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New York

American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AAMED)
PO Box 20082 PABT
New York, NY 10129-0001 USA
Website: http://www.bellydanceny.com/aamed.html
AAMED is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to service to the American Middle Eastern dance community. Among AAMED's activities are the Annual Hall of Fame Awards Gala; workshop sponsorship and a publication of a quarterly newsletter.

Bellydance NY
Website: http://www.bellydanceny.com
A multipurpose site. The geographic area covered is the NYC commute area: the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, New Jersey and Connecticut. The site features: swap page, people and studio profiles, classes, SCA Events, other events, restaurants and nightclubs that feature dancers, gallery pages, and resource guide with costume, video, music and miscellaneous product vendors. The site also provides an online home for the American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AAMED).

Dalia Carella
175 E 96th St. #12 R
NYC, NY 10128 USA
phone: 212-987-4281
Seminar instructor, performer, choreographer.

New York City, NY USA
phone: 212-780-4834
Website: http://thecoven.org/fiorella
Available for private and semi-private lessons. Performs for conventions, weddings, birthday parties, company picnics, Christmas parties, children's parties, belly-grams, shows, fund-raisers, anniverseries, etc.

Inanna's Womyn
Hadara and Lisa
Contact: Jennifer Kautz
321 Bailor Rd.
Brooktondale, NY 14817 USA
email: jk74@cornell.edu
Goddess dance style, classes are free, they don't do bellygrams. "In Ithaca, NY there are two very fine dancers. June [see below]... and Inanna's Womyn (with Hadara and Lisa), a butt-kickin', earthy, fiery group. Between the two the range is pretty much covered. Nice people, all." --Shakira

Cathy Skora
433 Franklin St., Patio Suite
Buffalo, NY 14202 USA
phone: 716-882-7101
fax: 716-882-7053
Performer, instructor, director of Folkloric Productions. Seminars, newsletters.

Ithaca, NY USA
"In Ithaca, NY there are two very fine dancers. June, who leads Mirage, and who is very graceful and nice; and Inanna's Womyn [see above]... Between the two the range is pretty much covered. Nice people, all." --Shakira

Second Floor
6 West 20th Street (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.)
New York, NY 10011 USA
phone: 212-727-8326
fax: 212-463-7116
Email: morocco@casbahdance.org
Well known instructor, performer, workshop teacher. She also runs regular tours to Turkey/Egypt, and special week long workshops, Aug and Jan, 5 hours daily. 1997 Class schedule: Beginner/Intermediate - Mondays 6:15-7:15pm, $8 per class/$35 for 5 classes; Advanced - Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm, $12 per class/$50 for 5 classes; Beginners - Saturdays 4-5:30pm $12 per class/$50 for 5 classes. (From her flyer) "Morocco is considered the leading performer/authority in her field in the US, Canada and abroad, evidenced by frequent invitations to teach master seminars and perform in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Egypt, England, Morocco and Italy. She was awarded 2 grants by the State Council on the Arts for her choreography, 2 NYC grants, 3 Summer Program grants and an Arts Exposure grant. She has written regularly for several publications in her field... She continues her extensive performing career as a soloist and with her dance company [The Casbah Dance Experience]... She has spent over 35 years trying to find/recover/preserve and present [authentic ethnic dance forms of the Mideast and North Africa]."

(From the medance list) "...her tremendous knowledge of ethnic dance, ability to translate songs, etc..." "I took a seminar with her and immediately loved the way she broke things down, the way she got the class to relax, her "you can do" attitude, and the positive and egalitarian way she treated everyone, in general. No playing favorites, no haughtiness, just good hard work. This was a woman who *wanted* everyone to do well, and believed they could! WHAT a refreshing change!!!! Years later, she is still this way." "Rocky sees and appreciates talent--WHETHER YOU ARE *HER* STUDENT OR NOT, which I admire and find all too lacking in many instructors--encourages it, is excited by it, loves it--is anything but threatened."

New York Belly Dancer
New York City, NY
Web Site
Covers Belly Dancing in New York City, including teachers, studios and performers.

New York City, NY USA
Email: paola@enos.com
Website: http://idt.net/~clayenos/paola.html
Belly Dance with Páola - Middle Eastern Dance at its Finest. Páola is one of New York City's most talented and beautiful dancers. Her web site keeps a very up to date performance schedule. If you are in New York or plan to be, make a special trip to see Páola!

New York City, NY
Mentioned on the medance list: "She is very straightforward; no politics, no b.s., no posturing, just a serious attempt to convey material, including meta-material, such as being present even when being still. As well as steps and choreography. I like her honesty and recommend her as teacher." "I think her technique teaching is a strong point..."

Anahid Sofian
New York, USA
Her studio celebrated it's 25th anniversary, July 1997. "...a New York belly dance icon!" --Nancy Wasserman

Studio Maestro
48 W 68th St.
New York, NY USA
Hosted a Ragia Hassan workshop when she was touring the US in 1996.

North Carolina

Charlotte, NC USA
Website: http://whill.home.mindspring.com
Very good looking website, in both frames and simpler (non-graphics) versions. Includes ME dance links that are "off the beaten track" as well as other better-known links.

Andrea Deagon
4015 E. Bishop Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28412 USA
phone: 910-452-2659
Performer, instructor, choreographer, writer. "One of the more knowledgeable members of the med-dance mailinglist." --Kim

PO Box 48707
Cumberland, NC 28331 USA
phone: 910-424-2869 (machine answers)
Has been teaching middle eastern dance since 1983. Beginning and intermediate classes are offered through the Fayetteville, NC Department of Parks and Recreation. Director since 1985 of the Oasis Tapestry Middle Eastern Dance Troupe.

Talena Dances
Website: members.aol.com/talenadanz/talena.htm
Teacher, performer, costume designer. Teachers weekly classes.


Cleveland, OH USA
phone: 216-749-6076
"In Cleveland, is one of the most fantastic dancers & teachers i've ever seen in my life: Ates. *The* Ates from the cover of "Artistic Moods" records. *The* Ates, who really is Turkish, has made her living as a dancer most of her life, I think, and is about as generous and giving a person as can be. Rumor has it that she is planning regular events at her new studio, on certain saturdays? Please be sure to mention you were referred by Shakira. ;-) In those areas one sometimes gets some...interesting calls. ;-)" --Shakira

Conchi Madson
3749 Davenant Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45213 USA
phone: 513-631-2044
Performer, instructor, seminars and shows.

Mirage Mid East Dance Ensemble
7464 Sleepy Hollow Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069 USA
phone: 513-755-7511

Salome - Raks Shadan Troupe
3435 Scottwood Dr.
Columbus, OH 43227 USA
phone: 614-239-0580
Teacher, performer, seminar sponsor.

Schehera (Ellen Deaton)
Schehera Workshops
PO Box 2406
Dayton, OH 45401-2406
phone: 937-277-3119
Email: schehera@commkey.net or schehera.ohio@juno.com
Teacher, performer, seminar sponsor.

1226 Highland St.
Columbus, OH 43201 USA
(From her ad) "Top Flight Quality; Down-to-Earth Attitude. 'She delivers quality instruction and exceptional performance skill.' Several cities have her back to teach every year. Find out why. Ask any of her sponsors." Seminar instructor, performer, dance coach. She does indeed come across as highly knowledgeable, ethical and supportive on the medance mailinglist. Many people there have recommended her workshops (which have included international ones as well), most particularly her sword, "dancing with emotion", and 9/8-Gypsy-Karshilama ones.

Cleveland, OH USA area
"...a former head instructor for a Columbus studio" is also in the Cleveland area. "Please be sure to mention you were referred by Shakira. ;-) In those areas one sometimes gets some...interesting calls. ;-)" --Shakira


Shadia Dahlal
Tulsa, OK USA
email: Shadia@aol.com
Website: http://members.aol.com/shadia
An instructor; you can also contact her for info on Middle Eastern dance in the Tulsa, OK area. Her website contains information about her classes and troupe, The Purple Roses of Cairo, among other things. Note that her website is optimized for both IE4 and Netscape 4.

2405 NW 120
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
phone: 405-755-0217
Director of Jewels of the Nile, teacher, performer, seminar sponsor.

Soraya Al Musri
9100 Red Oak Lane
Edmond, OK 73034 USA
phone: 405-844-0300
email: SorayaOKC@aol.com
Founder of the Aalim Bellydance Academy in Wichita, Aalim Bellydance Academy II, in St. Louis, and Aalim Bellydance Academy III in Memphis, Tennessee. Studios in Wichita and St. Louis still in operation under new Directorship. Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, costumer. Sponser of the "Starfest" annual workshops. Starfest VIII was held in Tulsa, August 1997 - Teacher for two-day workshop was Sahra (Direct from her engagement in Cairo).

Troupe Name: Beledi Magic
PO Box 720312
Norman, OK 73070-4234 USA
email: pdc@cyberhall.com
My dance experience includes 20 years of extensive study, performance, choreography, directing, and teaching. I teach weekly lessons at two locations in the Oklahoma City area: Prairie Dance Theatre Studio at Omniplex Science Museum, 2100 N.E. 52 St., Oklahoma City, OK 73111, and at Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73159. I teach groups as well as private coaching. My styles include both cabaret and ethnic dance genres, which incorporate props such as cane, veil, sword, candelabrum, and zills. I am the founder and director of dance troupe "Beledi Magic."


Jane Archer
532 SE Ankeny
Portland, OR USA
phone: 503-240-1997
Website: http://www.vr-net.com/~tattooed/jarcher.htm

Corvallis Belly Dance Performance Guild
PO Box 1926
Corvallis, OR 97339 USA
A non-profit organization dideicated to the preservation and artful presentation of this beautiful dance.

Gypsy Caravan
4805 NE Campaign
Portland, OR 97218
Web site: Gypsy Caravan Homepage
Tribal belly dance troupe. They have performance video(s) out; you can order from the above address. "Live at Berbati's" videos are $20 plus $3.50 S/H and audio tapes of the same are $10 plus $2 S/H.

Nemra Kahn
Portland, OR USA
"[She] sponsors Wednesday dance nights at The Plaka in downtown Portland. Usually she has a local teacher bring several of their more advanced students to dance. The ability to play zills is almost a must. :-) A live Greek band plays for one or two dancers and the others dance to taped music. If you are interested in dancing or having your students dance please contact me for more information. If you are breezing through town or a regular we would love to see you and/or be seen by you! We are there every Wednesday at 9:00 PM." --Monique, MoniqueWS@msn.com

email: Bdancer@hotmail.com
Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Sleeping_Zom_B/
A professional tribal bellydance troupe, they've been dancing for at least 2.5 years as a troupe. They also teach beginning and advanced lessons in Portland.


Christine Hamer
451 Maple Ln.
Coraopolis, PA 15108 USA
phone: 412-695-3076
Email: crhst17+@pitt.edu
I teach a variety of techniques with a heavier emphasis on Turkish style. Classes are ongoing and are held every Friday evening in Pittsburgh. Member of Ghawazee Middle Eastern Dance Troupe (see below).

Ghawazee Middle Eastern Dance Troupe
Phone contact: Elizabeth Howard 421-431-2587
Website: http://www.maya.com/local/ghawazee/
Ghawazee combines traditional and modern forms of Middle Eastern dance. We're based out of Pittsburgh, Pa and have performed at a variety of venues in and around Pennsylvania, including: The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, The National Aviary, The Ohio Renaissance Festival, as well as many other local, private and public functions. For more info check out the website above.

Habiba Studio
611 S. Leithgow St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
phone: 215-925-5436
"One of our best performers, instructors and folklorists...who is famous for Tunisian and Andalusian, among other things...she's also accounted to be 'really nice'." "...Habiba is a lovely person, her teaching manner is excellent and she is extremely knowledgeable about Tunisian style dance as she has lived there and has studied with the folkloric ballet in Tunisia. She wrote articles about this and they can be found in old issues of Arabesque magazine (70's and 80's)...I think she would be one of the best dance contacts if anyone is in the Philadelphia area." --Helwa Has a dance studio; has been known in the past to sell Tunisian costume pieces.

Yvonne Krug
Loretto, PA USA
phone: 814-674-5631
"...another seminar sponsor, and a great lady...[she] is in Loretto, PA., not too terribly far east of Pittsburgh--in the Johnstown direction. They just [May 16 1996] had Dalia Carella there--who would be WONDERFUL for SCA dancers, since she teaches authentic Gypsy styles. Ileena is having Leila Gamal, one of the best teachers *anywhere*, in my humble opinion, in the fall: Oct. 26th 1996 to be precise. For info (and for her good friend Raihana's [see below] phone number too), contact Ileena" at the phone number above. --Shakira

141 Kings Arms
York, PA 17402-9159 USA
phone: 717-840-0957
"Choreographer/Instructor/Performer. Available for workshops and shows. Group classes in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Private technique and performance coaching available. Workshop/Hafla/Festival sponsor.

1024 S 18th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17104 USA
phone: 717-233-6111
Nationally recognized instructor of Jazz Oriental, Middle Eastern and Polynesian dance. Classes for all levels.

Youngstown, PA USA area
phone: 216-792-6001
"...great person, wonderful dancer, long-suffering sponsor. ;-) ...she'll know what's going on in the general area, and who's teaching etc." --Shakira

Debbie Antantis
31 South 12th St.
Pittsburgh, PA USA
phone: 412-488-8477
Raihana teaches at the South Side Markethouse September through June and also teaches at the Pittsburgh Center for Natural Health in Etna. Her students are invited to join her in the South Side Halloween Parade each year. In addition to sponsoring seminars, she frequently sells merchandise for Chandra. "[She] is one very fine person and dancer. Quite good, very sweet. She sponsors seminars and I know she has classes and students." --Shakira You can also contact Raihana via Noreen at noree643@cris.com.

Rhode Island

Nourhan Sharif
303 Angell Street
Providence RI 02906 USA
phone: 401 351-0525
fax: 401-351-0422
Email: Nourhan@aol.com
Ongoing classes in providence RI at Groundwerx Dance Studio, and Studio One. Producer of annual events such as: Arts in The Park (3 day event), Haffla's, mini-workshops, and for the first time this year [1998] Yousry Sharif's one week intensive in NYC June 15-20th!

South Carolina

Leslie Kelley
200 Heather Dr.
Central, SC 29603 USA
phone: 803-653-6613
Performer, instructor.

Jean Zwicky
102 Pine Tree Lane
Anderson, SC 29625 USA
phone: 803-225-8977
Performer, seminars.


Azur Aja
"Lady with the Veils"
404 Polk St.
Manchester, TN 37355 USA
phone: 615-728-4573
Performer, instructor.

Chattanooga School of Mid-Eastern Dance
Chattanooga, TN USA
Sue Moore, instructor. Some of the members perform regularly at the Acropolis Greek Grill every second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of every month, 6:30-7:30pm.

Pyramid Dance Co.
1254 Wilbec Rd.
Memphis, TN 38117 USA
phone: 901-682-2476
Her studio hosted Leila Gamal when she held her workshops and concert in Tennessee in April 1997.

Shireen Holli
Director of Memphis Caravan
5036 Rabbit Chase Ln.
Arlington, TN 38002 USA

Dee Birnbaum
2359 S. Strathmore Ct.
Memphis , TN 38112 USA
(From medance list) "She travels to Egypt and/or Turkey annually." Recommended as a teacher. On the subject of teaching "real Gypsy dancing": "[she] has also gone to Turkey, to Sulu Kule, and has Rom and Turkish Gypsy friends, and teaches 'the real thing'. They are very respectful to the cultures, and very careful...[she] tours and teaches seminars...[she is a] fine teacher in any sense of the word. I am very picky about who I call a 'fine teacher'. They have to make my top 20 in the world first. Enough said?"


Pacific Islanders - Mystic Dancers
5405 flynn Pkwy
Corpus Christi, TX 78411 USA
phone: 512-853-6810
Performer, seminar instructor. Sponsor of the annual Shimmy By the Sea workshop/festival which is usually held around May.

Terri Setterbo
PO Box 1054
Fulton, TX 78358 USA
phone: 512-729-7454


Austin Bellydance Association
Austin, TX
They organize workshops, parties and performances. Contact Elmaazah for further info (see her listing below): elmaazah@flash.net; she can put you on the ABA mailing list or let visitors know what performances are going on during your stay.

PO Box 49958
Austin, TX 78765 USA
phone: 512-708-1672
Middle Eastern dancer.

Bobbye Dee's "Kiss the Sands" Dance Productions
7208 Pine Bluffs Trail
Austin, TX 78729 USA
phone: 512-331-6545
email: llroberts@mindspring.com
Year 'round classes in Austin and surrounding areas - Private and Group Instruction Bellydance, (all levels), Country Western Couples Dance, Country Western Line Dance, Ballroom. Coaching/Spit and Polish Sessions. Director: Kizz-la'Dancers "Unique Entertainment" for your special parties: performing for conventions, festivals, corporate functions, (solo and group performances). Bobbye Dee instructs Country Western Line Dance for conventions, and other large functions. Sponsor: Annual La Danse Orientale Extravaganza. Out of Town Guests welcome into all forms of dance taught. Contact: Bobbye Dee.

10612-A Golden Quail
Austin, TX 78758 USA
phone: 512-444-0078
Email: tdance@mail.utexas.edu
Website: http://www.earthchannel.com/aquarius/may/dunya.htm
Shattari Sufi tradition and Middle Eastern dance. "...Dunya...leads wonderful retreats from time to time, combining her many years of Sufi work with her lifelong study of Oriental (& other) dance & performing, to help one to "center", free the soul & (hopefully) advance, dancewise & personally. ...I recommend her highly." --Morocco

PO Box 144342
Austin, TX 78714-4342 USA
phone: 512-252-2333
email: elmaazah@flash.net
Performer and instructor -- University of Texas Informal Classes and at studios around Austin, all levels, privates and workshops. Available for parties, weddings, conventions, films and other special occasions. Member of Mirage troupe and Sahara Dreams with Jeanette.

Lucila Dance Productions
Dance Studio and International Boutique
210 W. 38th St.
Austin, TX
Website: http://www.bizpro.com/bizpro/lucilla.html
"...a center for us dancers. She has a boutique and studio location and organizes many shows and workshops." Lucila teaches both flamenco and belly dance.

Pat Taylor
Austin, TX USA
phone: 512-371-7450
or phone Mila's Belly Dance Boutique at:
Performer and instructor in Europe and the United States, she teaches Modern Egyptian techniqe and cross-training for bellydancers. She teaches classes for all levels, private lessons, and is available for workshops, weddings, family celebrations and other occasions.

Marietta R. Bishop
911-B S. Second St.
Austin, TX 78704 USA
phone: 512-444-1048
A performer of Middle Eastern dance for 8 years; teaching for the last 5 years. Specializing in Ethnic/Tribal style live music and dance performances.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

Dallas/Fort Worth TX area
Web page info about her Middle Eastern dance studio and where she performs.

Dallas, TX USA
Website: http://thor.he.net/~ahdist/meleea.htm
Performer and costumer. For booking, costuming and other information, see her webpage.

6300 Northaven Rd.
Dallas, TX 75230-3014 USA
phone: 214-373-1901
Performer, instructor, seminars. Available for private instruction.


Sirrom School of Dance
Thalia/Pat, Director
2306 Genesee
Houston, TX 77006 USA
phone: 713-524-7702
Website: http://www.flash.net/~kings/sirrom.htm
Sirrom has classes five days a week (Mon-Thurs & Sat), with quarterly workshops - we've hosted Bobby Farrah, Raqia Hassan, Cassandra, Leila Gamal, Amaya, Vashti (Dallas), Zahra Zuhair (a new addition to the list) and more. Rumours of Aida Noor in October/November abound. (Sirrom also boasts a Polynesian Troupe, which meets on Mondays, and performs as a troupe at most of our shows.) Student Nights are held monthly at the Athens Bar & Grill, where new dancers (and seasoned ones) can dance to live music. Thalia (Pat Wright) is the featured dancer at the Athens on Saturday evenings.

Recommended on the medance list as being "ethical, friendly, talented dancers who put on several seminars a year as well as other events....They have a mailing list you can get on, usually one mailing a year. They used to bring Bobby regularly; they also usually have Cassandra or Leila Gamal about once a year."

San Antonio

Karen Barbee-Adkisson
Karavan Dance Studio
728 South Alamo
San Antonio, TX USA
phone: 210-354-1444
Her dance studio has an annual recital called "Give Belly Dance a Chance". In 1997, it was held 18 October at Demo's Greek Restaurant on St. Mary's St. in San Antonio.

Robin L. Byers
16611 Ft. Oswego
San Antonio, TX 78247 USA
phone: 512-657-6019


Kismet Dance Company
P.O. Box 520217
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-0217
phone: 801-486-7780
fax: 801-484-2995
(Yellow pages) "School of Dance Oriental - Belly dance classes for self discovery and stress reduction, beginner-advanced." They also sponsor the annual Utah Belly Dance Festival, the largest outdoor festival of its kind, and in its 17th year in 1996.


Caravan East
PO Box 1973
Newport News VA, 23601 USA
phone: 757-595-7838
Performer, instructor, choreographer. "She is quite knowledgable in many folkloric styles and is the director of Caravan East (has been since 1981). She is a national workshop instructor and also a workshop sponsor." --Zaghareet

Michelle Forner
Washington, DC area
phone: 703-276-2741
Email: mforner@CapAccess.org
A professional Oriental dancer and teacher in the DC area; she has a MA degree in dance ethnology from UCLA, where she focussed on Middle Eastern dance, particularly Oriental. She is in DC consulting at the Library of Congress, archiving world dance and music collections.

19836 Beaujolias Ct.
Chantilly, VA 20151-3609 USA
Jaka has been dancing since 1990, and is a teacher and performer of Middle Eastern dance, in Chantilly, VA. She currently belongs to three local dance troupes, including her own, "Gypsy Jahwaar," and Laurel Victoria Gray's Silk Road Dance troupe. She is an active member of the Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance association, and is currently their newsletter editor. Please feel free to email for local event information in the Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC areas, or assistance finding local teachers--etc. (And, for anyone concerned about the origin of the name, Dave Sim who created the character "Jaka" has sent written permission to use it, although no Yak, to date).

Troupe Near East Dancers
1577 Dylan Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 USA
phone: 757-479-1333
fax: 757-479-3225
email: WPVINC@aol.com
Has been teaching & performing for over 25 years. Dance credentials include George Abdo - Charleena Diranian - Ibrahim Farrah - Morocco - Artemis - Nadia Hamdi - Suhaila Salimpour, just to name a few. Is also a musician & is considered to be a gifted choreographer & performer. Has won awards for choreography & costume design, appeared in many commercials, on numerous local TV & radio programs & national & international TV & recently the motion picture "The Grit". Teaches beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional level classes & seminars in improvisational Egyptian cabaret style.

Anthea Poole
28276 Horseshoe Rd.
Cullpepper VA, 22701 USA
phone: 540-423-1220
Instructor, performer, choreographer. "She is one of the featured dancers at The Marrakesh in D.C. She is a long time member of Topkapi Dancers, a folkloric troupe in the Northern Virginia/D.C. area. She is quite lovely to watch and is a personable and knowledgeable instructor." --Zaghareet

Nailah Jaha
c/o Desert Wind Dance Company
PO Box 12162
Newport News, VA 23612 USA
Email: beaufait@worldnet.att.net
Teacher, performer, director of "Desert Wind Dance Company," workshop sponser and instuctor, and creator of the "All-In-One" Urban Belady costume dance pattern. Regular classes in beginning, intermediate, and advanced Middle Eastern dance are avaliable in Hampton, Newport News, and at the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. For more information or to order an "All-In-One" pattern, write the above address or email

Nth Virginia and DC Metro area, USA
phone: 703-941-6672
email: nimeera@writeme.com
Website: http://www.webspawner.com/users/nimeera
Member of WAMEDA (Washington Area Middle-Eastern Dance Association). Private lessons taught upon request. Designs and creates professional costuming. Dances regularly at the indian restuarant Kebab Masala (703) 751-2500 at 8:00 every thursday night. I am also available at the Casablanca, Sahib, SCA events, and private parties. Reservations suggested. My styles include Morrocan, Egyptian, Turkish, and Indian, both in Ethnic and Cabaret styles.

Princess Salima
Jayne Carbone
PO Box 6036
Falls Church, VA 22044 USA
phone: 703-534-4444
Email: bellydancer@VW.net
Website: http://www.bellydancer.com
Middle Eastern Dance Artist, Instructor and Performer.

2420 Hampden Row
Rockville, VA 23146 USA
phone: 804-749-3059
fax: 804-749-3480
Email: sherzade@mnsinc.com
Perfomer, instructor, vendor.

Soroya School of Belly Dance
The Zeba Dancers
6800 Iron Stove Court
Springfield, VA 22150 USA
(From their ad) "Soroya School of Belly Dance .... the Creative School... JOIN THE BELLY DANCE EXPERIENCE!!!! Learn this fun way to exercise, feel relaxed and expand your creativity! Discover the exciting approach to new health and fitness! A more exotic, slimmer YOU is just lessons a way! Classes are taught to authentic music by a professional dancer! Classes are 1 hour in duration and consist of 8 weeks of instruction! Expert instruction in playing the finger cymbals (zills) to all the fabulous Middle Eastern rhythms to include 4/4 Chiftetelli, 2/4, 8/4, 6/8, and 9/8 Kashlimar!! Choreographed group and individual dance routines. Learn the excitment of veil and multiple veil routines, cane, sword and Soroya's beautiful Temple Candle dance. Classes also held in costume making, stage presentation and theatrical makeup. Soroya is director, choreographer of her professional troupe, the Zeba Dancers. Annual concerts held and performed by Soroya and the Zeba Dancers. HAVING A PARTY?? OFFICE OR HOME!!! Provide Belly Dance entertainment with a Soroya-Gram!!! Please indicate preference of day, evening or weekend classes.

Topkapi Dancers
Joan Johnston - phone: 703-323-0713
Barbara Carter - phone 703-471-9060

The Women of Selket
ME Dance Troupe
PO Box 36806
Richmond, VA 23235 USA


Delilah/Visionary Dance Productions
P.O. Box 30797
Seattle WA 98103 USA
Website: http://www.jetcity.com/~visdance/
"Delilah is an internationally recognized performer and instructor of bellydance. She is a partner in Visionary Dance Productions which has produced her series of instructional and performance video tapes. Delilah holds an annual bellydance retreat in Maui, where all aspects of bellydancing, including dancing in nature, are studied and experienced." Her videos have been recommended on the Medance list and by others; they include Instructional, performance, and makeup/costume videos. See Middle Eastern Dance - Video page for more information.

Tacoma, WA USA
"...a wonderful dancer... She sponsors a hafla quarterly." --Kari

1625 E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98122 USA
phone: 206-323-2962

11719 Meridian E #183
Puyallup, WA 98373 USA
phone: 206-770-9563
Classes: Beginner/Intermediate Wednesdays 7-8pm; Intermediate Fridays 8:30am. Jaleh performs Fridays at Spiro's Greek Isle, 215 1st Ave. S., Kent, WA. 3 shows: 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.

Lucinda Pool
8222 Winchester Ct. NW
Bremerton, WA 98311 USA
Traditional Egyptian and Arabic, classic cabaret and American Tribal Styles.

Olympia, WA USA
I have been dancing for over 15 years in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. I perform regularly at the Sweet Oasis in Olympia and at the Cedars III in Tacoma. Once a month I produce dinner concerts at the Schnitzelbank and bring in dancers from around the Northwest and California. On March 22 1997 I featured Baraka of SF. Zarouhi of Portland and Shamandura of Seattle in addition to myself.

Tina Sargent
2608 2nd Ave., Suite 115
Seattle, WA 98121 USA
email: tinas@swog.fhcrc.org
Tina has studied with Kathryn Ferguson, among others. She teaches Wednesdays at the BBC Studio. Beginners: 7:30-8:30, Intermediates: 8:30-9:30. Contact her at the above phone number.

The Seattle Belly Dance Page
Seattle, WA
Web Site
Seattle WA/Pacific Northwest based belly dance info.

Oasis Dance Camp
PO Box 585
Vashon, WA 98070 USA
phone: 206-463-3627
Performer, instructor.

19220 17TH Ave. NW
Shoreline, WA 98177 USA
phone: 206-542-3444 evenings/weekends or
206-684-1714 weekdays
Email: skeeter12@juno.com
Let Yasmin of Seattle give you and your students a wonderful experience dancing to live percussion because it is so different from dancing to tape music!!!! Yasmin has 24 years of experience teaching dance and percussions with the Belly Dancer in mind. Yasmin is also a performer as a belly dancer and a percussionist. Yasmin is willing to travel to your area and play for your students. Dumbek, and finger cymbal instruction is also available. Reasonable rates. Yasmin teaches at: Ballard Day Spa Center on Thursday evenings (call Kim at 206-783-1968); Capitol Hill on Wednesdays (call ASUW Experimental College at 206-543-4575 or 206 68-LEARN); and Shoreline Recreation Center (call 206-546-5041).

West Virginia

127 Hight St.
Beckley, WV 25801 USA
phone: 304-253-1516
Teacher, performer, bellgrams.


12448 W. Cleveland Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53151 USA
Phone: 414-821-0301
Email: denisk@execpc.com
Featured dancer with Oasis band (http://www.live1.com/bands/the-oasis). Teaches "BellyAerobics" with Milwaukee Public Schools Recreation Department. Available for seminars on BellyAerobics, Dancing to Live Music, and/or the Folkloric Aspects of Bellydance.

Mona N'wal
Peggy Both
7722 Greenwood Rd.
Verona, WI 53593 USA
phone: 608-833-1126
Email: pboth@inxpress.net
Instructor, performer, seminars.

Pat Keller Dance Studio
9207 West Center St.
Milwaukee, WI 53222 USA
phone: 414-774-0620 or 414-786-6933

620 N. 70th St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213 USA
phone: 414-475-1325
Instructor, performer.

2134 Oakridge Ave.
Madison, WI 53704 USA
phone: 608-246-2718
Perfomer and instructor of traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern Dance. Produces the annual Madison Middle Eastern Festival and directs the Riad Dance Co.


Baba Ghanouj
Laramie, WY USA
phone: 742-5919
Website: http://w3.uwyo.edu/~vixen
Baba Ghanouj, Laramie WY's American Belly Dance Troupe, has been performing...since 1993. Individuals and the troupe are available to dance for celebrations and festive occasions. The troupe practices weekly at The Workout, 404 S. 2nd St., on Sunday evenings at 7pm; classes are $5 each. No prior dance experience is required for classes. For more or updated information see their Website or contact instructor Julia Patel at the phone number above.

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