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Israeli/Hebrew/Jewish Music

"Ooh, tough question [suggetions for Jewish bd music]. I've been working on this for the past year... Trouble with most "Mizrachi", i.e. Jewish oriental, is that most of it is difficult to belly dance to. They like 'Greek sounding' stuff a lot...but I've never been good with that kind of music. Basically, they don't consider belly dance 'Jewish' so far as I can tell, therefore 'authentic' Jewish belly dance music is mostly non-existent. There's kind of a typical 'Jewish pop' sound which is very pretty and kinda light and totally lacking ethnic rhythms. ..which is mostly what you'll find." Me'ira
Black Beats by Natural Gathering (Habriera Hatalik?)
"You can't go wrong with [this]. It's the best one for belly dance, though all their stuff is good; they are Moroccan Jews and no one could fault you with their stuff. (Probably ONLY available from Israeli import companies like Hatikvah (213-655-7083) OR Hataklik (also in L.A.) I've also ordered from ACME; his stock varies, best sometimes to call and ask if you need something specific. Tell him you want "Mizrachi" and he'll maybe understand what you're looking for." --Me'ira

Acme TV Supply
"[They carry] a dozen or so Israeli cassettes. Mail-order catalog costs $2.00... To start off with, try Bashana Haba'ah. It's got a wide array of music. Also get a copy of Chiiribim." --??

Persian Music

"If you live in LA or London or somewhere else with a big Persian community, check out the Persian music shops and ask their advice." --P. Walker

You can also check Kereshmeh Records website. They carry music of Iran, including Persian Classical, Folk, and new music.

Hossain Alizadeh
" AWESOME CD called Raz O it on the Kereshmeh Record Label: 1201 Wilshire Blvd., #420, Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA. I have a copy of this and it has some really stunning instrumental pieces. I can't recommend this one enough to everyone... The composer is in his 40's and was conservatory-trained, and uses traditional instruments. But it is really accessible and very penetrating.... Cut #7 is incredibly pulsating and FABULOUS in an 'unplugged' way." --Kay Hardy Campbell

Also recommended by P. Walker.

Hossein Behruzinia
"The suggetions [here] are of tapes/cds where the majority of music can be danced to: Koohestan folk music by Behruzinia. Fantastic for more traditional Persian folk dances." --P. Walker

Black Cats
"The suggetions [here] are of tapes/cds where the majority of music can be danced to: Any tapes by Black Cats - Persian disco music. Brilliant percussionist, very popular in the Persian community in LA. All the music is suitable for dance. --P. Walker

Hossein Farjami
"The suggetions [here] are of tapes/cds where the majority of music can be danced to: If you want to try some classical music, find Hossein Farjami Plays Santoor. It is easy to obtain as it is on ARC music." --P. Walker

"Check your old Jalaleddin albums!" --Shakira

"For Persian flavored music that has a regular beat and can be choreographed easily check out Jalaleddin's old album 4/5 (a double album). Wonderful slow piece called "Flower of Stone" plus a couple of others with some Indian and Spanish flavor." --Me'ira

Kamkar family
"The suggetions [here] are of tapes/cds where the majority of music can be danced to: For Kurdish Persian dance, try any music by the Kamkar family, particularly the recording of their concert in London." --P. Walker

"The suggetions [here] are of tapes/cds where the majority of music can be danced to: Baran (rain) by Kuch (a band from Bristol, England) available from the Persian community. Composer is Cyrus Khajavi. Quality popular music including some folk songs. Hard to find. Excellent for dance." --P. Walker

Middle Eastern with Moorish/Flamenco Overtones

"The group Oasis (Denis Kavemeier and Jim Wirt) have some [of this type of music]. These are largely *new*, not traditional compositions, but unless you find something wrong with that... on their first and second tapes, Night at the Oasis and, er, uh, the other one...anyhow, particular songs are "Flamenco Moon" and "Straits of Gibraltar". --Shakira

Sah'ra tape
"Sah'ra's first tape had a number on it--side a, the cabaret side--that was heavily Spanish-influenced." --Shakira

Ibrahim El Samahy
Amayaguena was composed originally for the dancer Amaya, based on the Spanish Malaguena music. "In addition, several of [his] other pieces...have Spanish influences...such as Moon Over Cairo, Vol. I (the one with music for Morocco and for Yasmena), the song "Flirtations". Fahtiem's composition on Star Dance Vol. III can be taken to that style...and Ba-Bara's piece on Star Dance Vol. I and several pieces on Star Dance Vol. II that are Spanish-influenced (Ibrahim is quite a learned and versatile composer...)" --Shakira

"Sirocco also has a couple such numbers on several of their tapes: the one with music for Magana in particular has several such pieces; the one with the corn yellow cover, and the one with the black and white cover...I think those are something like Volumes II and IV... There is a song on the *old* Saroyan Sings album, "Perom Pom Pero", that Sirocco redoes as well, which is both Arabic and Spanish." --Shakira

"Armando is an amazing drummer and Suliman plays an incredible variety of well as vocals. They do a wide variety of music from Persian to Spanish to Arabic to Turkish...I own all of their albums and recommend them highly." --Czigany

Saudi Arabian Women's Dance

Muhammad Abdu
"...for Saudi folk dance I really recommend a CD by Muhammad Abdu called Sha'abiyaat #15. It is new songs in the folk styles played by a small ensemble. I got my copy at Rashid Records too." --Kay Hardy Campbell

"Try any CD by Rabab...(Rashid Records in Brooklyn).... --Kay Hardy Campbell

Setrak Sarkisian
"I know there are some Saudi cuts on some of Setrak's tapes: "Leyla Leyla" for one." --Shakira

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