Middle Eastern Dance Web Ring
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This Web Ring is intended for students, performers, and teachers of Middle Eastern Dance. Middle Eastern dance covers all forms of dance from the Middle East proper (Morocco to India), and from as far north as Armenia to the south most tip of the Arabian peninsula, (did I miss anything?). Musicians and vendors are also welcome in the Ring. To see the performance of the web ring click here.
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Stefan's current 'Ring Office Hours' are temporarily suspended.

The recent absorption of webring.org by yahoo.com has caused some major problems with adding people to the ring (management tools don't work, entire queue appears to have been thrown away, etc). Rather that have all members of this sizable ring change their page everytime yahoo burps, or submit to their questionable treatment of personal information, I'll be spending October coming up with an alternate solution. Stay tuned. - Stefan


The following are some tips from ringmembers on how to add the necessary ring html fragment under various web editors:

For people using the AOL Easy Designer software, there's a drop down menu on top of the screen labelled "advanced." One of the drop down menu selections is something like "insert your own HTML language." Select that and a box appears. Then all you have to do is cut the HTML language that you provide and paste it into the box. It was really simple. - Leslie Lew

This ring created in 1997 by Stacey Andrews (aka Anoushig, Éireann), transferred to Stefan January 1, 1999.
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