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Some of the newsletters/journals/magazines (see Journals section on the Media page for addresses, etc.) have directory listings of belly dance teachers in various locations.


Rowland Heights, CA, USA
phone: 818-810-9470
fax: 818-964-9800
email: fahtiem@primenet.com
Website: http://aleena.com/fahtiem
Fahtiem, producer of Oasis Dance Magic, has performed throughout the United States including engagements on cruise ships and performances on cable and network TV. She is featured on two videos, "Arabian Dance Fever" and the recently released "Belly Dance Paradise". Fahtiem teaches at Rio Hondo and East Los Angeles Colleges and at studios in Long Beach, Montebello and Puente Hills as well as seminars across the country. Fahtiem is also featured regularly at: Zorba's Restaurant, Anaheim, CA and at Caspians Restaurant, Irvine, CA.

c/o Michelle Morrison
1007 June NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112 USA
phone: 505-299-7155
Ethnic and Cabaret, group and solo Middle Eastern dancers; professional dance troupe for over 2 years. They also are involved in teaching and performing historical Middle Eastern dance in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Available for performances.

Farida Productions
Farida Gamal
PO Box 829
Huntsville, AL 35804-0829
phone: 205-852-0828
fax: 205-852-2361
Among other things, they sponsor workshops and shows by other instructors, such as one by Elena of NYC.

1105 Longshore Dr.
San Jose CA 95128 USA
phone: 408-286-6618
email: Farouche1@aol.com
"Belly Dance by Farouche - Teacher and performer for 26 years and director and choregrapher of Troupe Neola and The Desert Delights in the Santa Clara Valley. Available for seminars, show bookings. Farouche has performed in Cairo, Egypt as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.

"For Class schedule phone, write or email Farouche at the addresses/numbers given above. Classes taught in Los Gatos on Monday and Thursdays. Mondays are beginners and Thursday Intermediate and advanced."

P.O. Box 460594
San Francisco, CA 94146 USA
Web site: FatChanceBellyDance Homepage
"FatChanceBellyDance is a celebration of the female spirit. Based in San Francisco, this troupe sees Tribal Style Belly dance with a modern eye. Under the direction off Carolena Nericcio, FatChanceBellyDance has established itself nationwide with innovative workshops and performances. Send SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope, with 2 32-cent stamps) for the FatChanceBellyDance mail order catalog featuring music, videos, books, costumes, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories." Their videos: The Tribal Basics Instructional Series 1,2, and 3; and "Tatooed One" and "Live!", performance videos. (Posted on medance list: founder Carolina Nericcio teaches on Tuesday nights in Berkeley and on Thursday and Friday nights in San Francisco.)

Fatima and Jamila
Suburb of Sacramento, CA USA
phone: 916-344-0902
"Fatima (mother of Jamila) lives near Sacramento. Jamila (daughter of Fatima) is currently going to school and teaching workshops, classes? Both are fabulous dancers and teachers. Fatima is also a vendor. Fatima teaches. I am sure someone knows here address or number. I have had workshops with her and only one class years ago when I was in the area." --Monique Schaefers

Gale Fenna
Kilauea Rec Center
Honolulu, HI
Teaches Fridays.

Kathryn Ferguson
Owner Xanadu Dance Studio
Tucson, AZ USA
Website: http://www.azstarnet.com/~anubis/xanadu.htm
"An international favorite, Kathryn Ferguson is known as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. As well as touring annually in Europe, she teaches all levels of group classes at Xanadu Dance Studio in Tucson, AZ, emphasizing technique, understanding music, and expressivity in performance. She coaches, teaches privates, and will create a performance choreography for an individual. Her style blends classical elegance, strict adherence to traditional technique and subtle interpretations of music and its 'silences'. She teaches the newest styles to complex music, as well as 'old style' with appropriate instrumentation.

"In addition to three videos on the market, she has created two award winning films with Modern dance companies which have been presented on American television, and in European festivals. She has a BFA, performed 9 years in the club 'El Jebala', and has taught and performed in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Turkey and almost every state in America." For more information see the website above.

Antwerpen, Belgium
phone/fax: 0032-3-22 66 212
email: swaab@net4all.be
"FEYROUZ! of Europe Since 1975, a true pioneer of the Middle Eastern Dance in Germany. Founder of the Oasis Ensemble in Berlin and EAMED. Through numerous appearances on television and radio talkshows, she has become the most well known performer of the Art. Her three year tour with 'Traumtheater Salome' (lit., Dream Theater Salome, - a non-animal circus with a plot and cast of arists) seminars, lectures, international performances for political figures, UNICEF, royalty, as well as the Nobel Prize fests for Nagib Mafuz in 1988 in Stockholm and performances in Morocco, Greece and Egypt.

"Feyrouz! - Dancer with heart, soul and humour. First class personal instruction based on a wide repertoire as well as her own individual dance styling, encompassing almost 25 years of experience. She has re-located (previously of Germany) with her new husband to Antwerpen, Belgium - diamond center of the world. Antwerpen has gained a new jewel!"

New York City, NY USA
phone: 212-780-4834
Website: http://thecoven.org/fiorella
Available for private and semi-private lessons. Performs for conventions, weddings, birthday parties, company picnics, Christmas parties, children's parties, belly-grams, shows, fund-raisers, anniverseries, etc.

Florida Association of Belly Dance Artists
203 Lakeside Dr.
Lutz, FL 33549-5441 USA
phone: 813-948-8333
email: Kadayif@aol.com
FABDA is an organization that is dedicated to providing a networking environment for the practicing belly dancer. The organization is a referral source for local and national belly dance instructors. With membership in Florida and the South East United States the young organization has show great promise in growing into a major source for information on the Dance. For more information or to receive a copy of their bi-monthly magazine (Florida Dancer) contact FABDA at the addresses above.

Gisselle Fobbs
28422 Seven Oaks
Farmington Hills, MI 48331 USA
phone: 313-555-3488 or 313-553-6946
Seminar instructor. In depth instruction: energy levels, body and facial expressions.

Michelle Forner
Washington, DC area
phone: 703-276-2741
Email: mforner@CapAccess.org
A professional Oriental dancer and teacher in the DC area; she has a MA degree in dance ethnology from UCLA, where she focussed on Middle Eastern dance, particularly Oriental. She is in DC consulting at the Library of Congress, archiving world dance and music collections.

Freddy's Dance Academy
Toronto, Canada
Toronto Central: 416-368-1797
Toronto West: 416-533-4849
Mississauga: 905-897-8927
North York: 416-224-8080
" Professor Eddy Manneh received his own personal knowledge of Arabic Dancing through the tutelage of the late Vlademeer, the famous Arabic Dance Professor of the Middle East. Manneh has been a teacher for over 40 years starting at the Freddy's Dance Academy in Beirut Lebanon founded by his late brother Freddy Manneh. Eddy Manneh established a Canadian school in Toronto in 1975. There are now four branches of Freddy's Dance Academy in Toronto.

Manneh has taught many of the best dancers throughout the world including Nadia Gamal. He has travelled extensively around the word, giving lectures and seminars and, in his capacity as a renowned choreograoher, has arranged many routine performances for Belly Dancers in the Middle East and the Western World. He was also involved in many festivals such as the famous Ba'alback festival. In 1976, he founded the Arabian Sahara Company in Toronto, Canada which has since performed around the world. In 1996 he opened the Al Khaima Dinner Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Eddy Manneh is also a professional ballroom dance instructor, a member of the French Academy of Dance Teachers, a member of the Dance Educators of America in both ballroom dancing and The Performaing arts, and an official examiner of the International Society of Dance Masters Association. Professor Manneh teaches many styles of dancing including classical belly dancing, cabaret, baladi, ghawazzi, pharaonic, and other folkloric dances."

Robyn Friend
Los Angeles, CA USA
email: rcfriend@earthlink.net
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~rcfriend/
She specializes in Persian traditional dance (both folkloric and "classical"), in the Los Angeles area. She teaches dancing and Persian and Turkish singing and is available for special workshops or private lessons. She is also available to choreograph dances for performing groups, and has done so for the Duquesne University Tamburitzans and the AMAN Folk Ensemble. She also does costuming consultation (see photos on her website) as well as Pilates-based method of dance conditioning.


Chandara Gamal
Dixie Lovell
Dir. of Raks al Dounya, World Dance Ensemble
1509 Morning Sun Dr.
Manchester, MO 63021 USA
phone: 314-225-9525
Teacher, performer.

Jasmine Gamal
See under A-Z Dance Studio and Self-Defense.

Leila Gamal
Indiana, USA
Highly recommended on the med-dance list as being "one of the best, most ethical, most knowledgeable dancers, anywhere, period."

Scottsdale, AZ
7501 E. Oak St., # 116
Scottsdale, AZ 85257 USA
phone: 602-990-7278
Middle Eastern Dancer, Instructor and Costumer designer specializing in hand painted silks. Available for parties, coventions and events. Combination dance studio and costume shop located at above address; call first.

Ghawazee Middle Eastern Dance Troupe
Phone contact: Elizabeth Howard 421-431-2587
Website: http://www.maya.com/local/ghawazee/
Ghawazee combines traditional and modern forms of Middle Eastern dance. We're based out of Pittsburgh, Pa and have performed at a variety of venues in and around Pennsylvania, including: The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, The National Aviary, The Ohio Renaissance Festival, as well as many other local, private and public functions. For more info check out the website above.

Boston MA, Concord, NH areas USA
phone: 603-226-9407
Website: http://whill.home.mindspring.com/Ghazallah/
Email: Ghazallah@aol.com
Costumer and teacher. I teach in a very fluid, ethnic style, and I do not push students to perform if they don't want to. Men are welcome, as well. Classes are $5 a session or $20 for five. Currently, classes are Monday evenings, 7-9. I am always willing to travel or start a new class. Currently in Concord (50 min from Boston, MA). Her website features pictures of costuming and ordering info, plus info about her teaching.

Goddess Dancing
Boston, MA USA
"We are a group of women creating sacred dance, drawing our movement style mainly from the Middle East and our inspiration from the goddess archetypes and myths of many cultures. We dance to honor the feminine aspect of the Divine, to celebrate the cycles of women's lives, and to express the Goddess within our hearts. Our dances enact myths, depict goddesses and mortal women, tell stories, and portray a community of women in supportive and loving relationship with each other. We perform Belly Dance in the spirit we believe it was done in ancient times: as a dance about birth and the power of women, performed by priestesses in the temples of the goddesses. We have been performing, teaching, and creating ritual dance in the Boston area since 1991." They're having a belly dance retreat July 1996 in Deerfield, MA. Call Lorrain at 617-721-0001.

Laurel Victoria Gray
PO Box 65195
Washington, DC 20035 USA
Laurel Victoria Gray is an internationally acclaimed dancer, scholar, instructor and choreographer who has taught and performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Central Asia and Australia. Specializing in the cultures of the Silk Road, Laurel first saw Uzbek dance while enrolled in a history Phd program at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has traveled to the Uzbekistan nine times, living there for two years and appearing on television dance programs more than a dozen times. Laurel's articles have appeared in many publications and reference works. She has given lectures at the Middle East Institute and at the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. She has also performed at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and at the new embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the President of the Republic Uzbekistan - Islam Karimov. Laurel Victoria Gray teaches Persian dance at the Iranian Community School and is Artistic Director of the Silk Road Dance Company. In addition to her frequent performances worldwide and her busy teaching schedule, Laurel Victoria Gray is co-host with Travis of the annual Central Asian Dance Camp held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gypsies of the Shimmering Road
4647 Muscoda St.
Pensacola, FL 32526 USA
phone: 904-944-1145

Gypsy Caravan
4805 NE Campaign
Portland, OR 97218
Web site: Gypsy Caravan Homepage
Tribal belly dance troupe. They have performance video(s) out; you can order from the above address. "Live at Berbati's" videos are $20 plus $3.50 S/H and audio tapes of the same are $10 plus $2 S/H.


Habi Ru and John Compton
220 Esmeralda Ave.
San Francisco, CA USA 94110
Flyer advertises RenFaire videos for 1993 and 1994 available at $20 each plus $2.50 S/H.

Habiba Studio
611 S. Leithgow St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
phone: 215-925-5436
"One of our best performers, instructors and folklorists...who is famous for Tunisian and Andalusian, among other things...she's also accounted to be 'really nice'." "...Habiba is a lovely person, her teaching manner is excellent and she is extremely knowledgeable about Tunisian style dance as she has lived there and has studied with the folkloric ballet in Tunisia. She wrote articles about this and they can be found in old issues of Arabesque magazine (70's and 80's)...I think she would be one of the best dance contacts if anyone is in the Philadelphia area." --Helwa Has a dance studio; has been known in the past to sell Tunisian costume pieces.

See under Inanna's Womyn.

Leila Haddad
Centre de Danse du Marais
41 Rue de Temple
75003 Paris France
phone/fax: (1) 43 56 61 64

Nancy Redig
Tallahassee, FL USA
phone: 904-421-8179
Email: n_redig@compuserve.com
Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/n_redig
I am based in Tallahassee, Florida. My dance troupe is Troupe Arabesque and husband/drummer is Michaelis.

Christine Hall
Semiramis Oriental
Finchden, Sandhurst, Cranbrook, Kent
England TN18 5JS
phone/fax: 01580 850687
Egyptian, Jordanian, Turkish dancing.

Nadia Hamdi
Cairo, Egypt
phone: (202) 3918163
Oriental and Folkloric; instructor and choreographer.

Tacoma, WA USA
"...a wonderful dancer... She sponsors a hafla quarterly." --Kari

Peg Hazzard
see under Raeshma.

Leslie Kelley
200 Heather Dr.
Central, SC 29603 USA
phone: 803-653-6613
Performer, instructor.

International Oriental Dance School
phone: 408-335-4567
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Website: http://www.enchantedcreek.com/slvculture/helene.html
Egyptian and Turkish bellydance, and Egyptian and Moroccan Folkdance. Instruction, performance and productions. See her website for info on classes, events, performances, workshops, etc. as well as for her bio. She teaches "locally" at her studio in Felton and at the Walnut Avenue Women's Center in Santa Cruz, as well as abroad.

Suraya Hilal
Hilal School of Raqs Sharqi
9 Ravenstone Road
London N8 0JT, UK
phone: 0181 881 3376
"The class sizes are no more than 30 and usually they try to limit them to 25 people. During the summer school they put 2 classes together for the live music section of the workshop which occured 3 times. Once during the weekend workshop and twice during the 5 day workshop. We had the privilage of working with improvisation with Moustafa Samie (accordian), Takht Emile Bassili (violin) Samir Khalil (Riq) Ibrahim El Minyawi (Tablah), Haggag Metqal (Tablah) Essam El Matrawi (Doff). There are four groups at the summer school from A to D. D are the advanced students.

"There were also lectures on the following: Suraya Hilal 'Ashra Baladi and the Mawwal', Karen Van Nieuwerk author of 'Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt', Ibrahim El Minyawi - Lecture on Rhythm, Judy Hammond Bodywork, Dance and the Alexander Technique, Juliana Brustik, Relaxation and stretch leading into dance based on Feldencrais technique." --Jeroen Lapre

"On receipt of a cheque for 3, they will put you on their mailing list, which I believe publishes quarterly. The contact address is [given above]." --Clair Thrower

Ninna Holbek
"You can contact [her] through Pia Wetterholm, Strandgaden 49 B, DK-3000 Helsingor, Denmark." --Ulla

see under Horacio and Beata Cifuentes.

Nancy Griffin
Kingston, NH USA
phone: 603-642-8509
Arabic, Egyptian cabaret and folkloric; Ghawazee and Gypsy.


Iesa - The Arabian Delight
25 Elred
Battle Creek, MI 49015 USA
phone: 616-965-8248
Performer, instructor, private classes.

Coco Ihle
6720 Ridgeland Rd. S
Mobile, AL 36695 USA
phone: 334-633-4460
Director of Zuri Middle Eastern Dancers.

Yvonne Krug
Loretto, PA USA
phone: 814-674-5631
"...another seminar sponsor, and a great lady...[she] is in Loretto, PA., not too terribly far east of Pittsburgh--in the Johnstown direction. They just [May 16 1996] had Dalia Carella there--who would be WONDERFUL for SCA dancers, since she teaches authentic Gypsy styles. Ileena is having Leila Gamal, one of the best teachers *anywhere*, in my humble opinion, in the fall: Oct. 26th 1996 to be precise. For info (and for her good friend Raihana's [see below] phone number too), contact Ileena" at the phone number above. --Shakira

San Francisco, CA USA
Website: http:members.aol.com/IMZAHDI6/bellydance.html
Bellydance performer and instructor, Imzahdi has performed in many San Francisco restaurants, clubs, festivals and private parties. She is a certified bellydance instructor from the Bastet School of Oriental dance, and has a private studio on the San Francisco peninsula. She is currently appearing Saturday nights at Cleopatra's. See her website for a nice (huge) image of herself dancing, or for more info.

phone: 03-3636-7888
"Stunning dancer!" --Mona N'wal

Inanna's Womyn
Hadara and Lisa
Contact: Jennifer Kautz
321 Bailor Rd.
Brooktondale, NY 14817 USA
email: jk74@cornell.edu
Goddess dance style, classes are free, they don't do bellygrams. "In Ithaca, NY there are two very fine dancers. June [see below]... and Inanna's Womyn (with Hadara and Lisa), a butt-kickin', earthy, fiery group. Between the two the range is pretty much covered. Nice people, all." --Shakira

Indiana State Association of Middle Eastern Teachers and Dance
Mickey Corn, President
19006 N. Springmill Rd, Westfield, IN 46074 USA
phone: 317-867-0109
Co-sponsor of Kathryn Ferguson workshop and show, Nov 1996.

International Dance Discovery
Donna Carlton
Studio: 108 1/2 E. Kirkwood Ave. #5
Bloomington, IN 47401 USA
phone: 812-336-5009
Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/IDD
Instructor since 1989; beginning through advanced levels taught; workshops sponsored once or twice a year (past workshops included Shakira, Kareema, Jamila Zahran, Cara Currie); recital once a year. Donna is the author of Looking For Little Egypt and publishes the Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook.

International Dance Theater
Cherie L. Briscoe, Shalimar Ali
PO Box 11493
Kansas City, MO 64112 USA
phone: 816-822-8730

1625 E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98122 USA
phone: 206-323-2962

Janice Wyatt
Dir. Treasures of Egypt
1609 Hwy 31 N
Prattville, AL 36067 USA
phone: 334-361-7521
Performer, instructor, children's entertainer, choreographer.

Isis Delights Island & Sea Dancers
Isis: Irene Franze
PO Box 198
Elgin, IL 60121 USA
phone: 708-741-3642
Email: XKTT51A@prodigy.com
Middle Eastern, Sword, Hawaiian & Tahitian.


19836 Beaujolias Ct.
Chantilly, VA 20151-3609 USA
Jaka has been dancing since 1990, and is a teacher and performer of Middle Eastern dance, in Chantilly, VA. She currently belongs to three local dance troupes, including her own, "Gypsy Jahwaar," and Laurel Victoria Gray's Silk Road Dance troupe. She is an active member of the Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance association, and is currently their newsletter editor. Please feel free to email for local event information in the Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC areas, or assistance finding local teachers--etc. (And, for anyone concerned about the origin of the name, Dave Sim who created the character "Jaka" has sent written permission to use it, although no Yak, to date).

Cathy Skora
433 Franklin St., Patio Suite
Buffalo, NY 14202 USA
phone: 716-882-7101
fax: 716-882-7053
Performer, instructor, director of Folkloric Productions. Seminars, newsletters.

Bellydance by Jamila
Cheryl Ohnsman
597 Wichkham Fen Way
Boise, ID 83709 USA
phone: 208-376-5693
email: 74072.2747@Compuserve.com
Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/bellydancer
"Jamila leads the Sahara Sunset Middle-Eastern Dancers of Boise, Idaho. She and the troupe are frequent performers at events in Idaho and the mountain west. Visit the Cazba restaurant in Boise where Jamila and the troupe often perform on Friday and Saturday evenings. Jamila also sponsors the annual "Beledi of Boise" workshop and show at the Boise State University Special Events Center. This years show, Beledi of Boise VI - "An Evening in the Sultans' Palace", will feature John Compton and is tentatively set for March 1. See our web page for more information."

Jamila and Fatima
Suburb of Sacramento, CA USA
phone: 916-344-0902
"Fatima (mother of Jamila) lives near Sacramento. Jamila (daughter of Fatima) is currently going to school and teaching workshops, classes? Both are fabulous dancers and teachers. Fatima is also a vendor. Fatima teaches. I am sure someone knows here address or number. I have had workshops with her and only one class years ago when I was in the area." --Monique Schaefers

Troupe Near East Dancers
1577 Dylan Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 USA
phone: 757-479-1333
fax: 757-479-3225
email: WPVINC@aol.com
Has been teaching & performing for over 25 years. Dance credentials include George Abdo - Charleena Diranian - Ibrahim Farrah - Morocco - Artemis - Nadia Hamdi - Suhaila Salimpour, just to name a few. Is also a musician & is considered to be a gifted choreographer & performer. Has won awards for choreography & costume design, appeared in many commercials, on numerous local TV & radio programs & national & international TV & recently the motion picture "The Grit". Teaches beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional level classes & seminars in improvisational Egyptian cabaret style.

Jasmin Jahal
Director Desert Moon Dance Co.
378 Oxford Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60016 USA
Phone: 847-437-6532
Fax: 847-299-2799
Int'l Performer/Instructor recognized for the three T's of oriental dance: Quality, Beauty, and Dignity.

Jihan Jamal
PO Box 530826
Miami Shores, FL 33153 USA
phone: 305-620-0138
Performer, instructor, director.

Japan Arabian Dance Association
1-11-6 Nishiazabu Minato-Ku
Tokyo, Japan 106
phone: +81 3-5410-2365
JADA aims to fully deepen understanding of Oriental Dance and Arts in Japan through publishing, doing workshops, inviting professional teachers & dancers, and holding Oriental Dance festivals and contests.

Heidi Javaheri
See under Shahrezad.

Jawahir Dance Company
see under Cassandra.

Jawhara of Dancing Benefits
Felicia Elias
1509 Wilson
Wheaton, IL 60187 USA
phone: 630-752-8212
"..of Lebanese descent, friendly, ethical, really fun person...the quality of her dancing is quite fine." --Shakira. Educator, Performer, Writer, Assistant Editor - "Crescent Moon." "Timeless Art to benefit the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul." Founder, Troupe Anwaar El Sharq. Area Rep. for Judy's Creative Costuming and Chandra's Dance Extravaganza.

Ruby Jazayre
63006 Orange Rd.
South Bend, IN 46614

Jewels of the Nile
Linda Erland, director
Simi Valley, CA USA
"The Jewels of the Nile is a professional-level troupe that performs at dance festivals and other events throughout California. They also perform regularly at local restaurants. The troupe was founded in 1986 and is comprised of twelve dancers." See Linda Erland entry above, for further detail.

Tanya Liptak
PO Box 55051
Phoenix, AZ 85078-5051 USA
phone: 602-404-8978
Email: FantasyDancer@webtv.net
She is a dance instructor (teaching for 8 years) at Glendale Community College and Glendale Parks and Rec. She has given lectures/demonstrations at Glendale and Peoria libraries, and she has two How To Bellydance videos. She is the producer/host of the musical variety TV series "International Fantasy".

JJ's Place
Los Angeles, CA USA
Web Site
Covers aspects of bellydance in Los Angeles.

Sacramento, CA USA
phone: 916-448-1665 or 916-447-3793
Email: Jodette@hotmail.com
Website: http://pages.prodigy.com/Lorrie/jodette.html
"Now available to teach workshops. The authentic original, pure old fashioned movements."

Josephine Wise
Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance
11 Dumont Rd.
London N16 0NR
phone: 10276 507251
Josephine runs the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD), dedicated to raising awareness of raqs sharqi in Britain. JWAAD runs classes, workshops, performances, teacher training and a highly successful annual summer school. For further information please telephone Margaret Krause at the number above.

"Just returned from a great hafla and workshop in Newcastle [England] held by Jo Wise. Good fun and great workout with feedback [always important] Jo, together with teacher Maggie Caffrey run a recognised teacher training course. It consists of 4 components including teacher support workshops, attendance of workshops or summer residential school, intensive teacher training and private tuition. For further info send a self addressed[and stamped]envelope to Josephine Wise or Maggie Caffrey." --Ruth

3361 S. Corona
Englewood, CO 80110 USA
phone: 303-762-0124
Instructor of group and private classes, all levels; workshops and performances.

Judy's Creative Costumes
Judy Cunningham
Rt. 4 Box 95A
Sedalia, MO 65301-9417
Handles all bellly dance supplies and sponsers seminars.

12448 W. Cleveland Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53151 USA
Phone: 414-821-0301
Email: denisk@execpc.com
Featured dancer with Oasis band (http://www.live1.com/bands/the-oasis). Teaches "BellyAerobics" with Milwaukee Public Schools Recreation Department. Available for seminars on BellyAerobics, Dancing to Live Music, and/or the Folkloric Aspects of Bellydance.

Ithaca, NY USA
"In Ithaca, NY there are two very fine dancers. June, who leads Mirage, and who is very graceful and nice; and Inanna's Womyn [see above]... Between the two the range is pretty much covered. Nice people, all." --Shakira

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