Middle Eastern Dance:
Suppliers of Costuming, Accessories, Instruments

Local: Tucson, Arizona USA

Chivalry Sports Renaissance
7718 E. Wrightstown Rd.
Tucson AZ USA
Website: http://renstore.com
"Chivalry Sports is a Medieval Renaissance Store where we will soon be selling ghawzee coats, beladi shirts, harem pants, dance skirts, dance jewelry, and drums in addition to our current offerings." They have also, in the past, featured a class in Middle Eastern Dance every other Thursday night 7-9pm, $10 per class, taught by Susan Wilson (Nefisa).

Dance of Arabia
Grant and Swan
Tucson, AZ
In addition to teaching (see Studios above), Cathy runs a costuming/accessory store in the front of her studio. Typical stock includes a variety of beads and beading supplies, fabric trim, off-the-rack costuming, veils and imported scarves, zills, canes, perhaps a sword and drum or two. Cathy can place an order for more of these items; she also sews costuming and beads/creates bras and belts so you can place a custom-designed order for these too. Store hours: M-Thurs 2-9, Fri 2-6, Sat 10-4.

Horus & Isis Company
PO Box 446
Tucson, AZ 85702
phone: 520-882-6706
Website: http://www.flash.net/~kc110
We manufacture all complete lines of belly dancing supplies in Egypt such as the following: costumes, bra & belt sets, fringe beads, caftans, harem pants & tops, beaded scarves, dresses, tops, gloves and belts, coin scarves, belts, ankle & toe anklets, arm & hand bracelets, headpieces, dancing canes, finger cymbals, jewelry, real & fake coins, scarabs, and much more. We can custom design *any* request. Don't miss the incredible prices and quality. Visit our website and discover other quality merchandise at exceptional prices for merchants, collectors, museum curators, professional & amateur belly dancers, Mediterranean, Egyptian and Renaissance enthusiasts, artists, architects, movie set designers and interior decorators.

UN Center/UNICEF store
Decorator Square
2911 E. Grant Rd.
Weekdays 10-5:30pm
They sell a huge amount of jewelry from around the world; I've found a lot of great ethnic jewelry there plus a few metal dance belts/anklets/necklaces from India. They also sell fabric/clothing from around the world but, of that, I have not yet found anything for a costume.

Zuleka Studio of Arabic Dance
8548 E 18th St.
Tucson, AZ 85710-5914
(Excerpted from the yellow pages) Zuleka sells a variety of costuming supplies. I believe she sells some imported veils and scarves.


This info was collected from the Web, from ads I've seen, and from info posted on the med-dance mailinglist.
Aladdin's Magic Costumes
USA 818-595-1851
Belly dance costumes and accessories by Aziza; specializing in Egyptian style bra and belt sets.

Mohamed Ali
Isis Imports
University of New Mexico
PO Box 4802
Albuquerque, NM 87196 USA
phone: 505-293-0945
fax: 505-277-0730
email: mohamed@flash.net
Website: http://www.flash.net/~mohamed/home.htm
Mohamed Ali is a vendor of Egyptian imported items like fringe, scarves, beledi dresses, cabaret costumes, belly dance videos, etc. "I sell dance supplies wholesale and retail from A to Z. I distribute in the USA for one of the best designers in Cairo today. I carry excellent quality, and my prices are very competitive." He also runs tours from New Mexico to Egypt, usually around Dec-Jan.

Arlene's Classic Cups
USA 209-733-1448
From medance list, a seller of bra cups for belly dancers' costuming, "strap instruction included".

Artemis Imports
PO Box 68
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
email: artemis@artemisimports.com
Website: http://www.artemisimports.com/
Vendor of all kinds of belly dance supplies including: Kohl, musk, veils, zills, jewelry, belts, music, videos, patterns, books, etc. Books include all kinds of Middle Eastern related topics: culture, history, language, art and design, literature, poetry, travel, etc. Catalog $3. (From medance list) "There are lots of suppliers out there but I'm sold on Artemis because 1) she personally goes abroad for things and knows what she has, 2) has almost everything, and 3) I've been buying from her for the ten years or so that I've been dancing with no problem, and 4) her prices are extremely reasonable. Recently bought a wonderful guedra fibulae brooch set from her which wasn't in the catalog, but she had it when most people I asked said, you want a what???"

Atira's Fashion's
3935 S. 113th
Seattle WA 98168 USA
From medance list, bras recommended--in particular her "costumer's bra". "...cups sturdy for holding beads". Among other things, she also sells patterns for costumes for bellydancers, folk dancers and musicians; more than 32 designs for men and women. Catalog $4

Audrena's International Bazaar
9720 S. Mason Ave.
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 USA
Web site: http://aleena.com/audrena
"Audrena is the authorized vendor for many Oriental dance videos, cd's, cassettes, and other items. She offers fast, reliable service." Mail order catalog available. Recommended by many.

Baladi Boutique
16416 Myers Ct.
Clermont, FL 34711
phone: 407-656-7524
email: shari@iag.net
Website: http://www.aleena.com/baladi/
Baladi Boutique sells a complete line of belly dance supplies, including dance costumes, imported goods, Egyptian beads, music and videos. "Festival on the Nile" I thru X videos are available. Exclusive distributers for "Beading by Flo" items.

Shari Bernard, Robert Bernard, Flo Mann (owners/managers) have been actively involved in Middle Eastern dance for 23 years. They are very experienced in the needs of the belly dancer, and know how to fulfill them.

John Bilezikjian
Dantz Records
PO Box 2434
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2434
phone/fax: 714-581-5664
Email: DantzRec@AOL.com
Website: http://www.netcom.com/~dantzrec/info.htm
(His ad) "Belly dance tapes featuring routines designed for the special dancer. Also available: Armenian, Greek, Persian, Sephardic and Turkish folk music; classical and solo oud. CD's and tapes available. They also sell instruments, t-shirts and a cookbook; check out the website for more information.

Bohemian Market
5883 Hwy 119
Montevall, AL 35115 USA
Email: jparrish@wwisp.com
Webpage: http://www.BohemianMarket.com
"I haven't had this much fun shopping in a long time!" "I can't believe all the cool and unusual belly dance items available at Bohemian Market!" "What a fun Website!" These are just some of the things that are being said about the BOHEMIAN MARKET. Jamilla Rasa is available for vending and Mehndi Parties, in the Southeastern part of the U.S. Check out this new, exciting fun Website, or e-mail to set up vending or Mehndi!

Chandra's Dance Extravaganza
6706 NW 18th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
For orders call: 1-800-790-2102
email: chandra@chandras.com
Website: http://www.chandras.com
Chandra sells music, costumes, zills and accessories for Mid-East dance. There's a catalog ($2, refundable with order) and a bi-monthly newsletter ($7 per year for 6 issues) which contains reviews, consignment costumes for sale, calendar of events, etc. Several folks on the med-dance list highly recommend her.

Cloud Creations
Phoenix AZ area
Custom clothing and costumes by Gazelle. Specializing in hand dyed silks.

Cost Less
1710 University Ave.
Berkeley CA USA 94703-1514
phone: 510-548-2800 M-F 12-5pm Pacific time
fax: 510-540-1121
Email: costless@costlesscostumes.com
Website: http://www.costlesscostumes.com
Owned and run by Patrick Au, who succeeded his father Phillip Au. They make and sell beautiful metal belts, ethnic and cabaret, as well as a few styles of metal bra covers, stomache drapes and jewelry. The various items are made of coins, bells, mirrors, metal tassels, crystals, bits of Afgani jewelry, etc. The merchandise quality is good and the prices reflect this. Phone between 11am-5pm M-F or visit between 11am-6pm T-Sat. Mail-order available, $2 black and white picture catalog available via air mail anywhere in the world. Merchandise shipped in 2-6 weeks, according to catalog. A bunch of dancers at my studio (including me) have their products and really like them, however on one occasion in the past we had a bit of a shipping delay (a coin shortage, I was told) so you might want to ask about shipping times when/before you order, just in case.

From medance list: "Cost Less, 'serving jewelry and dance costume designers since 1967,' is a fairly amazing shop. They have everything you'd expect of a regular beadshop, AND a substantial choice of ready-made bra-and-bet sets in both the flashy, sequins-and-mirrors cabaret style, and the funky, coins-and-tassles tribal style. Last time I was there the Afghani silver pieces with lapis were sticking to my fingers so bad I was amazed to escape with any money left at all.

"*AND* they'll make up costume pieces to your specific dimensions and artistic taste. In addition to having booths at Rakkasah, Desert Dance, and most other California belly dance events, they run an active mail-order business and have an unusual reputation for checking with the customer (what a concept!) as the work progresses, so you can change things in mid-stream if reality doesn't match your vision well enough. Prices are as reasonable as the cost of the metals involved will allow (the Afghani silver and so on go by the ounce, plus a small surcharge for aseembling the belt or bra.)

"If you're ever in the Bay Area, check it out -- but bring either LOTS of money, or none whatsoever and a strong-willed friend to drag you back outside when necessary. (Another thing to check out: the best bulletin board of classes and performances I've seen in the Bay Area.) Standard disclaimers [about getting any benefits from Cost Less for this recommendation], posting this doesn't help me with the Afghani silver (oh, in my dreams...)"

Crafty Lady Boutique
1131 East Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776
phone: 818-285-0092
Pink Gypsy Website: http://www.craftylady.com/gypsy.htm
Learn to belly dance at the Crafty Lady Boutique. Classes meet every Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm; the teacher is Catharae. They offer a free introductory class to those new to belly dance. They also sell belly dancing supplies including videos, zills, fringed hip belts and more. For more info and some pictures, see their website.

Dahlal Internationale
7537 Parkdale Ave. Suite 2
St. Louis, MO 63105 USA
1-800-745-6432 or 314-721-1949
Dahlal owns an import business and travels all over the middle/near/far east to get her stock. She is a distributor of costuming by Pharonics of Egypt, a costuming company out of Turkey, and possibly others. She also custom designs costumes and can have them made in the USA or overseas. Additional stock includes appliques, beads, ready-made beaded fringe from Egypt and China, musical instruments, jewelry and a lot of music. Mentioned/recommended on the med-dance list; mail-order catalog available.

Dance Distributors
P.O. Box 11440
Harrisburg, PA 17108 USA
Recommended on the medance list, they are an outlet store that gives wholesale prices on general dance supplies including a variety of shoes, leotards and tights. They carry the half-sole shoes preferred by several belly dancers (shoes also found in Capezio stores) for a bit less than many retailers sell, and you can order large amounts of them in a large variety of sizes.

Distant Caravans
Web Site
Distant Caravans, run by Barbara Morgan, is a "resource for your re-cration needs", "for people interested in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Belly Dancing, Ethnic Jewelry, Amber" and other things. Among her merchandise she's got belly dancing jewelry (belts, anklets, necklaces, earrings, a chain mesh bra cover), belly dancing cd and cassettes, drums, some clothing and a few videos (one on drumming, one instructional belly dance tape featuring costuming).

Esau Co.
PO Box 1613
Santa Ynez, CA 93460 USA
phone: 805-688-7151
"Judeen Esau, a phenomenal dancer herself, supplies a variety of items for the Oriental dancer, including custom-made costumes, coin belts and bras, costume-decorating supplies, jewelry, scarves, veils, swords, canes, fringed hip-scarves, and a few tapes and videos. She will also do construction work on items supplied by the customer. In my opinion, she makes some of the finest costumes I have seen, and is extremely helpful and friendly." --Amanda

Ethnic Musical Instruments
Mid-East Mfg., Inc.
7694 PRogress Circle
West Melbourne, FL 32904 USA
Website: http://www.mid-east.com
"Mid-East Mfg., Inc. offers the finest assortment of folk musical instruments including: doumbeks, ouds, zills...". They have an itemized product list, a free catalog, and specials/seconds/repairs at special prices.

P.O. Box 460594
San Francisco, CA 94146 USA
Web site: FatChanceBellyDance Homepage
"FatChanceBellyDance is a celebration of the female spirit. Based in San Francisco, this troupe sees Tribal Style Belly dance with a modern eye. Under the direction off Carolena Nericcio, FatChanceBellyDance has established itself nationwide with innovative workshops and performances. Send SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) for the FatChanceBellyDance mail order catalog featuring music, videos, books, costumes, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories." Their videos: The Tribal Basics Instructional Series 1,2, and 3; and "Tatooed One" and "Live!", performance videos. See their web site for their online image gallery and catalog.

Fatima's Bazaar
5815 Watt Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660 USA
phone/fax: 916-344-0902
Recommended on medance list; province of Fatima Al Wahid. Mail order catalog available. "I just got my purple, crushed velvet, 3/4 sleeved La Rose design crop top from Fatima's Bazaar several days ago and can highly recommend them particularly for the well-endowed dancer looking for a decent top." --Robyn

Gaylene's Boutique
PO Box 23
Amity, OR 97101-0023 USA
Phone: 503-835-0712
email: slenaburg@macnet.com
Gaylene Dover has been a vendor and supplier of fabrics, sequins and ready made belly dance costumes (skirts, pants, and veils) in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. She has supplied Unicorn (for 20 years), Audrena, Chandra of Damascus, Originals by Faye and Saqua. She vends at most of the local events and travels to several other events including Rakkasah (for the last 7 years), Wiggles of the West competition, and Oasis Dance Camp West. She doesn't do bras or belts, but in addition to the skirts, pants and veils, she sells a large selection of metallic fabrics and sequins. A successful one-woman business, she'll soon have a catalog of her own out though several of her items are featured in Unicorn's catalog.

Recommended on the medance list; sells, among other things, "pearlized chiffon" from Japan which was recommended for veil work, and harem pants with the "up-down ruffles" that several list-dancers praised.

Boston MA, Concord, NH areas USA
phone: 603-226-9407
Website: http://whill.home.mindspring.com/Ghazallah/
Email: Ghazallah@aol.com
Costumer and teacher. I teach in a very fluid, ethnic style, and I do not push students to perform if they don't want to. Men are welcome, as well. Classes are $5 a session or $20 for five. Currently, classes are Monday evenings, 7-9. I am always willing to travel or start a new class. Currently in Concord (50 min from Boston, MA). Her website features pictures of costuming and ordering info, plus info about her teaching.

Green Duck Designs Web site
They sell books, patterns, costumes and more for "the Medieval Enthusiast". They also specifically sell belly dance patterns by Atira and a few middle eastern dance costuming books.

Judy's Creative Costumes
Judy Cunningham
Rt. 4 Box 95A
Sedalia, MO 65301-9417
Handles all belly dance supplies and sponsers seminars.

Lark In The Morning
PO Box 1176 Mendocino, CA 95460 USA
LarkInfo 707-964-3762; Mail-Order 707-964-5569
Fax: 707-964-1979, Retail Showroom: 707-937-LARK
Internet email: larkinam@mhs.mendocino.k12.ca.us (or larkinam@mcn.org)
They're a purveyor of World Musical instruments, books, recordings and videos. "Lark In The Morning is a musician's service founded in 1974 that specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials." You can check out their Lark in the Morning Homepage to see the many things they have to offer (including online articles concerning middle eastern instruments/music), or go directly to their Middle Eastern Instruments section. This section has for sale drums of many styles, finger cymbals, strings (oud, saz, etc.) and winds (zurna, ney, dudek, etc.). They also sell books, videos, cd's and cassettes concerning Middle Eastern music (sheet music as well, it seems, in the books); these items are cross-listed and briefly described on my Media page.

Liquid Silver
Trish St. John aka Hanan
San Francisco Bay area, USA
Website - coming soon
Email: liquidx@flash.net
I have been dancing and costuming for many years, performing for 6 years during the great heyday of San Francisco's Broadway Cabarets. I am now a dealer and vendor of quality antique assuits. I sell some showstopper large solid pieces whole. But quite a bit now I am making them into beledi dresses for dancers, since most dancers are too itimidated to cut and sew them. (Rightfully so; it's tricky). For further info, please email at the address above.

Magic Circle
Lenny Berg and Gary Barlow
524 Mitchell Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
"Specialize in creating custom coin belts and accessories for dancers. All of their belts are unique, one of a kind creations. They can craft one to your design or pick from some they already have. They also create matching belly drapes, bra covers, necklaces, anklets, headpieces and bracelets. They are also one of the few I've found that will repair coin pieces. Very knowledgeable. I really love these guys. Both Lenny and Gary are wonderful. Look for them at D[esert] D[ance] F[estival], Rakassah, Plaza Beledi, etc." --DeBorah

Pati Nagle, owner
Albuquerque, NM
Web site: http://thuntek.net/mandala

Dallas, TX USA
Website: http://thor.he.net/~ahdist/meleea.htm
Performer and costumer. Costuming includes custom made costumes, fringe and appliques. For booking, costuming and other information, see her webpage.

Viken Najarian
southern CA, USA
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~myrrhis/najmain.htm
Oud builder and musician, he has a recording made in 1996 entitled "Legacy". Ouds for sale. For more information, including a brief bio, pictures of his instruments and a samples from his recordings, see his website.

Pharaoh's Treasurers
Website: http://www.vsimall.com/wholesale
We are a well known wholesaler; the official wholesale distributor for Pharaoh's Treasurers. The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas uses us exclusively. We carry a wide range of Belly Dancing Clothing (dresses, scarves, etc.), Egyptian music, ancient Egyptian Museum Replicas, drums, statues, papyrus, hand blown perfume bottles, Egyptian silver and gold jewelry, and more. The web site does require a password to enter. It is for retail businesses. I do respond quickly with the password.

The Polish Peasant
Website: http://www.datasys.net/polish
We carry inexpensive belly dancing jewelry & accessories, as well as handmade silk dancing veils in several styles, & we are also always on the lookout for new ideas. We carry other items for those interested in medieval & renaissance times, but the middle eastern always seems to be a favorite.

Raks Al Hayet
Website: http://www.plinet.com/~demogorgan
Email: demogorgan@plinet.com
"Raks Al Hayet (Arabic for Dance of Life) is a quarterly journal of Oriental Dance, magick and more." The website also includes a boutique (fashions and jewelry; color catalog available) and pictures of Sybel and Sahris, professional belly dancers in the Denver area.

Rainbow Goddess
PO Box 883
Redway, CA 95560
phone: 707-923-9367
Email: rainbowgoddess@asis.com
I make custom and ready- made silk veils, have tie-dyed rayon chiffon scarves with lurex accents, and make rayon and silk caftans.

Salome's Secret
Esther M. Gengler
Belly Dance Supply
1801 S. Farmer Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
They are also a licensed vendor of Audrena's stuff.

Samia Fashions
1919 Palm View Dr.
Apopka, FL 32712 USA
email: BMDS58B@Prodigy.com
They supply Middle Eastern dance costumes; costumes made to order. Sizes petite to XX4 queen size.

Saroyan Mastercrafts
PO Box 2056
Riverside, CA 92516 USA
phone: 909-783-2050 or 909-276-9925
fax: 909-276-8510
Email: Saroyanzil@aolcom
Website: http://www.saroyanzils.com/
Zill (finger cymbal) makers, highly recommended. Zills come in a total of seven sizes and twenty designs. Basic sizes include: beginner, intermediate (slightly bigger, heavier and better sounding than beginner size), and professional. The intermediate and pro zills are available in silver or brass and the pro zills (at least) come in a range of weights (i.e. tones) and designs. They also sell coins for costumes, and have a selection of music for sale. They used to sell really well made and well-balanced scimitars but they may not be making them any more. Catalog available: $2 for continental USA, $3 Canada and $4 overseas. "I prefer Saroyan brand because they carry a variety [of zills] at reasonable prices." --from medance list "I've nothing but positive compliments of how greatly the products are made there. ...A very pleased customer." --Zac Kruger

Scheherezade Imports
2420 Hampden Row
Rockville, VA 23146 USA
phone: 804-749-3059
fax: 804-749-3480
email: sherzade@mnsinc.com
Scheherezade Imports-everything for the middle eastern dancer, we are also the distributor for the Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame CD. We sell wholesale and retail. Catalog $3 refundable with 1st purchase.

Silk Road Trading
1210 Rachel
San Pablo, CA 94806 USA
"Ethnic costume pieces in regular and large sizes (3X+), tall sizes, comfortable, washable, well-constructed. Fabulous tassel belts, any color combo, cloth, leather, yarn. My fabric or yours (extra charge for difficult fabrics), with or without bells, beaded tassels, to fit any budget. Example = 40' hip, full tassel arrangement (45 tassels) w/bells = $200, includes CA sales tax. Fringed practice belts start at $60 for belt base and copious fringe. Men's garb also, Egyptian shirts, long tunics and robes, turkish pants (chalwar) and pantaloons, vests. Pockets in garments where possible."

Sugar Petals
209 Astrid Dr.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 USA
email: sugarpet@ix.netcom.com
Run by Nateela (Natalie Sullivan). Her body stockings are highly recommended on the medance list. Color catalog is $2.00, refunded on the first order. The only vendor (known of) who makes and sells custom body stockings especially for oriental dance. She also carries appliques, belt forms, bra cups, fringes, trims, gauntlets, fans, canes, etc.

Swap Page
Website: http://www.bellydanceny.com/swap.html
Stop, shop and swap ME dance related items on this swap page.

Tribe of Kings
Website: http://members.aol.com/mudjam/index.html
Genuine, handmade Darboukas (Doumbeks). "Tribe of Kings Darboukas are made from a special porcelaineous stoneware clay body. It's hard-fired (to over 2300 degrees F) non-porous, super resonant; the body won't absorb moisture so you won't face an uphill battle keeping it off the skin. And it's a natural, easily replaceable, imported goatskin, which holds up to years of playing. We make each Darbouka by hand; individually on the potters wheel; these are not production pieces; they're real instruments..."

Turquoise International
22830 Califa ST.
Woodland Hills CA 91367 USA
In CA: 818-999-5542
Website: http://www1.linkonline.net/turquoise/
(Excerpted their ad) They sell finger cymbals, Egyptian beaded fringe, beaded scarves, skirt and veil sets, costumes, bras and belts, tours to Egypt, plus more. The only authorized distributor of Madame Abla costumes in the US. Mail order catalog available. "Ali and Cookie are great people who have done so many good things for the dance...these [Ragia Hassan workshops] tours of the past 2 years being only one example."

Unicorn Bellydance Supplies
3361 S. Corona
Englewood, CO 80110 USA
(Their ad) "Everything for the Middle eastern dancer at affordable prices. Zills, records, glitter scarves, fabric, trim, coins, jewelry, swords, drums, motifs, veils, costumes, make-up. To receive the latest catalog, send $2 to Dept. S at the above address." They've been in business at this address and phone number for the last 20 years.

Universal Imports
1528 South DeAnza
San Jose, CA 95129 USA
(Still hard to find even though they've relocated; call for directions.) Beads, fabric, zils, bra cups, fringe, music, a few ready-made bras and belts, etc. There are usually a few flyers from local teachers, restaurants and events lying around, too. (From medance list) "...well worth a trip. Bolts upon bolts of chiffons, lame's, silks, sequins, brocades, metallic knits. Beads, fringe, appliques, trims, pailettes. Swords, canes and tambourines. Patterns! Caftans and coverups. Some already-made skirts, veils, harem pants, bra/belt sets. Some music and videos. Some jewelry... All very reasonably priced."

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