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Some of the newsletters/journals/magazines (see Journals section on the Media page for addresses, etc.) have directory listings of belly dance teachers in various locations. If I know of a publication with such a relevant listing, it's listed here.


203 Lakeside Dr.
Lutz, FL 33549-5441 USA
phone: 813-948-8333
email: Kadayif@aol.com
Kadayif is an performer, instructor, choreographer and seminar sponsor in the Tampa Bay Florida Area. She conducts regular Belly Dance classes and teaches mini seminars, in addition to directing her professional troupe of dancers "Troupe Shifting Sands" who perform throughout the southeastern United States. Best known for her innovative and creative choreographies and style, Kadayif is known for her ability to teach with a clear and concise method which allows students to learn in a fun environment.

Joan Kafri
1707 Callejon Veronica
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA
phone: 505-983-7725
"....[she is one] of my favorite contacts there..." --Amaya

Nemra Kahn
Portland, OR USA
"[She] sponsors Wednesday dance nights at The Plaka in downtown Portland. Usually she has a local teacher bring several of their more advanced students to dance. The ability to play zills is almost a must. :-) A live Greek band plays for one or two dancers and the others dance to taped music. If you are interested in dancing or having your students dance please contact me for more information. If you are breezing through town or a regular we would love to see you and/or be seen by you! We are there every Wednesday at 9:00 PM." --Monique, MoniqueWS@msn.com

Khalida Kali
5306 Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615 USA
phone: 312-324-9305
Excellence, Excitement and Elegance in Egyptian dance performances and dance classes. Workshops, Seminars. Artistic Director and choreographer of award winning Khalidah's North African Dance Experience! "Saw their performance once a few years back. The energy levels were phenomenal." --Tedi Thomas

Betty Karam
3317 Coliseum St.
New Orleans, LA 70115 USA
phone: 504-897-0432
email: jdkaram@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu

Karavan Dance Studio
See under Barbee-Adkisson, Karen.

Kari Dotson
c/o The Gilded Lily
1615 N. Peoria Rd.
Springfield, IL 62702 USA
Email: GildedLily@compuserve.com
Performer, instructor, costumer. "...she specializes in SCA costuming. She's an excellent seamstress and costumer." --Tedi Thomas

Mela Karim
See under Traken Temple Dancers.

7-45-1102 Sakuragicho Nishiku
Yokohamashi Kanagawaken 220
"I used to see her in classes in NYC and she's a lovely dancer and a great lady. Worked in Egypt befor returning to Japan." --Mona N'wal

Karina's School of Belly Dance
1675 Starkey Rd. #H-6
Largo, FL 34641 USA

Farida Karoon
aphone: 415-961-8011 or 415-364-2059
email: portabote@gnn.com
"She holds classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from San Jose to Marin County. From beginners through intermediates. She also gives private instruction to advanced students. Many travel to her from as far away as the East Coast." --Alex

Anthea Poole
28276 Horseshoe Rd.
Cullpepper VA, 22701 USA
phone: 540-423-1220
Instructor, performer, choreographer. "She is one of the featured dancers at The Marrakesh in D.C. She is a long time member of Topkapi Dancers, a folkloric troupe in the Northern Virginia/D.C. area. She is quite lovely to watch and is a personable and knowledgeable instructor." --Zaghareet

Suzanne Keyser
Private Residence
Honolulu, HI
Current, on-going classes

Iowa City, IA, USA
Website: http://www.bcl.net/~kohlerd/khalima.htm

Mohammed Khordadian
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Khordadian, a persian dancer, left Iran after Khomeini took power and artists like himself were being denounced. He eventually settled in Los Angeles and now runs the troupe "Sabah" which performs nationwide. He and his troupe "Sabah" have a few videos out which you can order from Khordadian at the phone # above. Of their videos available, one was recently reviewed in the July/Aug 95 Shimmy Chronicles journal and described as "a high quality, well directed and edited video". That (untitled in the review) video includes: a solo by Ixchel Maeker called "Larsan", a solo by Khordadian and Jean Bridges, a Persian Miniature, a ballet "1001 Arabian Nights", "Bandari", plus a few songs and a drum solo done with a live Persian band.

Alexandra King
Seher Dance Company (aka Troupe Seher)
PO Box 868
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
phone: 805-965-8583
email: Susanne at kyre@charm.physics.ucsb.edu or Shelby Lyn at 102347.571@compuserve.com
"Alexandra teaches a variety of Middle Eastern styles, including Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan, Gypsy, and Persian, for adaptation to and inclusion in American-style belly dance. She also teaches both classical and folk dancing from throughout the Middle East and Greece in her capacity as Dance Director for the UCSB Middle Eastern Ensemble."

from the troupe flyer: "Seher Dance Company presents dances from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Their repetoire includes folkoric line dances, mysterious candle dances, dramatic tribal dances, wild gypsy dances, and the ancient, beautiful art of belly dance....Seher Dance Company appears regularly at restaurants and festivals throughout Santa Barbara and with the UCSB Middle Eastern Ensemble." Available for both individual and group performances.

Kismet Dance Company
P.O. Box 520217
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-0217
phone: 801-486-7780
fax: 801-484-2995
(Yellow pages) "School of Dance Oriental - Belly dance classes for self discovery and stress reduction, beginner-advanced." They also sponsor the annual Utah Belly Dance Festival, the largest outdoor festival of its kind, and in its 17th year in 1996. Look them up on the Video page, for info on their performance videos.

Kismet Dancers of Miami
Kahreen (Pat Cocchi) and Kira (Carol Cocchi), directors
1089 NE 104th St.
Miami Shores, FL, USA
phone: 305-754-0258
Website: http://www.seflin.org/kismet
The Kismet Dancer's Troupe performs frequently for public and private events. Kahreen and Kira are the lead dancers and choreographers for the troupe. Dance classes offered at the Miami Shores Community Center for over 20 years.

Yvonne Krug
See under Ileena.


Denise Roberts
Troupe: Foreign Intrigue
2276 22nd St.
Wyandotte, MI 48192 USA
phone: 313-282-3813

437 Hilldale Rd.
Paducah, KY 42001 USA
phone: 502-443-0437
Teacher, editor of the Crescent Moon journal. "Enhance your spiritual and creative expression through Middle Eastern dance".

Valerie Larkin
Belly Dance Magic
Email: larkin@intex.ie
Website: http://www.intex.ie/bellydance.html
Professional bellydance performer, teacher and choreographer. "...specializing in Belly Dance (Baladi, Saidi), Tunisian dance and Flamenco."

PO Box 100551
Birmingham, AL 35210 USA
Instructor, performer, director of Southern Oasis Dancers.

Director Zerdali Dancers
309 Herman Ave.
Paducah, KY 42003 USA
phone: 502-442-8884
Teacher, performer, sponsor of "A Celebration Dance-Oriental".

Tarpon Springs, near Tampa, FL USA
"Tarpon Springs near Tampa. Zorba's - Saturday nights - Linda-Linda - good dancer and teacher performs."

Tanya Liptak
See under Jezebel.

8908 E. Town and Country Blvd.
Ellicott City, MD 21043
phone: 410-750-1284
Quality, fun instruction for all levels. Private technique and performance coaching available. Director of Raks Shiraz Middle Eastern Dance Co.

Margaret Lloyd-Hart
Tucson, AZ USA
phone: 520-795-5715
Learn the beautiful, sensual art form of the Middle East. An exciting alternative to conventional exercise in an environment encouraging confidence and self expression. Open to both women and men. Classes available now at On Broadway Dance Studio and Ms. Lloyd-Hart's residence.

Margaret Lloyd-Hart holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, and has studied ballet, jazz, modern, and Arabian dance for many years. She teaches, choreographs, and performs in resorts, theatres, and private parties for both American and Arab audiences. For more information on classes and performances, call 795-5715.

Louise Frevert's School of Belly Dance
Gasvaerksvej 15 Baghuset
1656 Kobenhavn V
phone: 31 22 06 22
fax: 35 43 70 78
(Copenhagen; ad excerpted from their email) "The best show in town - professional dancers! - Do YOU want to dance? - classes all week except friday and sunday - Are you a dancer? - join the union! for only DKR 75 a year you receive the magazine 'Maverysteren' with the latest and greatest from Danish belly dancing!"

Lucila Dance Productions
Dance Studio and International Boutique
210 W. 38th St.
Austin, TX
Website: http://www.bizpro.com/bizpro/lucilla.html
"...a center for us dancers. She has a boutique and studio location and organizes many shows and workshops." Bobbye Dee is a contact. Lucila teaches both flamenco and belly dance.

Barbara Luescher
See under Aischa.

Lucinda Pool
8222 Winchester Ct. NW
Bremerton, WA 98311 USA
Traditional Egyptian and Arabic, classic cabaret and American Tribal Styles.


Yvonne McClain
See under A-Z Dance Studio and Self-Defense.

Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan
Studio: 15651 Camino Del Cerro
Los Gatos, CA USA 95032-3721
(one hour south of San Francisco)
fax: 408-356-6463
Email: ma_shuqa@hotmail.com
Ma*Shuqa is a professional educator who teaches from a formal framework of dance movement and choreography, rhythm, movement patterning and body awareness. Ma*shuqa's instructional methodology combines dance sequences together with dynamic rhythmic zil patterns, body positioning and graceful arms to produce a complete and total dance choreography. Her teaching methodology includes instruction in performance staging, personal style, showmanship and stage presence with many variations to suit each dancer's special personality. Ma"Shuqa is known as the "performing dancer's instructor" and provides style and performance coachng. Her studio classes include personal coaching and videotaping to give the student feedback and a record of their study.

Ma*Shuqa's dance style and teaching repetoire reflect years of study and is evidenced in her dazzling performances. A comment often heard from her audiences in Germany, Cairo, and Athens: "She understands our music and our culture..in her dancing we see the expression of joy and emotions of our culture." Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan, International Performer and Instructor Available for performances, workshops and seminars.

Medea Mahdavi
7 Stackpool Road
Bristol BS3 1NG
phone: 0117 963 3029
email: footwork@telecall.co.uk
Medea is a performer, teacher and choreographer of Middle Eastern Dance. She was born in Iran and moved to England as a teenager. She runs regular weekly classes in Bristol and takes workshops throughout the UK. In her current show 'Doves', Medea uses her dance, the emotive poetry of Bob Walton and dramatic live music by Will Menter to tell stories of love, passion, greed and power.

Jane McWilliams
6720 Ridgeland Rd. South
Mobile, AL 36695 USA
Director of Zuri Middle Eastern Dance Troupe.

Web page info about her Middle Eastern dance studio and where she performs. She is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX USA area.

Nelly Mazloum
International Dance Center
31 Ioulianou Str.
Athens 104-34, Greece
phone: 30-1-822 22 00
fax: 30-1-822 66 46

Karol Harding, aka Joyful Dancer
Fort collins, CO USA
phone: 970-223-6494
Email: kharding@lamar.colostate.edu
Private instruction emphasizing movement analysis, emotive expression and improvisation from Middle East, Persian and other sources.

Mekka Caravan
See under Tambra.

Melbourne Belly Dance Homepage
Web site with info on upcoming Middle Eastern Dance events, ongoing events and class schedules, for Melbourne Australia.

Dallas, TX USA
Website: http://thor.he.net/~ahdist/meleea.htm
Performer and costumer. For booking, costuming and other information, see her webpage.

Website: http://earthlink.net/~mesmera
Email: earthlink.net/~mesmera

Lydia Meyboom
PO Box 25920
Sharjah, UAE
phone/fax: 971 6 358 416
Email: gmhayes@emirates.net.ae

Mid-Eastern Dance Club of Indiana, Inc.
Co-sponsor of Kathryn Ferguson workshop and show, Nov 1996.

Middle Eastern Cultural and Dance Association
PO Box 946
Rosemead, CA 91770 USA
"The leading dance organization in southern California...They sponsor many special events, includinding the Cairo Carnivale festival each June." --JJ's MECDA page Membership gets you a monthly newsletter of upcoming events (including clubs), for $25 the first year, $20 each year after.

Middle Eastern Dance Artists (MEDA) of Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA USA
Contact: Belita Karima at Janice7@aol.com
Club and dance troupe. Sponsors spring seminar yearly. Several members teach locally. Contact Belita Karima at the above email address.

Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii
P.O. Box 22282
Honolulu, HI 96823 USA
"MEDAH is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of Middle Eastern dancing and culture through classes, workshops, and dance performances. We usually sponsor an annual fundraiser and a student recital/choreography exhibition. A monthly newsletter, _Zagoreet_, is published. We have quarterly membership meetings and various other events/parties throughout the year. Annual dues are $15.00 and are payable before January 31 of each year. For more info write, or call Willow Chang (current president) at (808) 941-2026, or Allison Smith at allisons@hawaii.edu."

Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand (MEDANZ)
Auckland, New Zealand
"They'll know who is the closest teacher [in New Zealand] to you...In Auckland there is a teacher who trained with Suraya Hilal and several who had workshops in the US from Jamila Salimpour. In Wellington there are at least 3-4 teachers. If you're in the South Island, there is a group in Nelson, and a teacher in Christchurch who has just been to Egypt. When I lived in NZ I bought most of my videos from "Amera's Palace" here in Sydney - they have a couple of instruction videos done by the owner. The Flowers of the Desert in Melbourne have the Sharifa instructional video - I'd recommend that one. You could try Diane James in Auckland she has some instructional videos- phone 817 5711. There is a dancer in Auckland who brings in videos of the Lebanese dancers if you want to learn by watching performances." --Aziza

Middle Eastern Dance Association (MEDA) of Vancouver
Contact: Marilee Nugent
3458 Garden Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
fax: 604-876-9969
"MEDA provides a monthly newsletter, workshops, seminars, bazaars, a dance library, among other things to support the dance cummunity in this area. If...anyone is interested in becoming a member or advertising in our newsletter or finding out more about MEDA, please feel free to contact Marilee Nugent (at the address above). Also if there are any instructors that would like to send a promotional package regarding seminars/workshops, please contact Marilee at the same address."

Middle Eastern Music and Dance Productions
3244 Overland Ave. Unit 1
Los Angeles CA 90034, USA
Hosts of the annual summer Mendecino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp

Mideastern Dance Exchange
Tamalyn Dallal, director
305 Lincoln Rd., Studio 505
Miami Beach, FL USA
Website: www.seflin.org/dallal
Tamalyn Dallal is director and a former Ms.America/Ms.World of Bellydancing. A wide variety of classes are offered. The Mideastern Dance Exchange Troupe performs frequently in public and private events. Look them up on the Video page, for info on Tamalyn's instructional video.

1024 S 18th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17104 USA
phone: 717-233-6111
Nationally recognized instructor of Jazz Oriental, Middle Eastern and Polynesian dance. Classes for all levels.

Northampton, MA USA
Email: 71756,2732@CompuServe.com
I'm a member of The Crescent Dancers that performs around the Pioneer Valley of Massachusettes. I have been a member of Amina's Aswan Dancers in SF and Morocco's Casbah Dance in NY. I also performed as a dancer and musician with El Fayzeen, a Moroccan music group from the Bay Area. My favorite dance style is Egyptian Cabaret. You can contact me at my e-mail address about peforming and teaching in the Western New England area.

Egyptian Cartouche Dance Troupe
Tempe, AZ USA
Morgiana is the director of Egyptian Cartouche Dance Troupe. She teaches at Tempe Parks and Rec., and at Bodyworks Studio, 1801 S. Jentilly Ln., Suite B-8, Jentilly Square, Tempe AZ. Her phone # listed above, Bodyworks phone: 602-894-2090. Egyptian Cartouche is available for parties, conventions, etc.; and they sponsor monthly shows featuring AZ dancers at Byblos restaurant as well as sponsoring mini-workshops.

Second Floor
6 West 20th Street (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.)
New York, NY 10011 USA
phone: 212-727-8326
fax: 212-463-7116
Email: morocco@casbahdance.org
Well known instructor, performer, workshop teacher. She also runs regular tours to Turkey/Egypt, and special week long workshops, Aug and Jan, 5 hours daily. 1997 Class schedule: Beginner/Intermediate - Mondays 6:15-7:15pm, $8 per class/$35 for 5 classes; Advanced - Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm, $12 per class/$50 for 5 classes; Beginners - Saturdays 4-5:30pm $12 per class/$50 for 5 classes. (From her flyer) "Morocco is considered the leading performer/authority in her field in the US, Canada and abroad, evidenced by frequent invitations to teach master seminars and perform in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Egypt, England, Morocco and Italy. She was awarded 2 grants by the State Council on the Arts for her choreography, 2 NYC grants, 3 Summer Program grants and an Arts Exposure grant. She has written regularly for several publications in her field... She continues her extensive performing career as a soloist and with her dance company [The Casbah Dance Experience]... She has spent over 35 years trying to find/recover/preserve and present [authentic ethnic dance forms of the Mideast and North Africa]."

(Recommended by many on the medance list, including:) "...her tremendous knowledge of ethnic dance, ability to translate songs, etc..." "I took a seminar with her and immediately loved the way she broke things down, the way she got the class to relax, her "you can do" attitude, and the positive and egalitarian way she treated everyone, in general. No playing favorites, no haughtiness, just good hard work. This was a woman who *wanted* everyone to do well, and believed they could! WHAT a refreshing change!!!! Years later, she is still this way." "Rocky sees and appreciates talent--WHETHER YOU ARE *HER* STUDENT OR NOT, which I admire and find all too lacking in many instructors--encourages it, is excited by it, loves it--is anything but threatened." --Shakira

Christina Moses
phone: 808-247-0007
Call for details.

Soraya Al Musri
9100 Red Oak Lane
Edmond, OK 73034 USA
phone: 405-844-0300
email: SorayaOKC@aol.com
Founder of the Aalim Bellydance Academy in Wichita, Aalim Bellydance Academy II, in St. Louis, and Aalim Bellydance Academy III in Memphis, Tennessee. Studios in Wichita and St. Louis still in operation under new Directorship. Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, costumer. Sponser of the "Starfest" annual workshops. Starfest VIII will be held in Tulsa, August 15,16,17, 1997 - Teacher for two-day workshop will be Sahra (Direct from her engagement in Cairo) (see Calendar of Events page).

Youngstown, PA USA area
phone: 216-792-6001
"...great person, wonderful dancer, long-suffering sponsor. ;-) ...she'll know what's going on in the general area, and who's teaching etc." --Shakira

Mystic Sun Studio of Mid-Eastern Dance
See under Azar.

The Mystique Dance Studio
Boston, MA USA
Website: http://www.xensei.com/users/mystique/
Middle Eastern dance performance, instruction, and costuming. Open dance jams at downtown Boston studio. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for space to hold a workshop or hafli in the Boston area. We can also arrange workshops if you're not local.


Nadia Alooma & The Tikva Naam Dancers
1762 Co. Rd. 2000 E
St. Joseph, IL 61873 USA
phone: 217-469-7929

Nelda Laws
Bradford, MA USA
phone: 508-374-6703
"Teaches Arabic, Egyptian, Greek cabaret style. Some folkloric as well."

Sherry Coffey
13645 Admiral Ct.
FOrt Myers, FL 33912
phone: 941-768-5575
Instructor, performer, director of arabian Nights Dance Theatre, and publisher of Veil of Isis.

Nailah Jaha
c/o Desert Wind Dance Company
PO Box 12162
Newport News, VA 23612 USA
Email: beaufait@worldnet.att.net
Teacher, performer, director of "Desert Wind Dance Company," workshop sponser and instuctor, and creator of the "All-In-One" Urban Belady costume dance pattern. Regular classes in beginning, intermediate, and advanced Middle Eastern dance are avaliable in Hampton, Newport News, and at the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. For more information or to order an "All-In-One" pattern, write the above address or email

Pat Ford
Dancers of the Eclipse
Phoenix, AZ USA
phone: 602-997-5132
email: najla2@juno.com
"Najla teaches for Phoenix Parks and Rec and in her home studio. She loves helping students express their own creativity and get in touch with their spirit. She dances much cabaret and some ethnic dance for House of Eclypse, a SCA group. She is founder of 'DANCERS of the ECLIPSE'. Her goal is to increase awareness of the Dance and to bring together in a family dancers of Bellydance and dance of all kinds."

Najwa Al Qamar
phone: 313-495-3007
Performer, instructor, seminars. Classic, Egyptian and Turkish style Oriental Dance; Cabaret and Folkloric.

Mirage Mid East Dance Ensemble
7464 Sleepy Hollow Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069 USA
phone: 513-755-7511

Barbara Cargill
5976 Hygiene Road
Longmont, Colorado 80503 USA
phone: (303) 772 - 4267
Former student of Dahlena's. "25 years of excellence" Choreographer, Former Artistic Director-Near East Heritage Dance Theatre in Illinois; performances, coaching, seminars. "Took a seminar with her recently. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She explores the dance from a more wholistic perspective - healing and the dance." --Tedi Thomas

Donna Cash
PO Box 1648
Huntsville, AL 35807 USA
phone: 205-851-7922
email: twcash@hiway.net
Performer, instructor.

2137 Walbash
Montgomery, AL 36116 USA
Performer, instructor, choreographer, writer.

Chicago, IL region
"She teaches children exclusively, at this point, I think, but if you can get even a single private out of her, she's a very fine teahcer and a very fine and ethical person." (From medance list.)

Near East Dance Ensemble
Karri Kaiser & Martha Moussa, coordinators
Boston, MA USA
phone: 617-969 7426 or 617-729-2252
Website: http://jrf.ne.mediaone.net/nede.html
The Near East Dance Ensemble seeks to reach thoughtful dance audiences who would not normally get an opportunity to see and appreciate the power, subtlety, grace, emotion, and creative potential found in the music and movement forms of the Middle East.

Nefisa (Susan Wilson)
Chivalry Sports Renaissance
7718 E. Wrightstown Rd.
Tucson, AZ
"...a...class in Middle Eastern Dance that is held every other Thursday night at Chivalry Sports Renaissance. The time is 7-9pm...the cost is $10 per class." Chivalry Sports is a Medieval Renaissance Store which will also soon be selling ghawazee coats, beledi shirts, harem pants, dance skirts, dance jewelry, drums, etc.

Cindy Brennan
Moiliili Community Center
Honolulu, HI
Current, on-going classes: Tues. 6:30-7:30 Basic

New York Belly Dancer
New York City, NY
Web Site
Covers Belly Dancing in New York City, including teachers, studios and performers.

Irena Nickels
see under Serena.

Nth Virginia and DC Metro area, USA
phone: 703-941-6672
email: nimeera@writeme.com
Website: http://www.webspawner.com/users/nimeera
Member of WAMEDA (Washington Area Middle-Eastern Dance Association). Private lessons taught upon request. Designs and creates professional costuming. Dances regularly at the indian restuarant Kebab Masala (703) 751-2500 at 8:00 every thursday night. I am also available at the Casablanca, Sahib, SCA events, and private parties. Reservations suggested. My styles include Morrocan, Egyptian, Turkish, and Indian, both in Ethnic and Cabaret styles.

Nourhan Sharif
303 Angell Street
Providence RI 02906 USA
phone: 401 351-0525
fax: 401-351-0422
Email: Nourhan@aol.com
Ongoing classes in providence RI at Groundwerx Dance Studio, and Studio One. Producer of annual events such as: Arts in The Park (3 day event), Haffla's, mini-workshops, and for the first time this year [1998] Yousry Sharif's one week intensive in NYC June 15-20th!

Mona N'wal
Peggy Both
7722 Greenwood Rd.
Verona, WI 53593 USA
phone: 608-833-1126
Email: pboth@inxpress.net
Instructor, performer, seminars.


Oasis Tapestry Middle Eastern Dance Troupe
Director: Ehediya
See under Ehediya.

Margo Abdo O'Dell
10261 Oak Shore Drive
Lakeville, MN 55044 USA
Email: margomn@worldnet.att.net
Instructor - Performer - Choreographer

Burcin Orhon
(From medance list) "...daughter of a famous Turkish composer, initially studied to become a ballerina. Unfortunately she [did]n't make the cut to join the only dance company which is run by the government and supported financially by the government as well. Burcin Orhon is more famous for her affair with Eurovizyon winner singer and her nude photos in Turkish playboy. ...I really don't think one can learn a thing from her dancing nor does she move you with her feel for the music or expressions. Her dance is this weird leg lifts... with a skimmpy outfit... that has nothing to do with Dance Oriental." "I couldn't recommend anybody to go to take any lessons from Burcin Orhon even if she is very famous in Turkey. I believe teacher should know how to dance herself...and that dance Burcin dances is NOT bellydance, it's cute though and somehow good with her own unique way...but i've never seen her doing any shimmies and even her hip-moves can be counted with fingers...so if you're looking for a good bellydancer/teacher I wouldn't vote for her... I've got a new video of her and it's really hilarious with funny leg-throws and dancing always one step before music ;-)" Note: she was the cover story/interview in the winter 1996 issue of Habibi magazine (see Magazines), Vol. 14, No. 4.

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