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Mediterranean Dance Mailinglist
The list is for discussions of dance from countries bordering the Mediterranean; the bulk of the list discusses belly dance. You can join the list by sending email to:
  • majordomo@world.std.com with "subscribe med-dance" (without the quotes) in the body of the message for the reflector version, or
  • owner-med-dance@world.std.com with "subscribe med-dance-digest" (without the quotes) in the body for the digest version.

Eileen Bauer's Middle Eastern Dance Archive
Digests of posts and other info from the med-dance mailing list are archived here. Instructions for searching the large number of digests using key words can be found here.

Middle Eastern Music mailinglist;
Archives for this music-related mailinglist. To join the mailinglist contact: middle-eastern-music-request@nic.funet.fi (Juhana Kouhia).

Rec.Music.Arabic Website

Other General Sites

  • Belly Dance Home Page (Oriental Dance) - Stefan's central bellydance site with links to many other sites. It includes, among other things, a list of email contacts around the world, and a collection of educational/instructional articles on the dance.
  • Shira's Middle Eastern Dance Site - general site includes info about bellydance and its history, advice and tips, glossary of terms, Middle Eastern culture, lyrics to music and more.
  • Gypsy Lore Society - info about everything Gypsy including politics, history, Romani Rights website...
  • History of Ancient Egypt; includes an article on the status of women in Ancient Egypt.
  • As-Sayf's Links to the Orient; Middle Eastern maps and country pages.
  • Al-Mashriq - a huge source of info on the Levant in general and Lebanon in paticular including bios, etc. of musicians/singers.
  • The Threshold Society - the authorized representative for the Mevlevi Sufi tradition in North America. Info on Sufism, Rumi, Whirling Dervish tour schedule, and more.

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