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These entries may also be listed in the full regional and alphabetical Dancer Directories; I just thought I'd cross-list the men separately as well since there's a certain amount of interest in male Middle Eastern dancers. Though less common than their female counterparts, they do exist and in greater numbers than my list below shows. If you've any additions or can remind me of someone I know but failed to list here, please let me know. Also, troupes may contain male dancers as well as females, but if I don't know that for sure, I won't list them below. Email: kimberly@lpl.arizona.edu.

You can read some discussion of male Middle Eastern dancers here.

Salt Lake City, UT USA
Teaches seminars, workshops.

Charlotte, NC USA
Website: http://whill.home.mindspring.com
Very good looking website, in both frames and simpler (non-graphics) versions. Includes ME dance links that are "off the beaten track" as well as other better-known links.

Bert Balladine
Well known instructor and performer for many years; often performs with Amaya in duets. Is appearing at the 1998 Rakkasah festival in California.

Horacio and Beata Cifuentes
Studio for Oriental Dance
Karlsruher Str. 19
10711 Berlin-Halensee, Germany
phone: 030-893-5566
fax: 030-893-5567
Husband and wife team of Middle Eastern performers and instructors. As of March 1995, they had over 200 regular students and offered about 25 dance classes a week, of all levels. They also sponsor workshops by instructors from the US and Egypt such as Raqia Hassan, Hoda Ibrahim, Mahmoud Reda, Shareen El Safy, Bert Balladine and Amaya. (Excerpted Shimmy Chronicles.)

John Compton and Habi Ru
220 Esmeralda Ave.
San Francisco, CA USA 94110
Tribal style ME dance. Flyer advertises RenFaire videos for 1993 and 1994 available at $20 each plus $2.50 S/H. ..."John Compton does a great version of tray [dancing]; I've only seen him on video..." --Shakira

c/o Stefan Landvogt
Handjerystr. 72
12159 Berlin, Germany
phone: 00141 30 851 23 39
"Would you like to be carried away... by an oriental artist? This time by a man? For this reason Iīd like to present you the Turkish artist Eserzade. He lives in Istanbul and Berlin and his performances are quite extraordinary. Yet above all he is popular in Turkey and Germany, he had many appearances on TV and at festivals and likes to spread his kind of oriental dance-style into other countries. The artist Eserzade offers various entertainment programs. You can choose between Artistic belly-dancing, Show belly-dancing, Sworddance, Chandelier dance, Dance theatre performances, stories from '1001 Nights', and Choreographies which combine Yoga- and oriental dance elements. If you īd like to know more about the artist and his dance style I would be happy to send you a video that shows some convincing cuts of his programs." --Stefan Landvogt

Ibrahim Farrah
One Sherman Square
Suite 22F
NYC, NY 10023 USA
phone/fax: 212-595-1677
Famed ME dance performer and instructor for many years. Publishes the bi-monthly ME dance journal Arabesque.


Unfortunately, he died several years ago however there may be video of his performances: "And the best I ever saw [of Tray Dancing] live was from Sergio; I think Rocky [Morocco] has video of him doing this. Superb!" --Shakira

Tarik Abd El Malik
Morocco and the Casbah Experience
320 W. 15th St.
New York, NY 10011 USA
phone: 212-727-8326
fax: 212-463-7116
Tarik is dance partner and proteg´e of Morocco, herself a well known instructor, performer and workshop teacher. Tarik and his dancing were recently (1997) featured in a New York Times article. He and Morocco have performed and taught in numerous settings including the 1997 Rakkasah festival. "...anyhow, Tarik Abd El Malik, Rocky's protege, and a good seminar instructor in his own right, does a great [tray dance]." --Shakira

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