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Information on ME Dance magazines with similar listings is listed at the end of this page. Other website directories are linked within the appropriate state; however directories that cover broad regional areas (East Coast, SE USA) are listed at the end of this page.
**Note**: If you're interested in sending a dance photo and writing a little bit about yourself to a budding 13 year old dancer who's going through some tough family times, read this.


Malek Productions
1908-301 Chateau Circle
Birmingham, AL 35209 USA
phone: 205-879-0701
Email: Linda_Coleman@Vul.com
First Place Winner of 1978 Middle Eastern Dance Contest held in Cairo, Egypt judged by Nagwa Fouad and Souhair Zaki, among others. Performed for numerous Greek and Arabic functions. Egyptian Cabaret and folkloric.

Aiesha Banu
Malek Productions
333 13th Ave., NW
Birmingham, AL 35215 USA
phone: 205-853-8399
email: Aieshaban@AOL.com
Instructor, performer, seminar instructor.

Beledi Club
PO Box 7021
Huntsville, AL 35807 USA
phone: 205-883-9783 or 205-837-4318
Seminars, performances.

Farida Productions
Farida Gamal
PO Box 829
Huntsville, AL 35804-0829
phone: 205-852-0828
fax: 205-852-2361
Among other things, they sponsor workshops and shows by other instructors, such as one by Elena of NYC.

Coco Ihle
6720 Ridgeland Rd. S
Mobile, AL 36695 USA
phone: 334-633-4460
Director of Zuri Middle Eastern Dancers.

Janice Wyatt
Dir. Treasures of Egypt
1609 Hwy 31 N
Prattville, AL 36067 USA
phone: 334-361-7521
Performer, instructor, children's entertainer, choreographer.

Jamilla Rasa
Connie Parrish
5883 Hwy 119
Montevallo, AL 35115 USA
phone: 205-620-6760
email: jparrish@wwisp.com
Teacher/Performer/award winning Choreographer/Judge for Belly Dance contest. Contributing writer to Nafisa & other dance magazines. Vendor & owner of BOHEMIAN MARKET.

PO Box 100551
Birmingham, AL 35210 USA
Instructor, performer, director of Southern Oasis Dancers.

Jane McWilliams
6720 Ridgeland Rd. South
Mobile, AL 36695 USA
Director of Zuri Middle Eastern Dance Troupe.

Donna Cash
PO Box 1648
Huntsville, AL 35807 USA
phone: 205-851-7922
email: twcash@hiway.net
Performer, instructor.

2137 Walbash
Montgomery, AL 36116 USA
Performer, instructor, choreographer, writer.

542 Julia Court
Prattville, AL 36066 USA
phone: 335-365-3415
Performer, seminar instructor, director of Raks Sahara Dancers.

Noelle Smith
370 Sycamore Dr.
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
phone: 205-383-1094


8501 E. 12 Ct.
Anchorage, AK 99504 USA
phone: 907-333-5064
Instructor, performer.


Phoenix Area

Aida Cairo's Belly Dance Studio
930 N. 7 St.
Phoenix, AZ
(Yellow Pages) "Instruction, parties and special occasions."

Ali Baba Studio
P.O. Box 30611
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(Excerpted from their ad) Parties, bellygrams, video portfolio available; lessons.

Angelique and Friends Belly-Dance
New World Middle-Eastern Dance Troupe
PO Box 1813
Gilbert, AZ 85299-1813
email: angelique@angeliqueandfriends.com
Website: http://www.angeliqueandfriends.com
Classes: Monday 7 -8pm at Bridget McCarter Dance Academy in Gilbert. $32 per month: call the Academy at (602) 926-0568 to register. Private lessons available thorough the Academy. Check my website or call the hotline for up-to-the-minute information about the new dance program at the Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe. Parties: Call or write to get on the mailing list for our great dance parties with live music. Showcases: Call or write to get on the list to participate. Performing: But of course!

Scottsdale, AZ
7501 E. Oak St., # 116
Scottsdale, AZ 85257 USA
phone: 602-990-7278
Middle Eastern Dancer, Instructor and Costumer designer specializing in hand painted silks. Available for parties, coventions and events. Combination dance studio and costume shop located at above address; call first.

Tanya Liptak
PO Box 55051
Phoenix, AZ 85078-5051 USA
phone: 602-404-8978
Email: FantasyDancer@webtv.net
She is a dance instructor (teaching for 8 years) at Glendale Community College and Glendale Parks and Rec. She has given lectures/demonstrations at Glendale and Peoria libraries, and she has two How To Bellydance videos. She is the producer/host of the musical variety TV series "International Fantasy".

Pat Ford
Dancers of the Eclipse
Phoenix, AZ USA
phone: 602-997-5132
email: najla2@juno.com
"Najla teaches for Phoenix Parks and Rec and in her home studio. She loves helping students express their own creativity and get in touch with their spirit. She dances much cabaret and some ethnic dance for House of Eclypse, a SCA group. She is founder of 'DANCERS of the ECLIPSE'. Her goal is to increase awareness of the Dance and to bring together in a family dancers of Bellydance and dance of all kinds."

Egyptian Cartouche Dance Troupe
Tempe, AZ
Morgiana is the director of Egyptian Cartouche Dance Troupe. She teaches at Tempe Parks and Rec., and at Bodyworks Studio, 1801 S. Jentilly Ln., Suite B-8, Jentilly Square, Tempe AZ. Her phone # listed above, Bodyworks phone: 602-894-2090. Egyptian Cartouche is available for parties, conventions, etc.; and they sponsor monthly shows featuring AZ dancers at Byblos restaurant as well as sponsoring mini-workshops.

Shahrezad (Heidi Javaheri)
Paradise Valley/Scottsdale AZ
Persian and Middle Eastern dance.

Pam Parker
PO Box 42273
Mesa, AZ 85274-2273
email: parker@syspac.com
Website: http://www.syspac.com/~parker
Performer, instructor, TV Hostess of The Joy of Belly Dancing. Her website includes other info about ME dance in Phoenix as well.

AMEDA (Arizona Middle Eastern Dance Association) - moderate sized list

Pub: Shimmy Chronicles - short Arizona list


5411 E. Placita Del Mar
Tucson AZ 85718 USA
(Excerpted her flyer) Learn the basics, polish techniques, learn performance tips, use of props, zills, basic arabic rhythms, really "hearing the music", expert costuming. All encompassing instruction for the casual or serious student; video capabilities-can tape your private class or performance and provide expert supportive analysis. Classes: beginner through advanced; coaching, choreography and costume design for professional dancers. Call for class schedule or to arrange private lessons. (From what I've seen, she dances Egyptian high cabaret style with elements of jazz and modern dance.)

Credentials: B.A. in dance education, performed in countless private and corporate parties and functions, performed in all major Middle Eastern night clubs in the New York metropolitan area, featured dancer and responsible for hiring and management of dancers for Cedars of Lebanon and Darvish nightclubs in Manhattan for 6 yrs, former member of Ramzi El Edlibi dance compagny, co-founder of Oriental Images Dance Co., teacher of workshops and master classes across the United States.

Dance of Arabia
2900 E. Broadway, Suite 142
Tucson, AZ 857
(The studio I dance at!) The studio is owned and run by Cathy/Samrah who has been dancing for over 15 years, and teaching and performing for 15 years this spring/summer. She teaches steps and routines of a variety of middle eastern dance styles, both cabaret and ethnic, including Egyptian, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Morroccan, Gypsy, North/Central African. Adult classes include beginner, intermediate, advanced I, advanced II (balancing and choreography) and advanced III/professional levels; there is also a children's class and a separate men's class if enrollment is high enough. Private lessons are also available.

The studio features a store front in which costumes and costuming supplies are sold, as well as ordered or made (see Suppliers below). Professional dancers are available for parties, restaurant dancing, etc. and the studio usually puts on two stage shows per year. The studio also sponsers workshops by guest performers. Store hours: M-Thurs 2-9, Fri 2-6, Sat 10-4.

Kathryn Ferguson
Owner Xanadu Dance Studio
Website: http://www.azstarnet.com/~anubis/xanadu.htm
"An international favorite, Kathryn Ferguson is known as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. As well as touring annually in Europe, she teaches all levels of group classes at Xanadu Dance Studio in Tucson, AZ, emphasizing technique, understanding music, and expressivity in performance. She coaches, teaches privates and will create a performance choreography for an individual. Her style blends classical elegance, strict adherence to traditional technique, and subtle interpretations of music and its 'silences'. She teaches the newest styles to complex music, as well as 'old style' with appropriate instrumentation.

"In addition to three videos on the market, she has created two award winning films with Modern dance companies which have been presented on American television, and in European festivals. She has a BFA, performed 9 years in the club 'El Jebala', and has taught and performed in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Turkey and almost every state in America." For more information, see her website.

Margaret Lloyd-Hart
Tucson, AZ USA
phone: 520-795-5715
Learn the beautiful, sensual art form of the Middle East. An exciting alternative to conventional exercise in an environment encouraging confidence and self expression. Open to both women and men. Classes available now at On Broadway Dance Studio and Ms. Lloyd-Hart's residence.

Margaret Lloyd-Hart holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, and has studied ballet, jazz, modern, and Arabian dance for many years. She teaches, choreographs, and performs in resorts, theatres, and private parties for both American and Arab audiences. For more information on classes and performances, call 795-5715.

Nefisa (Susan Wilson)
Chivalry Sports Renaissance
7718 E. Wrightstown Rd.
Tucson, AZ
"...a...class in Middle Eastern Dance that is held every other Thursday night at Chivalry Sports Renaissance. The time is 7-9pm...the cost is $10 per class." Chivalry Sports is a Medieval Renaissance Store which will also soon be selling ghawazee coats, beledi shirts, harem pants, dance skirts, dance jewelry, drums, etc.

Zuleka Studio of Arabic Dance
8548 E 18th St.
Tucson, AZ 85710-5914
(Excerpted from the yellow pages) Zuleka teaches choreography and free-style lessons, and sells a variety of costuming supplies. I believe she also teaches a variety of middle eastern dance styles. This studio sponsers the yearly Arizona Middle Eastern Dance Festival, held in Tucson.

Nur An-Nas Ali of Marhaba Enterprises
2118 N. Ralph Ave. Suite 5
Tucson, AZ 85712
520 795-6107
(Excerpted from her flyer) Nur An-Nas Ali offers private lessons and performace coaching, individual and troupe choreography and repetoire in Berber, Raks Sharqi, Central Asian and Contemporary Middle Eastern Dance. She is also available for Seminar/Class Lecture Series and dance instruction. Marhaba Enterprises is offering a Cross Cultural Dance Seminar Series that will feature classes ranging from traditional folk line dancing to Egyptian cabaret styles (see "Events" page for further description).

"Nur An-Nas Ali is an international dance artist and choreographer with over 20 yrs dance and theatrical performance experience. Her dance roots stem from her West African and Spanish ancestry and her early training in african and moorish dance. She has formal training in ballet, modern, flamenco and middle eastern dance and has trained and performed with The Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Puerto Rican Ballet Theater, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Martha Graham's School of Contemporary Dance, Ballet Hispanic and The Louis Falco Company."


Thea Asmussen
3617 Ridge Rd.
N Little Rock, AR 72116 USA
phone: 501-758-3113
Director of Thea's Gypsy Oasis; instructor, performer, seminar sponsor.



Phaedra Ameerah
PO Box 473443
Aurora, CO 80047 USA
phone: 303-343-7616
fax: 303-363-6326
Website: http://www.indra.com/phaedra
Instructor, performer, choreographer. Artistic director Jawahare Al Layl, producer of "Moon Over Denver" workshops and videos. Website includes biographical info as well as information about products sold by Phaedra Ameerah Productions which include over 50 tapes and CD's (music written for Phaedra, music for Burcin Orhon, Sufi music and Arabic music); 3 performance videos; and more.

Belly Dance Concepts
3361 S. Corona St.
Englewood, CO 80110
Dance instruction.

Eva Cernik
419 S. Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80209 USA
phone: 303-573-7610
Runs master classes and seminars. Turkish, gypsy and cabaret style seminar instructor. Has a video series out on her performances. Runs tours to Turkey.

Suzanna Del Vecchio
P.O. Box 61383
Denver, CO 80206
All levels of instruction; private classes. Seminar instructor, performer. Has instructional and performance videos for sale.

"Suzanna is a lovely person and dancer. Definitely--and this recommendation is to anyone--if you can study with her, do. The thing I find most impressive about Suzanna is her ability to *be* in every movement, to finish every movement, and to give every movement feeling. And she can begin to *teach* you this--many people cannot! I think Suzanna is at her finest as a teacher of technique (which she always teaches, whether in a choreography or outside of it). Sometimes the steps she teaches are simple, and people say "I already know that step." But listen to *how* she says to do it--her body position, especially. This is what really makes her so perfect and beautiful when the same step on someone else is just 'ok.' ...I find many of her movements very classical. So don't believe anyone who tells you she is *just* 'new age.' Her background goes very deep... She is a *stunning* dancer. I was the one who coined the phrase, regarding her, that she is serenity and passion at the same time...her dancing is just *amazing.* She has the best spins I've seen on *anyone,* among many other phenomenal qualities.... She is, in short, one of my alltime favorite dancers and instructors." --Shakira

"Suzanna is one of the classiest cabaret style dancers you'll ever see. She is also a very sweet and beautiful woman. She has a basis in yoga and does incredible turns, as well as an undulating rise from a backbend that has to be seen to be believed. Her teaching is clear and coherent. don't miss it!" --Meira

3361 S. Corona
Englewood, CO 80110 USA
phone: 303-762-0124
Instructor of group and private classes, all levels; workshops and performances.

Karol Harding, aka Joyful Dancer
Fort collins, CO USA
phone: 970-223-6494
Email: kharding@lamar.colostate.edu
Private instruction emphasizing movement analysis, emotive expression and improvisation from Middle East, Persian and other sources.

Barbara Cargill
5976 Hygiene Road
Longmont, Colorado 80503 USA
phone: (303) 772 - 4267
Former student of Dahlena's. "25 years of excellence" Choreographer, Former Artistic Director-Near East Heritage Dance Theatre in Illinois; performances, coaching, seminars. "Took a seminar with her recently. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She explores the dance from a more wholistic perspective - healing and the dance." --Tedi Thomas

Rebecca of the Rose
Boulder, CO
Website: http://www.ofps.ucar.edu/~sobol/ris_dance.html

Sheikhani Middle Eastern Dance Troupe
PO Box 3065
Colorado Springs, CO 80934 USA
Website: http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/tokepcal
Performers. They also have basic costume patterns at their site. "We worked hard on them and want them to get to as many people as could use them - - (there are no charges attached or solicited for the patterns)."

Sybel and Sahris
Denver, CO USA area
creators of "Raks Al Hayet"
Website: http://www.plinet.com/~demogorgan
Email: demogorgan@plinet.com
"Raks Al Hayet (Arabic for Dance of Life) is a quarterly journal of Oriental Dance, magick and more." The website also includes a boutique (fashions and jewelry; color catalog available) and pictures of Sybel and Sahris, professional belly dancers in the Denver area who are available for all occasions.


Bellydance NY
Website: http://www.bellydanceny.com
A multipurpose site. The geographic area covered is the NYC commute area: the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, New Jersey and Connecticut. The site features: swap page, people and studio profiles, classes, SCA Events, other events, restaurants and nightclubs that feature dancers, gallery pages, and resource guide with costume, video, music and miscellaneous product vendors. The site also provides an online home for the American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AAMED).

Lisa Saravis, V.M.D.
11 Barnett St.
New Haven, CT 06515 USA
phone: 203-389-9614
Dancing since the age of 7, she's a performer, available for shows. Willing to travel anywhere throughout Connecticut for performances. References include the Turkish American Cultural Society and the Lebanese Clubs in Connecticut (contact for more info).

District of Columbia

Michelle Forner
Washington, DC area
phone: 703-276-2741
Email: mforner@CapAccess.org
A professional Oriental dancer and teacher in the DC area; she has a MA degree in dance ethnology from UCLA, where she focussed on Middle Eastern dance, particularly Oriental. She is in DC consulting at the Library of Congress, archiving world dance and music collections.

Laurel Victoria Gray
PO Box 65195
Washington, DC 20035 USA
Laurel Victoria Gray is an internationally acclaimed dancer, scholar, instructor and choreographer who has taught and performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Central Asia and Australia. Specializing in the cultures of the Silk Road, Laurel first saw Uzbek dance while enrolled in a history Phd program at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has traveled to the Uzbekistan nine times, living there for two years and appearing on television dance programs more than a dozen times. Laurel's articles have appeared in many publications and reference works. She has given lectures at the Middle East Institute and at the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. She has also performed at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and at the new embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the President of the Republic Uzbekistan - Islam Karimov. Laurel Victoria Gray teaches Persian dance at the Iranian Community School and is Artistic Director of the Silk Road Dance Company. In addition to her frequent performances worldwide and her busy teaching schedule, Laurel Victoria Gray is co-host with Travis of the annual Central Asian Dance Camp held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Nth Virginia and DC Metro area, USA
phone: 703-941-6672
email: nimeera@writeme.com
Member of WAMEDA (Washington Area Middle-Eastern Dance Association). Private lessons taught upon request. Designs and creates professional costuming. Dances regularly at the indian restuarant Kebab Masala (703) 751-2500 at 8:00 every thursday night. I am also available at the Casablanca, Sahib, SCA events, and private parties. Reservations suggested. My styles include Morrocan, Egyptian, Turkish, and Indian, both in Ethnic and Cabaret styles.

Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association (WAMEDA)
c/o Dancer (a store and studio)
8010 Old Branch Ave.
Clinton, MD 20748 USA
phone: 202-488-1342 (note: this phone # seemed to be disconnected as of March 96)
Website: http://www.clark.net/pub/fleur/wameda/
Contact them for info about goings-on in the DC area. As an alternate address, you can try: WAMEDA Newlsetter Editor, PO Box 75165, Washington DC 20013, voicemail: 202-488-8026, Jaka (editor): 703-502-9845. Their website lists dancers, restaurants, events, etc.

Uzbek Dance and Culture Society
PO Box 65195
Washington, DC 20035-5195


Orlando, FL USA
Website: http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~aeh00855/
Email: aeh00855@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
She has been dancing for Orlando audiences for over three years and may be seen performing at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. She performs regularly for companies, organizations and parties throughout the area. Check her website for pictures and further information.

Beledi Productions
16416 Myers Ct.
Clermont, FL 34711
phone: 407-656-7524
Web site: http://aleena.com/beledi
"Beledi Productions is the sponsor for "Festival on the Nile", held twice annually in Orlando, FL. Festival XI is scheduled for May 31, Jun 1 and Jun 2., 1996. Elena Lentini, of New York, is the featured instructor. Friday night is the Hafla, and Saturday night is the featured show. Seminars are held Saturday and Sunday.For more information please e-mail/write/phone." Their web page describes all of the information about their next seminar in May 1996.

Chandra of Damascus
6706 NW 18th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
phone: 800-790-2102
Email: chandra@chandras.com
Website: http://www.chandras.com
Private coaching, seminars. Boutique, mail order catalog. She also has a series of instructional videos.

Florida Association of Belly Dance Artists
203 Lakeside Dr.
Lutz, FL 33549-5441 USA
phone: 813-948-8333
email: Kadayif@aol.com
FABDA is an organization that is dedicated to providing a networking environment for the practicing belly dancer. The organization is a referral source for local and national belly dance instructors. With membership in Florida and the South East United States the young organization has show great promise in growing into a major source for information on the Dance. For more information or to receive a copy of their bi-monthly magazine (Florida Dancer) contact FABDA at the addresses above.

Gypsies of the Shimmering Road
4647 Muscoda St.
Pensacola, FL 32526 USA
phone: 904-944-1145

Nancy Redig
Tallahassee, FL USA
phone: 904-421-8179
Email: n_redig@compuserve.com
Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/n_redig
I am based in Tallahassee, Florida. My dance troupe is Troupe Arabesque and husband/drummer is Michaelis.

Jihan Jamal
PO Box 530826
Miami Shores, FL 33153 USA
phone: 305-620-0138
Performer, instructor, director.

203 Lakeside Dr.
Lutz, FL 33549-5441 USA
phone: 813-948-8333
email: Kadayif@aol.com
Kadayif is an performer, instructor, choreographer and seminar sponsor in the Tampa Bay Florida Area. She conducts regular Belly Dance classes and teaches mini seminars, in addition to directing her professional troupe of dancers "Troupe Shifting Sands" who perform throughout the southeastern United States. Best known for her innovative and creative choreographies and style, Kadayif is known for her ability to teach with a clear and concise method which allows students to learn in a fun environment.

Karina's School of Belly Dance
1675 Starkey Rd. #H-6
Largo, FL 34641 USA

Kismet Dancers of Miami
Kahreen (Pat Cocchi) and Kira (Carol Cocchi), directors
1089 NE 104th St.
Miami Shores, FL, USA
phone: 305-754-0258
Website: http://www.seflin.org/kismet
The Kismet Dancer's Troupe performs frequently for public and private events. Kahreen and Kira are the lead dancers and choreographers for the troupe. Dance classes offered at the Miami Shores Community Center for over 20 years. Look them up on the Video page, for info on their performance videos.

Tarpon Springs, near Tampa, FL USA
"Tarpon Springs near Tampa. Zorba's - Saturday nights - Linda-Linda - good dancer and teacher performs."

Mideastern Dance Exchange
Tamalyn Dallal, director
305 Lincoln Rd., Studio 505
Miami Beach, FL USA
Website: www.seflin.org/dallal
Tamalyn Dallal is director and a former Ms.America/Ms.World of Bellydancing. A wide variety of classes are offered. The Mideastern Dance Exchange Troupe performs frequently in public and private events. Look them up on the Video page, for info on Tamalyn's instructional video.

Sherry Coffey
13645 Admiral Ct.
FOrt Myers, FL 33912
phone: 941-768-5575
Instructor, performer, director of arabian Nights Dance Theatre, and publisher of Veil of Isis.

Zarifa Sa'id
Libby Parker
4618 SW 56 Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32608
phone/fax: 352-380-9309
Email: LibbyPar@worldnet.att.net
She started producing workshops in Tucson, AZ twenty years ago. There, she began dancing with Kathryn Ferguson and produced the first Belly Dance workshop in Arizona, sponsoring Juliana & Raphael. Later, she went to Washington DC where she started the Washington Area Mid East Dance Association (WAMEDA); and taught and directed a dance troupe. In 1995, she moved to Gainesville and is now teaching and producing workshops there. Previous events sponsored (in part) by her include a workshop and show featuring Shakira; a workshop/show with Miraj; a workshop/show with Nadia Hamdi. More recent events include workshop/shows with Morocco and Tarik 'abd el Malik in October 1997, and Bert Balladine & Amaya in July 1998.

Jean Courter
Oasis Dance Camp
5 Saragoss, Apt. A
St. Augustine, FL 32084 USA
phone: 904-823-9501
Performer, instructor.

Sahnobar Dance Ensemble
PO Box 90332
Gainesville, FL 32607-0332 USA
email: terps2@gnn.com
Website: http://members.gnn.com/terps2/index.htm
"The dancers...have been performing under this name since April 1995, although memberw worked together in other groups for several years prior to that. Our band joined us in early 1996. We study, perform and teach dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Minor, Eastern Europe and Islands of the Pacific, although we most often find ourselves performing...'Oriental' dance which includes 'belly dancing'." Available for performances; see their website.

Delray Beach, FL USA
Email: p041336b@pb.seflin.org
Website: http://www.seflin.org/phoenix/sherry.htm
Teacher, performer, director of Rising Phoenix Dancers troupe.

Society for the Preservation of Oriental Folkloric Dance & Culture, Inc.
PO Box 1003
Gainesville, FL 32602-1003 USA
phone: 352-371-8386
Email: NinaVK@worldnet.att.net
Website: http://hammock.ifas.ufl.edu/arts_culture/SPOFDC.HTML
Founded in 1992, SPOFDC was created for the purpose of fostering an appreciation of Oriental folkloric dance forms, its historical development and associated cultures. A non-profit arts group, its main interest is the influence of the Gypsies on ethnic dance of the Mediterranean region: Middle East, Spain, Turkey, etc. Currently SPOFDC is creating a dance resource library, containing books, magazines, journals, videos and costumes. These resources will be made available to patrons wishing to do research. Their website is sponsored by the City of Gainesville, FL.

Tampa, FL USA
"She and her sister are involved in the University of South Florida Middle Eastern Dance Association and produce small workshops and shows."

7619 Brook Forest Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32514 USa
phone: 904-479-1341
Performers, instructors, seminar shows.

Ana Urrechaga
7751 SW 146 Road
Miami, FL 33183 USA
Beledi Dancer.

World Jam Ethnic and Tribal Dance Troupe
Debra Jakubcin
PO Box 510718
Key Colony Beach, FL 33051 USA
phone: 305-289-9647
Performance and instruction. Belly dance, Tribal, Egyptian Cabaret, Afro Caribbean, Tahitian, Gypsy.

Zuhela Yamir
Millie Blonder
PO Box 773
Ocala, FL 34478 USA
phone: 352-622-2233
Email: Zuhela@aol.com
Website: http://member.aol.com/Zuhela
Teaches private in her studio and gives group classes at the Community Technical & Adult Education. Director of the Benat Shakien Troupe and performs with her sister Maia (The Yamir Sisters).


PO Box 68
Stone Mountain, GA 30086 USA
phone: 770-469-7080
Instructor, international performer.

Atlanta Area Middle Eastern Dance Association
114 Lakeview Circle
Cumming, GA 30130 USA
Contact: Carol Dover at 770-889-0428

Layla Katrina
Catherine Ryder
430 Lindbergh Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30305 USA
Performer, instructor, classes in meditative Sufi dance, Director of Egyptian Caravan. Performs weekly at Imperial Fez Moroccan Restaurant.

4654 Fountainhead Dr.
Stone Mountain, GA 30083 USA
phone: 404-297-8550
Atlanta-area instructor & performer. Currently teaching group classes in all levels from beginner through advanced, as well as private and semi-private lessons.

Zhaleh Fereshteh
2070 Battle Row
Augusta, GA 30904 USA
phone: 706-738-0064
Director of Mirage Dancers; instructor, performer, seminar instructor.

Other Teacher/Performer Directories

Following is information on ME Dance magazines and websites with teacher/performer listings. Many other website directories are linked within the appropriate state (e.g. New York Bellydancer is listed in the New York State section); however directories that cover broad regional areas (East Coast, SE USA) are listed here.


Many/most of the newsletters/journals/magazines (see Journals section on the Media page for addresses, etc.) have directory listings of belly dance teachers in various locations. If I know specifically of a publication with such a relevant listing, it's listed below (but the fact that a publication isn't listed here doesn't mean it does not have a listing, just that I don't know if it does):
Pub: Arabesque - USA and international
Pub: Caravan - USA and international
Pub: Crescent Moon - USA and international
Pub: Habibi - USA and international
Pub: Jareeda - USA and international
Pub: Wiggle Hips - USA


These sites include, among other things, teacher/performer directories larger than one state, and thus not easily fitting directly into my listings above. Any additions? Let me know...

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