other great dancers (Nagwa Fouad, Sohair Zaky, etc.). To find further detail on content, pricing, and mail-order addresses, look at the California distributor's page, JJ's Stars of Egypt page.

Hilary Thacker's Bazaar
8 Bellevue Terrance
Edinburgh EH74DT, UK
Phone: 0131 5567976
Email: jds@cocoon.co.uk
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Hilary's Bazaar stocks a full line of bellydance needs, including videos. Her own instructional videos, beginners and intermediates, cost £14.95 each. Postage is £1.41 per video in Europe, 90p in UK, £2.88 in Australia & £8.47 in USA (includes conversion to American format.) Also stocks Egyptian and Turkish videos; see catalogue for details. Full colour catalogues can be obtained by sending cheque or postal order for 2.50 pounds to Hilary Thacker at the contact address above.

Uncle Mafufo
P.O. Box 24
Capitola, CA 95062 USA
fax: 408-475-3591
Uncle Mafufo, who plays with Sirocco, has audio drum instruction tapes and a video teaching traditional rhythmns and playing techniques. "Easy to follow", "very good".

Universal Imports
12039 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.
Blue Hills Shopping Center
Saratoga, CA 95070 USA
(Hard to find, call for directions, open Tues-Sat.) Beads, fabric, zils, bra cups, fringe, music, a few ready-made bras and belts, etc. There are usually a few flyers from local teachers, restaurants and events lying around, too. (From medance list) "...well worth a trip. Bolts upon bolts of chiffons, lame's, silks, sequins, brocades, metallic knits. Beads, fringe, appliques, trims, pailettes. Swords, canes and tambourines. Patterns! Caftans and coverups. Some already-made skirts, veils, harem pants, bra/belt sets. Some music and videos. Some jewelry. All in a very small store. All very reasonably priced."

University of Rochester
Rochester NY 14627 USA
(From medance list) "There are films of Ruth St. Denis available for sale from the Dance Film Archive at the U of Rochester...they rent cheaply, and sell for about $100 to $300. The brochure I have is from '85 so I assume the collection is still there."

Egyptian Musicals and Movies on Video

Courtesy of Stephania, who posted this video list to the medance mailinglist, January 1995.

"...I totally love Egyptian musicals and melodramas. Check 'em out, if you haven't so far... The local Middle East importer in San Francisco, CA does get some videos with subtitles. Also, my teacher Amina has movie videos that she's aquired over the years, some of which have subtitles. She has regular video parties that sometimes feature these videos. Here are capsule reviews of the subtitled videos that I remember seeing. Dates are approximate." --Stephania

Afrita Hanim
The Lady Genie. A MUST, if you can find it. The stars are Farid al Atrache as the singer who's a failure at love and Samia Gamal, as the lady genie who tries to patch up his love life. I swear, the makers of 'I Dream of Jeannie' must have seen this 1940s musical. It has two classic Farid songs, though not enough of Samia's dancing, to which I am admittedly partial. (1940s)

Hekayat Hob
Musical. I don't know the English translation ["Hekayat Hob" translates to "A Love Story"]. It stars Abdel Halim Hafez in an ill-fated romance. This, too, is a romantic soap opera with a 'thrilling' ending that I won't divulge. Lots of long Abdel Halim musicals. (1950s)

Khalli Ballik min ZouZou
Watch out for ZouZou. CLASSIC and politically very important. I would choose ZouZou as the Egyptian musical to start with for those two reasons. It also will probably be the easiest to find. ZouZou is the top college student with a terrible secret. She comes from a family of traditional entertainers and is putting herself through college by performing as, you guessed it, a belly dancer. See it; you'll love it and you'll recognize some of the music, too. (1976, I think)

Love in Karnak
Musical, starring the Reda Troupe back in the early '60's. It stars Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy and is as silly and melodramatic as they come. The folkloric sequences smack of the Russian ballet, naturally, but they're still enjoyable. (1960s)

Moulid e Dunia
Musical in which the local juvenil delinquents get reformed and put on a show. It's memorable for the opening scene of a Moulid. Otherwise, it's just silly. (1980s?)

My Father Up a Tree
Musical. This one also stars Abdel Halim. It's a delightful comedy where Abdel Halim and his father vye for the attentions of that bad ol' belly daner. Check it out. (1950s)

Starring Um Kalsoum, also has a silly story with 'Um' playing the part of a servant girl in a Medieval Court. It's worth it for the singing. (Late 1930's, early 1940's)

Tamar Henna
Musical, starring Naima Akef. CLASSIC. If you see belly dancers or have studied dance for at least a year, then you'll recognize the title song. Naima's dance to this is fabulous. She plays the gypsy girl Tamerhenna who somehow makes her way to high society, and I won't divulge the rest. The copy I saw had French subtitles, which are difficult for someone whose other language is 3rd year college Spanish. But I understand there are copies with English subtitles.

The White Rose
An early 1930's musical starring Mohammed Abdel Wehab, when he was young and had a great voice. Now this movie, in my humble opinion, is the ultimate Egyptian soap opera. Poor boy desires rich girl but family intervenes. Abdel-Wehab gets to do at least three extensive musical numbers, which are worth watching for the exposure to Egyptian music of this era. The couple kisses on the screen, which was very controversial for its time. (early 1930s)

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