Baba Tahir Oryan

From The Quatrains of Baba Tahir Oryan of Hamadan (Persian Mystic), courtesy of Me'ira:
I am that ocean now in foam and tide;
I am that sun, but now in rays abide.
I move and burn, and then reverse my course;
I shine and glow and then grow low and hide.

I am that sea now gathered in a tear.
I am that universe now centered here.
I am that book of destiny which seems
To form a lonely dot of hope and fear.

I am a rose that grows on hills of love
I am a soul that learns the drills of love.
I am a heart in agony and joy.
From fire and chills and woes and thrills of love.

What if a sword should rob me of my sight,
What if a wind? should send my soul to flight,
What if a nail were driven through my hands,
I still would feel thy presence and thy light.

If I am trapped in flesh and lust - I'm thine
And though I doubt your ways, or trust - I'm thine.
Whether to Christ I cling or Mazda's Wing*
Behind these veils of dreams and dust - I'm thine.

Whether I cling, whether I part- you know.
Whether I break or keep my heart - you know.
Whether I crown my head or drown my eyes,
You know my goal from end to start - you know.

I find my ill in you, my cure in you.
I part from you and then endure in you.
If knives would cut my tissues each from each,
My naked soul is e'er secure in you.

*Mazda's wing - Ahuramazda, Persian deity.

Last Modified: 15 Jun 1997
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